Social media v/s Society!

Today once again I am talking about Social media. While thinking about social media, the first objection that rises in my mind is, how come it is called ‘Social’! Actually it is the thing that has destroyed all social connections in today’s world.


I remember the scene of Chaupals in villages, mostly we have seen them in films only, where people gathered and entertained each other with songs, jokes etc. A song from RK film ‘Ramaiya vatta vaiyaa’ comes to my mind suddenly.

Not only that, earlier wherever people met, in train journey, buses or on visiting some office, may be for an interview, before or along with the main activity, they interacted a lot. People were very much interested in knowing about the other person, from where he or she is, how about his family, city or village etc.

The scene of today is that there are several people sitting in a drawing room or say guest room of some office, waiting for their turn, everybody busy on mobile, talking or texting, actually talking also has very much reduced, people mostly text, they mostly write to people whom they have never met and may also not get a chance of meeting in future.

They get connected with people by sharing nice thoughts, quotes of great people or jokes etc. and feel how good that person is, such nice thoughts he or she shares. But in this process they remain so much busy on mobile screen that they do not find time, even to exchange smiles with people who are near them.
There are various facets of social media, making friends with people having similar interests or those working in same field, provided you have time to spend in discussions with them. Mostly friendships are such that people regularly write Good morning, Good evening etc. for that also some people develop nice stickers and all others use them.

I am involved in blogging activities for last 2 years or a little more, I find there a chance to express my feelings, my views on various subjects, people read them, I also read blog posts written by others and there is some interaction also. I feel that this activity is quite good, as long as you keep a safe distance from politics, because once you enter the arena of politics, you may come across some undesirable people also. However that is quite less in blogging activity.

There is a lot that can be said about social media addiction, I would only like to say that like some other activities, social media can be a good slave but not at all a good master. As long as you use social media wisely and keep this activity under your control it is a good, even if for time pass, but once you become addicted to it, you may lose your real dear people and may pick fights also with some people.

One must keep in mind that social media may be an extension of your social activity, as long as you are more social in real life and less in this virtual world, it is good. Once this virtual world over-shadows the real world, it might result in disasters some time.

This is all that came to my mind, while expressing my views on the #IndiSpire prompt- Is social media making people more unsocial? #SocialMedia

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