Living with Happiness!

Today I am making my submission based on the #IndiSpire prompt, which says-

Is happiness worthless today? Today so many people are running to earn money leaving some responsibilities behind , while running they forget to laugh or real happiness. #happinessworthless



While thinking on this subject, I remember an old story. There are so many such stories based on the wisdom of our forefathers, which teach us about moral values and give some practical lessons for life.

This very short story says that there was a person who was greedy to acquire more and more land, he got an offer from some king perhaps that as much land as you would cover by walking during day time, from sunrise to sunset would be yours. So that person started walking and due to his greed kept expanding the boundary, he wanted to acquire more and more and finally before that evening he , while walking relentlessly, without taking something to eat and drink, he fell down and died.

Practically he could get those 2 yards of land where he fell down and died for his burial. This story tells where our greed can take us.

Another instance I remember from the film- 3 Idiots, where we see the hero, the brilliant but easy going student- Rancho played by Aamir Khan, he believes that the students should enjoy their studies and should not become part of a mad race. And the professor there tells ‘Life is a race, nobody remembers who stood second, we have to be the first. What would happen when everybody aims to be first, only one person would achieve that goal.

But what has our lives become, specially that of those facing very difficult business targets, those in corporate sales teams or other those facing difficult production targets.

In today’s life, most people in big cities start early for catching the bus or train to reach their workplace, some people travel long distance for that, many keep honking their car horn at the traffic signals. There are so many stressors, traffic jams are also one of them. System does not accept these excuses, you have to be there in time and deliver in spite of all the odds.

Basically we have come here to live our lives, and living is useless if we do not enjoy life, do not remain happy. For living our life happily, there are other things that we have to do. But we have to keep in mind that these things we do to make our life happy and easy-going. Like, we have to do something to earn so that we can meet the requirements of our family. Now one thing that makes life miserable is that we keep expanding our desires. One can do something to meet the needs more easily, than meeting the desires. Since our desires keep expanding, especially we compare our standard of living with those who are living much lavished life, since that attracts us. This problem is much more among the middle class.

Somebody said that the middle class is like a motorcycle, they are like a bi-cycle, since they have two wheels, but they always try to compete with cars, since they are motor-driven.

I think this needs to be considered again and again that we have come in this world to live our lives, to enjoy it as much as we can and it is not only money that gives us joy. We should keep ourselves reminding that we have to enjoy our life and not to become part of a rat-race.

This is my humble submission on the subject. We should find occasions and reasons to laugh and smile with others. To enjoy every moment of our life.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Durga Dash says:

    Nice take on the subject.

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