Ideas are like a flowing river?

We are living in an interactive world, every moment we impress others and get impressed by others too. There is a famous principle of dilectics, which says that many a times when we are not able to convince the other person with our ideas on a given subject, we accept his ideas and vice-versa . So there is a continuous flow of ideas between people and society as a whole.



I had active interest in literature, presentation, public speaking etc. I always loved to play with words. Often in my office years it happened that I coined an expression, used some phrase to describe some person or situation in an interesting way. Often it happened that I listened to that expression of mine from say 8-10 persons and may be one or two of them used that expression with the prefix ‘as you said’, otherwise mostly people used it in a way that it was their own creation. Sometimes it came to my mind that it would have been better if they recognized my copyright on that. But frankly speaking I might have also done so and we may accept it as our own piece of creativity.

I remember another example of those days when I was active in writing poetry and reciting them in some poetic symposia. It once happened that I used the characters of Munshi Prem Chand Ji, namely ‘Hori’ and ‘Dhaniya’ to present my ideas in a poem. After a few days I listened to a poem presented my other poet friend using these two characters. But to my utter surprise, it was clear from his expression that he didn’t know that ‘Hori’ was the male character and in fact hero of the novel and ‘Dhaniya’ was a lady, his wife. Sometimes people copy others not even understanding the context.

In the world of creative writing in fact there are people who survive on copying others mostly. Anyway I think the dangers from copying the ideas of others could be real in the field of science, inventions etc.. As it was presented in a movie that a computer engineer copied the computer program developed by another person, who developed it after very hard work, but ultimately the copycat got exposed.

It may also be a real danger in the field of marketing where a person works hard and makes a dent in the market and another person reaps the fruits of that fraudulently. It is also seen that people make presentations before their bosses by stealing the ideas of others, just for getting some more opportunities. But ultimately a person who has a creative mind would succeed and a copycat can’t survive in the long run.
But other than a few specific fields, the flow of ideas should be unrestricted and normally there is no need for them to be barred from adoption by others .

These are my humble thoughts on the #IndiSpire prompt- How do you react when you come to realize that your idea has been copied? What would you like to say to the copycat? #Copycat .

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  1. Well presented with real life examples.

    “As you said” and giving credit this way, is nice. But, later many claim to be the original thinker!

    That’s why documentation & copyright is important to claim ownership.

    This is “Intellectual Property Right” – IPR.

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