Utilising Lockout time!

Today I would write about my experience and routine activity during Lockout. I have been a retired person for last 10 years. Before that I worked near Lucknow. After retirement I shifted to Gurgaon, lived there for around 5 years and then shifted to Gurgaon.



I have been mostly living at home for last 10 years, except going for evening walk for an hour and sometimes going for an outing or family visit. So Lockout has not made a great difference in my routine. One more thing my second son lives in Bangalore and we came here on visit with a plan to stay for almost 2 months, however when we were about to return to Goa, this period of Lockout started and all flights also were cancelled and it then depended solely on end of lockout that we could think of going back.

Again as I said before for me, as a person living retired life for last 10 years, this lockout does not make much difference. Yes for those working from home now, like my son it has made a great difference. Further I could also move out anytime I wanted for short visits outside from my 17th floor residence, come to ground level, which I have not done till now after the lockout, might be it is more than required under these conditions, evening walk also discontinued.

Yes the main activity I get involved has been blogging and surfing the net, I also do work on some translation assignments, but during this period I have not received any such assignment also. I write blog posts and try to read blog posts written by fellow bloggers and on TV have been mostly watching news and debates, which include the debates conducted by Arnab Goswami, Amish Devgan and the one by Rohit Sardana. I still watch these to some extent but during this special period I have been watching some special programs with family.

Besides watching some nice movies, which included Oscar award winning first South Korean movie- ‘ Parasite. Other than that A TV serial which was telecast long back, we are watching now a days. That Hindi serial is ‘Devon ke dev Mahadev’. We have viewed 3 seasons of this serial, very long and interesting mythological serial. We are enjoying it a lot. Till now ‘Sati’ has ended her life, has born again and now about to meet Mahadev for the first time as Parvati.

Other than the above serial and a few movies, which we watch on Hotstar, YouTube etc. etc. We also watched a serial ‘Special Ops’ regarding secret operations to neutralize terrorist acts of  enemy country, conducted in other countries, it was a very nice serial and gave an insight about how secret mission are conducted.

I may mention two other serials that we had watched earlier but people can watch them during Lockout, one is ‘Out Of Love’ and the other ‘Mirzapur’. The first one is very daring serial regarding breaking of love life and revenge and the other regarding Gangs and Mafias operating in some areas.

This is something I could remember about my activities during Lockout. This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt – What are you doing in this lockout ? Housework ? Creative activities ? Praying ? #lockout

Thanks for reading.



  1. Sneha says:

    All work, no play, for me

    1. samaysakshi says:

      Yes if you are on duty, or maybe as a home maker too.

      1. Sneha says:

        Work, yes, a lot.
        And Home maker in place of my mom, she is stuck in another city

        1. samaysakshi says:

          OK, all the best.

  2. Anita says:

    Haven’t you watched any movies? What about Ramayan & Mahabharat on DD?

    Stay home. Stay safe. Take care.

  3. Farida Hakim says:

    #stayhome, #restaacasa, lets take the opportunity to dedicate more time to our families, ourselves, our homes.

    1. samaysakshi says:

      Yes very true, Thanks.

  4. A Mithal says:

    Thank you for sharing about your life in these times of corona.

  5. Nice post.

    Good to read about your routine during this time.
    Even we watch in firestick.

    If you haven’t watched yet, do watch ‘Tajmahal 1989’ a series in Netflix.

    1. samaysakshi says:

      OK nice, would try. Would have to make it family choice.

  6. Parasite is an interesting movie.

    1. shri.krishna.sharma says:

      Yes, very true.

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