Nationalism, Patriotism, Chauvinism!

The idea of nationalism is most relevant today . Though in our holy scriptures it is written ‘Janani Janmabhumishcha, Svargaadapi Gariyasi’ i.e. The mother and motherland are more precious than heaven.



The biggest problem today is that many people are very much confused about this. Many confusions are created by some selfish politicians and some hate mongers.

There are two extreme ends to thinking on this subject today. There are some narrow minded people, who do not allow a little deviation to their idea of nation and nationalism. There are others too, who totally disregard the idea of nationalism, they consider themselves to be world citizens and for them ‘nation’ and ‘nationalism’ are worthless ideas. Such people easily digest the slogans like ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, insha allah, insha allah’. Further, for them if somebody considers himself a true hindu, he is communal, a person can be anything, have any faith but being a ‘true hindu’ is not allowed. Pity is that such people receive international awards also, sometimes it appears that such ideas are internationally promoted.

I remember a story by Munshi Premchand Ji ‘Padosi’ i.e. neighbor. It is a story about a Hindu and a Muslim, both being neigbour and it shows the deep rooted love amongst them.

Today by the grace of our divisive leadership, we do not find such Hindu and Muslim neighbors in villages at least, in modern societies it might be there, but in “Societies’ there is no society actually, in most of the cases.

I believe that a true Hindu and a true Muslim would never fight (and this is true about any true follower of any religion as such, Hindu and Muslim I wrote just for example). While we indians consider our motherland most sacred, we also believe in the idea of ‘Vishwa Bandhutva’, i.e. we consider the whole world as a family.

Today we find people with very extreme views and activities, there are people who check in people’s houses, whether there is cow meat stored there and also beating people to death on the ground that somebody was carrying a cow (according to their imagination for killing).

There are others also who like to tease others by publicly showing that they are eating cow meat.

I only feel that we should love our nation by heart, but not force anybody else to express his love for the nation, the way we want him to do. If we feel that some activity is not as per norms, we can report it to appropriate authorities, but we are nobody to punish anybody as an unruly mob, in the form of ‘Mob Lynching’.

Further if some people publicly express anti national sentiments, authorities should punish them properly, judiciary also should take prompt decision in such cases, so that others may not get encouraged to do such activities.

So basically we all should love our country, anybody doing his own duty sincerely is doing national service. We need not become the judge by ourselves and remain law abiding citizens.

Those who consider themselves to be nationalist by beating others,  like on carrying a cow, according to them for killing are also anti-national. You are nobody to take law into your hands.

Similarly those proclaiming to be progressive and world citizens, by expressing anti-national sentiments need to be dealt by an iron hand, but by appropriate authorities and not by an unruly mob.

• These are my humble ideas on the #IndiSpire prompt- Time to revisit nationalism, patriotism, chauvinism, and anti-nationalism in the garb of freedom of speech. #nationalism.
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