Writing and Re-writing of History!

It’s true that image creation for self is what the rulers like the most. For this they have been using the writers and historians also.

Till now the job of image creation, writing in favour of those in power was in the hands of some communist authors, historians etc. who did, whatever suited to those in power at that time and got rewarded and honoured at regular intervals. There was no problem till now, since everything was going as per the wishes of the rulers, who felt that they are always going to remain in power, in India.

When other party, people of other school of thought came to power, the problem arose, those holy cows felt themselves in danger, they even returned the awards etc. for earning which, their loyalty towards those in power earlier played a major role.

The things which these intellectuals(?) did for earning these awards, like these historians, never mentioned how Sardar Patel and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were kept away from power. Bhagat Singh and Netaji were even termed as ‘terrorists’. These great loyalists never had any objection to that.

Nehru never acquired the respect and height that Sardar Patel had in party, but he was put in the seat of power, since his mentor Gandhi Ji wanted that. Netaji was forced to leave India never allowed to come back to India, until he was alive.

The sacrifice that people like Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose made was far greater than Nehru Ji, even Mahatma Gandhi and their fellows made. But they were never given a respectable space in the history created by these loyal writers.

In case of Moghul empire, Kings like Aurangzeb and many others were given very respectable mentions in the history ‘created’ by these untiring loyal creators of history and roads etc. were given their name, just to earn votes by the congress governments.

Now since there has been a big change in the Indian ruling class, people with a different ideology are in power, so there is a big reaction to whatever has been done in the past, in the name of history and remembering the past heroes.

Yes reaction can sometimes go much far but it is a reaction, so those who admire the past ‘historians’ have a strong objection to the names of roads etc. being changes and warriors like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj and many freedom fighters finding a place in the history. There have been instances where Hindu gods have been mentioned with disrespect in course books, but these liberals never had a complaint on that! Because they feel that anything related to Hindus is ‘communal’.

Yes, the dictator type people want that they should find a mention in the history, the way they want to be remembered. You want an example, it was the ‘Time Capsule’ that was placed underground during the regime of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and nobody knew the contents, until it was taken out after change of government.

Today it is a more liberal environment, which the so called ‘liberals’ would never accept. Today if anything you feel is wrong, even renaming of a road, one can move the courts and challenge that.

These are my views based on an ‘IndiSpire’ prompt – Mr Bhakt wakes up in a dream. Who controls the past controls the future, he is told. He starts rewriting history… #TwistInHistory

Thanks for reading.