Corona, Lock Down and Masks!

Today again talking about the Pandemic Covid-19, lock down regulations etc. There is a question asked whether I wear mask, and when was the first time I saw somebody wearing a mask etc.



Let me say that I have been watching people wearing masks since long time. The reason for people wearing masks being that I lived in Delhi-NCR area and some people there had wearing masks their just because the air quality there sometimes becomes so unbearable due to massive pollution. Further there have been spread of Bird-flu etc. during several previous years and that is also a reason that I have been seeing people wearing masks since long.

However this time reason for wearing masks is much more serious than the previous occasions. The pandemic of Corona virus is such a grave threat to humanity that it has made the whole world remain indoors. The big powers, the rich nations which initially ignored this threat,  spread from Wuhan area of China, paid a very heavy price for their casualness. The spread of this disease is so fast that its patients grow in multiples, through social contacts, therefore remaining indoors and maintaining social distancing is the most effective way to stop the spread of this dreaded disease.

Yes one thing I would like to admit that I have never worn a mask till date. My son and daughter in law go outdoors for purchasing etc. and they wear mask then. I have not moved out from the 17th floor residence, where we are with my son in Bangalore, not gone out of our house even, so use of mask was not needed. I was a regular evening walker before start of lock-down, but now walk also is done indoors.

I feel that while some people may remain indoors like me, this option is not available to everybody, especially for those who work in essential services, medical staff, police, vendors for supply of daily need items etc. for them the use of masks is a great help and very useful.

I feel that our dealing with this dreaded virus was very effective since we implemented lock-down and social distancing in time, but like our film scripts, their came a notorious villain called – Maulana Saad of Tabligi Jamaat, who kept thousands of people in his ‘Marqaz’ gathering in Nizamuddin Delhi area, for so many days, even when assembly of more than 50 persons was not allowed. This gathering included many people from such countries, where spread Corona has been very serious and further these foreign people traveled and hided themselves in Mosques in different parts of our country. Still there are some people who have not come out and might be acting as big spreaders of this disease.

Further it is quite shameful that in some areas of our country, there are people of one community hiding and attacking police and medical personnel, who go there for their treatment etc. It is really not understandable how these people can act in such an uncultured and inhuman way, against those who are not caring about themselves but taking great risk to save other people.

Definitely the Medical staff going door to door for testing and treatment of people, police personnel who maintain the lock-down in various areas and of course the media people and those carrying things door to door and all those who work in the essential services, are the masked superheroes and we are proud of them.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Are you using a mask to protect yourself from Covid-19? What do you think of masks? When was the first time you saw someone with a mask? What about masked superheroes? According to you, which masked superhero can save Planet Earth now? #AnythingAboutMask

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