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I am not very old in the field of blogging. I had been writing poems long time back when I was in Delhi. Whenever I, or anybody else for that matter, wrote a new poem, it was a strong desire that the poem be recited in a poetic symposium, shared with some peers to know where it stands. This facility of sharing and listening to others was very much available in my literary circles that time and it inspired a lot when somebody got appreciation for his poems etc.


After a long time, I starting blog writing on ‘Wordpress’ platform and started getting reactions from some fellow bloggers there, later almost a year and a half back I came to know about ‘Indiblogger’ and found that here we can develop a closer network and we find more encouragement, can read nice blogs and get much inspiration for writing new blog posts.

There are a wide range of blogs here, from cooking to philosophy, politics to literature, films and music to artists and writers and what not. One might be active in one field but he or she can read from all fields and may be next time it can become a strong inspiration to write about that area.

There must be many community activities, meets etc. conducted by Indiblogger and those who have been associated with this community from earlier times might have experienced about them.

I have found that the continuous reading of blog posts on a variety of subjects by fellow bloggers, learning and getting inspired by them and getting their valuable inputs regarding the blog posts I share gives a great boost to my desire to share more and more on this platform.

Now we learn that ‘Indiblogger’ is facing great difficulty in continuing its operations and there is a big question mark on its future. Really it is not a good news for me and my fellow bloggers, active on this platform. I wish that this cloud of uncertainty over the future of this great community disappears and the activities again get a great boost and monetary health is re-achieved.

One activity that I remember to be a part of was last year in June I think when I along with a few other bloggers writing in Hindi and some other Indian languages were invited by Indiblogger to visit the ‘TVS Jupiter’ Factory near Bangalore, on a sales promotion campaign. We were taken around the TVS factory, given inputs regarding the product and then we had to write blog posts about it.

It was really a great experience and I developed a strong desire to become a part of more such activities, but as we learn now Indiblogger does not at present appear in a position to do so, may be commercially the operations are not earning well and not getting such offers from clients.

I only wish that Indiblogger again achieves great financial health and continues to serve and motivate the blogging community to give their best, in the form of Blog-posts.

• This blog post is my humble submission based on the prompt on #IndiSpire – A tribute to indiblogger! Your most memorable indimeets, favourite indiwins, cherished indinetworks and everything you want to blog about our own Indiblogger. #Indibloggerforever .

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  1. I guess to run an organisation and to pay salary of people one needs money. Source of advertisement probably drying out for Indiblogger group. As a result they have decided to discontinue operations that need human intervention. Most likely they will have to find an alternate revenue generation model to make the blogging platform sustainable. This is the problem everywhere. No money, no fun.

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