The Power of Ignorance!

Today after some gap I am expressing my views based on IndiSpire prompt. The subject is quite interesting also and the idea is practically on display in various parts of India today.



One thing which I wish to mention in the beginning is that  Mr. Modi is very effective today. He inspires many people and there are many who draw inspiration from him for writing against him. They would reject any idea which Mr. Modi supports.

Anyway there is one Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, which has been occupied by ladies, mostly old ladies and children for more than a month. They are protesting against CAA and NRC. Out of these two, about NRC there is not a single word of legislation in existence yet, but they are fighting for some imaginary thing and if you ask about CAA those sitting there are not able to answer any question; they don’t actually know what they are protesting against. They would tell various unconnected stories and narrate the hate stories that have been planted in their minds. Those managing the show remain in the background and make very good use of these ignorant people.

When you ask these ladies how this issue would be resolved, they say the PM or Home Minister should come there and satisfy them. Anybody going there and talking to them can understand that even God can’t convince them. They actually do not know what they actually want. For them certainly ‘ignorance is the mother of prejudice’.

There are so many Shaheen Baghs created in India today, those who were rejected badly by the Indian voter are taking revenge, but this situation only gives armor to our enemy no.1, Pakistan and it is strange that Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, came to address this gathering after visiting Pakistan and talking to the advisor of Mr. Imran Khan. Further one Mr. Sharjeel Imam expressed such views which are grossly against our national security and helpful for the designs of China and Pakistan, but these people do not feel sorry for that. Slogans like ‘free Kashmir’ were also raised there. Such protests, one at a central place of our capital and others in various parts of the country, based on imaginary fears, are making use of ignorance of common people and creating anti-national sentiments, obviously by using foreign funds and making use of the ignorance of common people. It is becoming a blatant example of how ignorance can be used to make people prejudiced without knowing the issue well.

I really feel that our serious opposition parties should adopt more democratic ways of protest and keep away from the designs of anti-national elements, the story of Sharjeel Imam has come in the open already. There is no problem if you want to protest, may be for indefinite time, there are places like Jantar Mantar, Ramlila Ground etc. If you have enough public support, protest there and make the government succumb to your demands. But occupying narrow areas and blocking national highways and creating troubles for the common people, those who need to go to another city, hospital, school going children etc. is not protest, it is simple blackmail, it is uncivilized act and should be dealt firmly, I do not understand why government has allowed it to continue for so long.

However it is a great example of how ignorance of common people can be utilized for political gains and to create problems for public, just to blackmail the elected government, against a law which has been duly passed by the parliament, the biggest law making body, elected by our people.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Ignorance is the mother of prejudice” – How true is this statement? Do you agree? #Ignorance .

Thanks for reading.