Parenting- then and now!

Today I have to discuss on a serious subject like- Parenting.
Yes the need of taking parenting seriously was never as important, as it is today. I am now a grand- parent, but to tell the truth, I have never been a serious parent or now a grand-parent.

I remember our childhood days, there was a long lane in the mohalla of Delhi-Shahdara, so many families there, so many kids and we grew up, playing all day, not giving much headache to our parents and never being over serious about our studies, that is what I think today about those days.

Further the times when our children grew up, that time also parenting was not such a serious issue. Families till that time also generally meant much more than- ‘we two and our two children’. Many people were living in bigger families, uncles, aunts, grand-parents etc. all living together. Further the mohallas, the neighborhood those days were also almost the extension of family. So it was not always the parents, who had to take care of everything regarding the growing up children. Though there were many family heads who worked at a different location, like I did most of the time, living in industrial townships, where we had a big society and all facilities in place. There also children had sufficient social patronage and advantage.

Yes in later stages, when my children had already completed studies and were making efforts for getting suitable jobs, that time I noticed that some school children, studying in the township school committed suicide. Yes the feeling of being lonely or stressed was slowly finding place in the minds of children, as is much more now a days.

Further in the present environment, the children are in a way preparing for war! war of fitting into a suitable job. There are strenuous studies in the schools, tuitions, coaching etc. and every institution of these and the students are making a lot of efforts, to prove their virtues, so are the parents, everybody is always being tested.

Further we must try our best to understand in which field our child has natural interest and not try to make him act according to our own dreams, it is his or her life and the choice must be his or her own and in accordance to his or her capacities and interest.

There are so many frontiers in the lives of children and their parents, I am not in a position to advise on any of these, I would only suggest that we should add as little as possible to the burden our children are carrying and try to keep the ‘child’ in them alive and happy.

There are so many aspects of responsible parenting, yes we also inculcate values in our children through our behavior and teachings.
Everything that needs to be done for their careers etc. may be done but we must try not to give them extra burden to carry and try to understand their feelings and difficulties.

I could focus only on one area of studies and career development, which gives maximum stress to our children. There are several other factors which need to be discussed in the arena of responsible parenting. We could discuss that later.

• This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire weekend prompt Parenting is a difficult task today. Our generation had a different set of parents. Today parents are more involved with their kids. What do you think? #ParentingThenAndNow .

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  1. I can relate to your post. My parents were also not very serious parents. They cared if I am telling a lie or not. Unlike parents of today, I was not forced to study 18 hours a day. But a routine was maintained. I did not prepare for competitive exams. Mostly not aware. I think that may have been a mistake. But I had a reasonably stress free childhood.

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