WOW-Learning what to do, what not!

Life is a continuous process of learning. Today I have to talk about what ‘I’ll never do _____ again, because’, yes we take such decisions based on pleasant and unpleasant happenings.

At present I am living in Goa, it is a nice place but not much to learn here! One reason being that I do not move out much now. I have to remember the days Delhi, NCR where we find that some persons or agencies, are always there to teach people lessons. I am just trying to remember some such incidents.

I am remembering one incident, I had left Delhi for service and lived at various locations in other states during service. I remember on one occasion I came to Delhi, where we had to stay for a day and then to move out to some other destination.

So we reached New Delhi railway station around 8 AM in the morning. We had to look for a hotel to stay in Delhi for a day. As we came out on Pahar Ganj side of New Delhi station,  incidentally we found a small office type shop, where they told that they are a Govt. or Govt. authorized agency, who would book hotel for us at reasonable rates. It is an incident which happened at least 25 yrs ago, I do not remember how much they charged, but they took advance payment for a day and booked hotel in Karol Bagh and we reached the hotel around 9 AM. We made the necessary entries etc. and went to our room. As we were tired we went to sleep. At around 12 noon, somebody knocked our door, we opened and told we do not need anything at the moment.

The person asked us whether we have to stay on for the next day, I told we have already made payment for a day and we would leave tomorrow. The person told us that one day is already completed at 12 noon and we have to make payment if we want to stay for another day! Such great teaching these people give when a person goes to Delhi. We had no other option but to make additional payment and take the lesson that we have to ask again and again to confirm what these people mean.

One small example I remember was at ISBT Delhi, You ask the rate of Chola Pathura there, they would tell a rate, then you take it, they ask would you take pickles, onion, raita etc., you agree and after that they would make the rate double, adding some amount for each of these small things, which are given free. There are many such shops, restaurants in front of New Delhi Railway Station and other places where people arrive from other stations and one has to ask again and again to confirm what they would ultimately charge.

From many such experiences, where I fell into the trap of such wicked people and I learnt from such experiences that at such places one should confirm again and again, if these people are offering something, one should ask whether there are additional charges associated with that.

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  1. Generally when you ask to be sure about something repeatedly,you get a glance from other side as if you are utter fool and they are the smartest people in the world. You are right we should not be shy of asking again and again in order to be sure of price or services of hotels. I completely agree with you.

  2. I can understand your feeling and your experience. Such type of cheating used to be and still is very much prevalent. They would not tell hotel cycle starts from 2 in the afternoon and ends at 12 noon. Then they will book at 9 in the morning and ask boarder to leave or pay. This is pure cheating. I am sorry you had to face this. Nowadays at many places they say one can get into room only after 2 in the afternoon or pay for extra.

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