Spending the weekend, free time after work!

Today the topic that I am discussing means differently for many people, depending on their age, profession, interests etc.



Yes, how somebody spends his or her weekend or rather the free time after the working hours. Working hours also are different for different people, some people work in night shifts also, more so now a days when call-centers operate according to European working hours.

For a person like me, who retired almost 10 years ago, which period should I consider as part of working hours and which one as the free time after that. Anyway I would consider myself to be in my working days or I may say since I work as a freelancer, though I rarely remain busy in such work, I consider the normal 9 AM to 6 PM as the working hours, OK!



What one would be doing after working hours or in the weekends, may to a little extent depend on the type of work he or she does, but mostly on the taste of that individuals.

Now, I have been in London for last one and a half month, visiting my son and daughter-in-law, and every weekend we have been going around the city and other nearby cities, to explore the major tourist attractions, which included Oxford University, sea- side, Stonehenge, Bath City and many such nice places.

One could try to regularly visit nearby places that attract tourists and nature lovers, but it does not always happen. I live in Goa and there are so many wonderful beaches in Goa, which attract tourists from all over the world. My normal evening walk is also up to Miramar beach, which is 2 Kms away from my house. Actually sea is visible from the balcony of our house and we daily watch sunset over the sea from our house there.

A son of mine  has keen interest in films and theatre, he always watches the full international film festival, that is held every year in Goa. Further there is ‘Kala Academi’ in Panaji, Goa, almost 3 Kms from our house, where stage plays are regularly organized, but I have not seen any of them, I think had we been a little more nearer to that, I could have seen some, since returning from there at night is a problem, unless you drive a vehicle.

For many ladies cleaning and decorating the house is a favorite time pass and this can also be on their agenda for the weekend.

Often people go for eating out in the weekend, it could also be a small trip in the city, for me in Goa, say staying near the sea for a night or two.

Now a days people are so busy on the internet, TV also occupies an important place in spending time, people also watch their favorite programs or movies on TV in the weekend, may be through internet, which they could not watch on working days.

Naturally whenever a person gets free time, it can be utilized in his or her favorite activity, be it going places, meeting friends, watching movie or plays or may be TV programs too. Enjoying outside food also is one option for the evening or may be lunch.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- How do you spend your weekends? or rather how do you spend your free time after your working hours? #TheOverlookedHalf .

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