A small thing- love for our country!

Talking about small things in life, which hold great importance! What is small or big depends on the thinking of a person and others may consider it small or big based on their thinking or may be values.



We often try to do things in life which are proper as per our principals, thinking etc. For example ‘faith’ is a matter of faith. We might believe in many things as per our upbringing mostly. For example some people believe in God, some don’t. Loving our country also depends upon us, our personal and family values mostly. For any other person it does not make much difference whether we love our country or not.

Today I take this one thing, which mostly Indians consider very pious is loving our country. Our faith in our culture makes us strong. This is something which the English politician and historian – Lord Macaulay felt that Indian have very strong faith in their motherland and their culture and he felt that this strong faith needs to be erased from the hearts of new people through the education system.

Yes it might appear a small thing, but people like me in the years of their upbringing came across shlokas and poems which give a great teaching and also Samskaara. Like while we say- ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (The whole world is like a family). But we also say- ‘Janani janmabhoomishch swargadapi gariyasi’ (Mother and motherland are more pious than heaven). We have grown listening, to poetic lines, songs etc. explaining the great traditions of our great country and our culture. This is true with most people of my generation.

But now we find that some over educated people of present time. They are in the field of journalism, politics etc. they feel that country is just a geographical boundary. They don’t believe in any great thing associated with our history, civilization or culture. They might rather have chosen to be born in some other country if they had a choice. Such people are also decorated with some national and international awards.

I just want to assert that the love for our country, our culture are very valuable for people like me. But these are not things that should make anybody arrogant and make him consider others to be inferior in anyway. Further one must study in this field and not just have false pride.

I just felt that this is something which many modern people consider to be small but it is in my view very pious which connects us to our roots.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Little things can make a lot of difference in life. How do you appreciate little things in life? #lifemotivation

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  1. lightoflife says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful article. One can connect with your thoughts.
    मेरा देश मेरा मुल्क मेरा यह वतन,,,’
    जो भी मेरा या हमारा होता है वह सदैव हमारा ख्याल रखता है, इस अपनेपन के साथ जीवन व्यतीत करना अत्यधिक सुलभ हो जाता है। अतैव यह हमारा कर्तव्य भी है कि हम भी अपनी मिटटी का सम्मान एवं ख्याल रखें उसे गर्व से अपनाए और प्यार दें।
    Our country our pride and heaven to live in.

    1. samaysakshi says:

      Thanks a lot ji. Very nice.

  2. *vasudhaiva kutumbakam ( typo error)

  3. samaysakshi says:

    Thanks a lot Nalini ji. Very true.

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