Adventure and Misadventures!

Yes, we are talking about adventure. Naturally adventure involves doing something we don’t normally do. It normally needs boldness, taking risk and foresightedness. Mostly we refer to this term while people go for some physical adventure like- mountaineering, river rafting, travelling far away say on cycle or motorcycle. So mostly we refer to physical risk taking when we talk about adventure. But adventures can be of various types, including mental also and risk taking is normally a factor involved in it.

I am suddenly remembering an incident that happened with a friend of mine in Delhi long back. We were a group of young friends who wrote poems, participated in poetic symposia etc. in Delhi. This friend of mine also believed in appearing like a typical poet, he wore kurta-pyjama and had grown beard and mush also.

Anyhow before telling the incident that I want to mention, let me repeat that with his attire and appearance, he didn’t at all appear attractive in worldly terms, he might be considering himself whatever in his mind. Anyway the incident so happened that he went to Khadi gramodyog shop in Connaught place, which was near Regal cinema, now Regal is not there, I am not sure whether Khadi Gramodyog shop is still there or not.

Anyway, my friend went to that store, he saw a beautiful girl there and he thought of complimenting the girl for her beauty. So, my friend suddenly kissed that girl in the shop and in turn received a nice beating from the people around. On being asked why he did so, he said I felt that the girl is very beautiful and should be kissed! I think this was also a kind of adventure for which my friend had to pay heavily.

Anyhow, adventure always involves challenging our limits and taking risk, whether physical or any other type. For physical adventure people go for mountaineering, river rafting, scuba diving and so many such activities. Normally people who don’t want to take risk in life, look for a regular job with good salary. Those who want to take risk often go for business. Those who are ready to take further risk become entrepreneurs. Taking risk in any field is adventure I feel.

As I gave the example of my friend, in India many people go for misadventure rather than a positive adventure. Like going for police or military service involves adventure, which is positive one. But now a days there are many people who don’t follow the right path, one reason for that is also lack of opportunities. When ATMs were introduced in India, I wondered whether these would function properly, since there is lot of money stored in them. We found that there are several people who have mastered withdrawing money from other peoples account by bad use of technology. Further there are some who just take away the ATM machine. The dacoit gangs are also an example of misadventure.

For me the adventure that suits me is travelling to new places, I enjoy visiting places and wish to keep on doing that, but in this wicked Corona period, moving out is completely impossible. I can take the normal risks associated with travelling far-off places, but moving there in Corona period is simply not advisable.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Adventure is not taking risk, adventure is doing what we have not done so far. Coming out of our boundary. What is adventure in your view? and what have you done recently? or planning to do? #adventureboundaryfear

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  1. Taking right/bold decisions in life is adventurous. Because it may not always acceptable to the society.

  2. I like your take on adventure Shri. My wife and I circle the globe as traveling bloggers. We know all about seizing opportunities for freedom, versus taking risks. That is the idea of adventure to me.

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