Quality makes you get new customers!

Today again is a day to deal with, to express my views based on an #IndiSpire prompt, so here I go.
I remember my experience 2 months back in London, where I and my wife stayed with my son and daughter in law for a month and a half and visited a lot of places, I also shared my impressions about those visits in my blog posts.



What I would like to share now is that there, like many other consumable items, green vegetables are also sold in packed or say wrapped condition, and their expiry date is also mentioned on the packing. Whether the particular vegetable needs to be consumed today or tomorrow only or it can remain worthy of use for another 2-3 days is mentioned there. It is because of the concern for maintaining quality and use- worthiness of these items.

As another example I would like to mention that we bought a half Kg. packet of roasted grams, it was from India, packed also in India. What was different was that out of the whole packet, there was not a single piece there was not a single which we could eat fully. My experience in India have been that out of every mouthful of grams, there are at least 2-3 pieces which could not be broken, crushed with my teeth and I had to throw them.

Yes true that the packet I bought in London was packed in India and was quality certified by FSSI, in India we never care for such quality certified items and mostly buy locally prepared and packed items. In some European countries there is strong quality control system and they simply reject any assignment which lacks in quality.



There is no field which does not require quality maintenance. As citizens we expect from the civic authorities to provide such facilities which enhance the quality of life. Those may include good roads, nice parks etc. etc.

Whatever one produces or if one provides any kind of services, quality maintenance should be the first priority. The most common thing I have noticed is when we sit on a chair and put our hands on some corner of the seat, and we find that there is some nail projected there and it may suddenly hurt us. What would we think about the quality maintenance of the manufacturer? Good companies always care about such things so that their reputation does not get spoilt.

Yes healthcare, manufacturing, construction, energy, defence, transportation etc. are fields where quality maintenance is of utmost importance. In healthcare if the instruments and machines are not of good quality they may cause serious complications. There cleanliness and performance are to be checked well so that nobody suffers due to lack of quality.

Similarly how good and reliable a finished product would be, for ensuring that regular monitoring of quality is required in manufacturing process. Further now a days there is huge competition in housing industry, the builders try to finish more and more projects in limited time. Sometimes when we acquire a very good looking property and start living there, we find that when we try to fix a nail in the wall a lot of sand comes out, which tells about the quality of the material used and workmanship.
Like that quality maintenance is definitely necessary in energy field, like we need to get power supply at optimum voltage regularly and not much fluctuations which may harm our gadgets. Similarly in transportation well maintained and comfortable seats inner facilities are needed along with suitable speed of driving, taking precautions at speed breakers etc.

So the quality maintenance in all these fields is needed at manufacturing as well as operational area. Every manufacturer, service provider and operator need to contribute in it, to provide the best results for their beneficiary. Yes I have come across several people in my life who care a lot about the comfort of the end customer and that is the true spirit of quality maintenance.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Quality has made significant contributions to advancements in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, energy, defence and transportation. What does quality mean to you? Recognize and acknowledge quality professionals you know. #WQD19


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