Inspirational Books- Useful or Not!

Do you think Inspirational books are really useful ? #Inspirationalbooks

Mentioned above is the #IndiSpire prompt, based on which I am sharing my views today.

There are several types of books, creative literary books for which basic thing needed is creativity, imagination and a great style of narration, story-telling.

For inspirational books also and for any type of books as such, style of narration is necessary which keeps a reader glued to the book. Based on this a book can be interesting and can become popular.

But in case of books, which pass on the knowledge acquired over a period of time, and inspirational books come in that category only, we need to know how useful these are and how much positive and useful information they provide.

I remember a few such books that I read, one was-‘Awaken The Giant Within’, by Anthony Robbins. One great example given in the book was of some person who got a hint that there was gold buried under earth somewhere, he made great effort but gave up digging afterwards. Then another person took up the job and found the treasure just after digging another feet! The conclusion there was that we give up a little before when we can achieve the results.

Another book was ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’- by Robin Sharma. There is a story of a very successful lawyer who realized that his life had become meaningless and then how his life got transformed. I just remember that I was very much impressed by the book.

I would just like to mention one more book- ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Kheda. This book is basically regarding positive attitude in life. At a place it says that -negative people drink cups and cups of coffee, smoke so many cigarettes while declaring that everything around is wrong. They feel that they are doing a great service to the society by spreading negativity, without making any positive effort.

One great example given in this book was that- somebody found a dog , that could walk on water. He was very much excited to share this with people, he showed them and said-‘ Look, he can walk on water’. They said –‘Oh poor fellow, he does not know, how to swim!’ .I think this is the perfect example about how negative people can’t appreciate anything.

These were some examples that instantly came to my mind. I was told by a friend long back that many of the inspirational books are based on lectures by Osho Rajneesh.  Osho mostly based his lectures on old scriptures and sacred religious books. So in this way the knowledge acquired by our forefathers, be it in any part of the world, it keeps being passed on to future generations.

So I would like to mention that while creative literary books basically need creativity and imagination, for any kind of books that pass on the knowledge, whether modern or ancient, to people needs exhaustive study of proper books, in some cases history etc. , whatever is relevant to the subject. And like books on any other subject, inspirational books also can be useful, provided these are written after proper study and with full honesty. Definitely one can’t make fool readers for long, one book might get sold to some extent based on the title but the author can’t think of selling further titles if he does not deliver.

So my submission on the subject is that inspirational books, like any other kind of books, can be useful or otherwise, depends on how much sincere effort has been made and how authentic the material and references used are.

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