Living with a purpose!

There is so much life happening around us, not only humans but animals, insects, plants. In a way every living being has a purpose in life. Only thing is that all other species have a purpose defined by nature. Humans are the thinking, dreaming and planning creatures. They can dream and define their goals according to their own thinking and move in any direction, which might be considered right or wrong by others.

When I see the ants moving in long and perfect lines, which sometimes appear endless. As we know they gather the food material for their survival in testing times. Can we imagine humans working with so much discipline? We also see the bees, collecting honey and making big structures for storing honey in them. But we humans depend on the labour of such creatures for our benefit, be those honey bees or silk worms and many more like cows etc, who provide us milk, which is primarily meant for their own calves etc.

So, we humans are the most privileged creatures on earth, mostly benefitted by the work and products created by other animals and plants etc. We need to dream big for our world and we can consider the well-being of all others on earth. The creatures I fancy very much are the dogs, though they might not be providing us anything except may be security, but the amount of love they have for their masters can’t be found in human beings mostly.

Anyway, today I am here to discuss about humans. Let’s think regarding how we are living our lives, whether we are busy in living our life or in dying! If we have some purpose in our life, if we are enjoying every moment in our life that makes us live in a better way. We all have to face good and bad situations in life. If one keeps hopes alive, and enjoys every moment with positive thoughts and hope, the life becomes a nice journey. While some keep cursing their bad luck, as per their thinking, they can’t enjoy this journey called life.

So, the main thing that matters is that we can always have ambitions but more important is that we should have positive thoughts, proper planning and an attitude of enjoying every moment of life. There are people who always focus on what they don’t have, on their shortcomings. They are always dying, not actually living. We must therefore always keep hope, focus on what we have and keep planning for a better future, while enjoying every moment of life.

This is my humble submission based on #IndiSpire prompt- Some people are busy living while others are busy dying. What would you like to tell either or both of these categories? #LiveFully

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