Come I may, but go I must!

There is a question, if I have to describe me in just one word, which word could best describe me. Let me try. I have always loved a poem by Gerald Gould- ‘Wander Thirst’. Since my schooling days I loved this poem, since  I read it for the first time. This poem describes my wander instinct in many ways but just to quote a line, it is-




Come I may, but go I must!


I have also been writing poems in my young age, and one of my poems begins like this-


पाँवों से धूल झाड़कर, पिछले अनुबंध फाड़कर
रोज जिए हम, बनवासी राम की तरह|


Many writers have described life as a journey. We go to many places, meet many type of people and have different types of interactions, experiences. Now a days it is halted to great extent but in our country, the railway network is also like veins in the body and people keep travelling in different directions, like flow of bloods in our body. I remember a line from poem by a poetess Ms. Anjum Rehbar-


छुक-छुक रेल चली है जीवन की|


I feel like travelling all the time, there is another poem by a famous Hindi poet, Sh. Om Prabhakar Ji, which says-


यात्रा के बाद भी, पथ साथ रहते हैं|


खेत खंबे तार, सहसा टूट जाते हैं,
हमारे साथ के सब लोग हमसे छूट जाते हैं|
फिर भी हमारी बांह, गर्दन, पीठ को छूते
नरम दो हाथ रहते हैं|


घर पहुँचकर भी न होतीं खत्म यात्राएं,
गूँजती हैं सीटियाँ अब हम कहाँ जाएँ|
जहां जाएँ वहीं, सूखे-झुके मुख-माथ रहते हैं|


Yes, I feel that I can best describe myself as a traveller, who wishes to travel length and breadth of this world and explore where the human beings love others the most. Where people are happy to the core, always ready to welcome strangers as friends. In fact I not only wish to travel all over the world, but also the universe, for that I wish to fly, may be sometimes at a speed more than a rocket. And that’s not all, I also wish to travel in time, may be to the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata! and my childhood days also.

Some poetry lines by Late Ramanath Awasthi Ji are also coming to my mind, here these are-


भीड़ में भी रहता हूँ, वीरान के सहारे,
जैसे कोई मंदिर किसी गाँव के किनारे|


मिलने को मिलता है सारा ही ज़माना,
एक नहीं मिलता जो प्यार से पुकारे|

and also


मिलना तो मन का होता है, तन तो सिर्फ बहाना है,
जीवन के बेरोक सफर में, मौत मुसाफिरखाना है|


So this journey is not only physical but emotional also, and as our philosophical says, we keep travelling after shedding one body or say changing uniform.

That’s all that came to my mind, for expressing on the #IndiSpire prompt- “Define your life in a single word and tell me the story behind that” #SingleWordThatCanDefineMe


This also gave me a chance to quote some of my favorite poetry lines in Hindi.

Thanks for reading.


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