Global Anti-India Band!

Talking about present situations in our country is not easy. It is perhaps happening all over the world, like in America, after defeat of Trump in elections, in Myanmar recently through Military coup etc. but I would focus on the situation in India only.

In India the farmers’ movement is the biggest news for last so many months. But is this movement really in the interest of our farmers and who are the people behind the movement!

It is very clear that everybody has a right to raise his or her voice for his legitimate demands, such protests can also be held at designated places, for limited time and without disturbing the lives of others. What is happening is simply blackmailing, you can raise your problems but not dictate! Repeal these laws can’t be the demand. You can tell what problems people could face because of these laws and ask to amend such clauses.

Further the type of activities that happened at the Red Fort, ITO etc on Republic day, can anybody accept them as a part of any civilised movement? Further if our farmers are facing any problems, it should worry us and not people living in Canada, the Khalistanis. Can any movement supported by Khalistanis be called a genuine one?

Recently a TV channel revealed that a short film is being shown before movies in America, which spreads so many lies regarding the way Indian government has dealt with the movement. It tells that several hundred people have died in the movement and so many other lies. This short film is shown as advertisement, which costs there a huge amount. Who are the people who spend so much money for spreading lies regarding the conditions in India. What about the ‘Tool Kit’ and why are foreign celebrities so much interested in us, with active support of anti-nationals and urban Naxals in India.

There are so many lies being spread with the treatment of the movement by Indian government. I feel that the people who had been ruling the country for a long time are not able to accept their position, which tells that there is no scope of their revival. I think same was the reason in USA and elsewhere. Some parties and forces are in no mood to accept the verdict of the people.

I feel that the Indian government has shown maximum sincerity, patience and empathy in dealing with the movement. Sometimes people like me feel that government should have acted firmly in some cases. Can anybody tell about a single person who died due to government action against the movement?

They claim that several hundred people died during the movement. It appears that ‘Yamraj’ should also stop doing his work since farmers movement is going on in India! Though the figures being told are unsubstantiated, however those who died, what was the reason for their death? Who asked you to bring the old people, ladies, children and those not having good health at the movement site?

I just remember a story, not sure whether it is true or not. The buffaloes of a farmer got crushed under a running train while roaming on the railway line. The farmer went to the court asking for compensation. The court said the railway line is for running of trains, not for your buffaloes to roam there. It could have caused derailment of the train and caused severe injuries to passengers. Rather you should pay compensation!
My reasoning is clear, if some people have died at the project site, then the organisers should be held responsible for that.

Negative forces and india haters all over the world have joined hands to defame india. They get active support from rejected politicians and urban naxals in India. I think those who love our country must come forward to defeat such negative forces.

Regarding the lies being spread, like deaths of people during the movement, definitely the organisers are responsible for death of people on protest site, if they were not in good health.

This is my humble submission in response to the #Indispire prompt – A stir, panic/outrage, a complacent numbness…repeat’ is the order of the day, nowadays, whatever be the issue…are these times of volatile emotions? #VolatileEmotions

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