What’s wrong with Indian politics?

We Indians are the proud voters and masters of the biggest democracy in the world. After getting independence in 1947 we have made steady progress, which might be at a slower pace compared to some other countries, may be at higher pace compared to some others.

Some of our problems were born with us, since on gaining independence, our country was divided into two, on the basis of religion by the British rulers, for which we now know that the ambition of our leader was also responsible to great extent.

Anyhow the ambitions of some leaders continue to spoil our democracy. It could have been better if we had 2, 3 or 4 political parties with national presence and effective leaders with vision and mission for the progress were active participants of these national parties and compete with each other for winning elections and after election form government for welfare of the people.

In such a great democracy there needs to be competition based on policies, but no political parties should be termed as unfit or anti-national, and for that parties should not take stand on issues of national security, which are clearly anti-national.

The reason of so many family based parties being formed is simply that for some individuals their being at the helm of affairs is the basic aim, they can’t accept any formation in which they are not on that coveted seat. It is a strange thing that other than BJP and Communist Parties, almost all other parties are controlled by some families.

It is also a strange thing that after so many years of being independent there are small considerations on which our people have to vote- getting cheap food grains, loan waivers etc. etc., which is only because our rulers have not made any significant change in the living conditions of common people.

Further there in no national feeling in the minds of our politicians and they teach the same thing to common people. For example there are court cases continuing since long between adjoining states for distribution of river waters amongst them and at the time of elections also they make it an issue. Two chief ministers of the same party fight with each other, for getting votes in their own areas.

In short, we are a great democracy, have had so many great leaders, but the level of civility amongst our leaders is going down and down, with leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejrival, Mamta Banerji etc. etc. who are even challenging the federal structure of the nation and using very cheap language in the political debates etc.

I just hope that our voters become more responsible and make the politicians answerable for their words and deeds.

I wish all the best for our great republic, which is shortly going to get a new government after the general elections starting shortly, which would take more than a month’s time in various phases.

Yes corruption have been a big problem, our political system has been lately attracting more persons coming due to professional aspirations and no vision or mission for the progress of the country.

This is my humble submission on the weekly prompt- What is the biggest evil that plagues Indian politics? Corruption or lack of leaders with vision or…? #IndianPolitics

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  1. IMHO we get the leaders we deserve. They come from the same environment. Rather than wishing for leaders who will ‘make us great’ we should focus on what we can do in our spheres to make it a place people aspire to live in. 

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