Our Great India- These Cheap Politicians!

Again it is my submission based on a weekly prompt, yes I am a bit late in submitting it, this time.

The subject is ‘how we can stop terror attacks?’ I am sorry to say that there is not much which a common man can do to stop terror attacks. But yes, everybody needs to be vigilant, as on many occasions, the terrorists also live amongst us for some time, at a place where they plan to do such an activity. Further for forces also it is quite difficult, as these cowards keep hiding amongst common people and strike suddenly. No doubt there are people amongst us, in some areas, who might have got some information about these people, they should stop remaining silent and expose them being true nationalists.

We have heard several times, when such a story is broken, the people living nearby the person involved in such a terrorist act, have often told that they did not find any unusual thing in the behavior of the person. Such people however remain very reserve and talk less with people.

Yes what we common people feel these days is that the political parties must behave responsibly. Recently our forces gave a fitting reply to Pakistan, for the cowardly terror attack in Pulwama. Our Air force destroyed some big terror camps in Pakistan, about which we had been hearing since long time. It was a path-breaking step, which took the morale of our forces and the common people to a new height.

But I think there can’t be anything worse than the attitude of the oldest political party of India, which under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is going to touch the new lows in politics. These people, in tune with Pakistan are asking for the proofs of the air strikes in Pakistan. They are actually afraid of the election results being affected by this confrontation with Pakistan. But whatever be the reasons, such an attitude is simply anti-national, since it adversely affects the morale of our forces.

I can say that the common people of our country love the nation and our forces by heart and we are hopeful that we would this time teach Pakistan a lesson, which it would remember in the coming times.

We wish for the well being of all humans but it is our bad luck that we have a neighbor , which never behaves reasonably, it carries a dream of owning Kashmir one day, which is never going to happen.

We need to remain more vigilant at our places and report any untoward activity at any place, so that our forces take necessary action in time and any big disasters may be avoided. People must also not fall into any trap laid in the name of any region, religion etc. All of us are Indians first and this we need to always keep in mind.

The divisive forces always envy that a country with so much diversity, so many castes, religions, regions, languages lives as one great, cohesive nation. We need to always live together with love and respect for  each other.

• This is my submission on the weekly prompt- How can we stop terror attacks? What can we do on an individual level to help maintain our nation’s unity, integrity and peace? #WorkForBharat on #IndiSpire.

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