Greatness of History or culture!

A question has been raised, rather a suggestion has been given that Indians should not feel proud of their history and let their past go!

Yes, I personally feel that there is nothing great in our history as a nation, history is otherwise more recent, though it is past, that we remember.

The English people may boast of having a great history, since they ruled over a major part of the world. By whatever way they acquired the reigns of a great country like India is another matter, but they could claim that the ‘Sun never set in their Kingdom’.

As far Indians are concerned, we have been ruled by foreign powers, first the Moghuls and then the British for a very long time. The reason being that we had many small kingdoms and these kings kept fighting amongst themselves. The concept of undivided India, which was developed during the period of Ashoka was lost totally.

There might be some heroes who fought the foreign rule and they can surely be considered great heroes in some parts of the country for their courage, while other kings were bowing down. But I don’t think we find anything to be proud about our recent history, as a nation.

There was a very nice movie also ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’ based on a short story written by Munshi Prem Chand Ji. In this movie two friends who considered themselves to be Royal Blood, since their ancestors ruled some states, kept boasting about their bravery and playing the game of chess (Shatranj), while the British forces came and acquired the area, which they claimed to be theirs!

So, what we Indians are proud about is our culture, our values, we might not be following them fully but our culture, our scriptures have taught values which whole world has admired and has been accepted by many countries in some form or other.

Great philosophers like Max Mueller studied our scriptures and wrote a lot about them, there are many foreign dignitaries Like Father Kamil Bulke who earned fame by studying and writing about Ram Charit Manas by Tulsi Das ji.

I would like to submit that, we might have remained divided due to the ambitions of those ruling small kingdoms, we do not have much to feel proud about in our general history, we are performing very nicely as a great democracy and we would always remain proud, for our culture. I feel that Late Sardar Patel Ji makes us more proud than many small kings, since he made these kingdoms become integral part of our independent India.

We often keep remembering our values and we must, like the great film maker Raj Kapur expressed in a film song of ‘Jis Desh Me Ganga Bahti Hai’-

Mehmaan jo hamaaraa hota hai, wo jaan se payara hota hai,
Jyaada ka nahi laalach hamko, thode me gujaaraa hota hai.
Bachchon ke liye jo dharti maa, sadiyon se sabhi kuch sahti hai,
Ham us Desh ke waasi hai, jis desh me Ganga bahti hai.

So, I just want to submit that there may not be much in our recent history, and rightly it is not a good thing to be proud about history but we are and would always remain proud of our culture, our values and keep spreading them.

This is my humble submission on the IndiSpire prompt- Clinging to history and its supposed greatness is as foolish as maintaining that your bum has calluses because your great grandfather rode on an elephant. Real greatness lies in dealing successfully with the present. India should let the past go. #GrappleWithPresent

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  1. Excellent article, I love specially “your bum has calluses…elephant”.
    I think you’re right, sometimes we think back to some very negative things that happened in the past, and that intoxicates the present, preventing us from living together in peace …
    My great-grandparents were simple people who lived deep in the forest, they didn’t even have a bike or electricity and raised 12 children very modestly.
    I am not sure that they are responsible for certain injustices, genocides, massacres perpetrated in the world in the name of a past expansionist vision of our great nation …
    History often escapes its own people.
    I studied History at university, I think it’s needed to know the past to understand our present.
    Thank you for your article and see you soon.
    P.S: what is your first name or nickname, I don’t know what to call you

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