WOW: Questions in Life!

Life in itself is full of a series of questions. In the beginning of civilization or rather before that, when human beings came into existence, survival was the biggest question. There were the wild animals and the human beings and how the world of today evolved anybody can study and know all the details.


Our spiritual leaders pose a big question; they call it the basic question- what is the purpose our coming on this planet called earth, living our lives? For the animals there is no other issue than survival, but we humans, who feel that we are civilized, think about all human beings, our past and future, we need to know what is the purpose of our life!

The basic and unique quality of humans is that we keep asking questions and finding answers for them. This is the biggest boon for humans which allows us to march ahead. We learn from our mistakes. We all need to live in love with all human beings, try to contribute for the society and make our presence felt.

The biggest question that haunts me is whether our world can live in peace, all the nations together! There are organizations like UNO and other forums where various countries are represented. Can’t they create an atmosphere where there are no fights amongst various countries, no terrorism etc.

I sincerely feel that world leaders should make sincere efforts in this direction, but we find that the big Super powers are interested in the sale of weapons that they manufacture.

There are countries like Pakistan, for whom terrorism is a part of their govt. policies or rather Military agenda. Since that country is run by the military establishment and the elected leader there is just a puppet in their hands.

I just dream that there is peace in the world and all the governments work towards the well-being and progress of their people and the world at large.

The Most Important Question In Life Is, would we witness that environment of peace and brotherhood in the world, where no country is bent upon extending its boundaries and creating an atmosphere of animosity and war like situations.

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Gadgets with a better design!

I do not feel well versed with the modern gadgets, for example there are many functions in the mobile phone sets, which I am not comfortable in using. I do not find myself in a position to find faults in the gadgets but I am inspired to talk about one gadget or device, which people use quite extensively these days.

I still remember a revolutionary change that had come in India, around the year 2000 if I correctly remember. That time I was living in Mumbai.Til  that time if anybody had to suddenly rush to some place, may be after getting any good or bad news, he needed to rush to some bank for withdrawing money and also people normally kept some ready cash at home also, to meet such requirements.

It was in that background I remember, when the ATM service was introduced, initially it was available in big cities, for Mumbai at least one can say that the city never sleeps, one can move to any place, any time. The money support was also enabled by putting ATM machines at selected locations that time, open 24 hours. One could get out anytime, draw money from his account  and move on.

This was simply not worth believing for me at that time. We have seen that there are some areas in the country, where when trains or buses pass through, passengers fear that if they are carrying cash with them they might get looted. There are some areas where such people are pampered by politicians and many people treat it as their profession. Their number is coming down and I hope that some day it would be completely neutralized.

When these ATMs were introduced, I simply felt amazed, I thought  do we really deserve to get the benefit of such facility, in a country where there are people who can murder somebody for a little amount he or she is carrying, while here we know that a lot of amount is physically present in that machine and a greedy thief could try to grab that.

Several such attempts have been made but I am happy that this system have become very popular and several persons who tried to grab cash from them have been caught and punished.

What I dream is that the paper currency may be done away with, some system may be developed where this paper currency becomes bare minimum, so that no parallel economy could be developed and enemy country may not become a trader in fake currency.

These are my views on ‘Someone Really Needs To Design A Better…machine or system’.

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True Soldier, What I think about!

The incident which took place in Pulwama resulting in the tragic death of 40 bravehearts of CRPF shook the nation. This is another example of cowardice of the Pakistani military, their adopted children- the terrorists on both sides of the borders and specially those who are fed in India and they work as Pakistani agents for money.

Yes there are the separatists who get huge amounts of money, attention and security cover costing a lot to the nation and they do not miss a single chance to speak against our nation. Now I think our government has taken a long awaited decision of removing their security cover, their passports should also be seized and they should be put behind bars on next act of disloyalty or inciting people against the nation. They can be given an option to shift to their favorite nation- Pakistan, if they wish so!

Our country has always gone an extra mile towards maintaining friendly relations with our neighbors. It is our bad luck that we have got neighbors like China and Pakistan, who don’t allow our peace-loving country to focus on development and well-being of our people.

In the present circumstances, we have to always remain alert about our borders remaining intact, since we have such neighbors- while China claims to believe in the principles of Panchtantra, but the dragon as it is known is always ready to cross the borders and keeps claiming to be the real owner of some Indian areas and a state. Further the intimacy between China and Pakistan is also creating extra security risk for India as China has created a road link with Pakistan for aiding and assisting it in its evil pursuits.

Further Pakistan has got the declared policy of Jihad and keeps helping and developing terrorists, the whole world today recognizes the evil designs of this country, which does not believe in development and well being of its people, but only plans to die down while fighting a battle, which it can never win!

In such a situations, our soldiers are doing a duty which is not easy to perform for anybody. Protection of such long boundary area, which is not easily accessible, some hilly areas are such that it is not easy to simply survive there. Sometimes our soldiers lose their lives due to sudden change in weather conditions, avalanche etc. So it is not only fights which test the stamina of our soldiers but every day for them tests their stamina.

In Kashmir where paid youth interrupts the efforts of our forces in flushing out the terrorists, Pakistan realizing that the terrorists are fast losing their life and ground, is paying such people for pelting stones and working against their own nation.

It is a pity that in the modern world, religion could be used to make people work against their own nation, but it is happening in Kashmir and some other parts of India.

I have a feeling that every soldier of Indian nation, who does his duty without asking questions, in very difficult circumstances-  be it at the borders or conducting elections, riots, agitations etc. is a true soldier and we Indians are proud of them and owe a lot to them.

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What Could, Should and Would Happen!

We are now in the second month of 2019. As we all know, time keeps flying and we have to always keep on our toes to catch up with time. We keep planning to achieve new things, life is a race and everybody has to perform in his own space, in his or her own battlefield.

What we often say is like- I ‘could’ have done that, had the situations been like that! I ‘should’ do this to achieve that! Or what would happen if I do that!
It is a continuous struggle between us, our conditions or environment and what we achieve, depends on our interaction with the environment, situations and our resolve.

We keep repeating that I could have done that, could have reached there, achieved that, had the conditions been better!

We tell our children, teachers ask their students that ‘you ‘should’ do that, work like that!’

Our life is a combination of many possibilities- what we ‘could’ do, what we ‘could’ achieve and what could happen. But what ‘could’ happen needs efforts, i.e. what we ‘should’ do, how we should create the atmosphere for things to happen!

And when what should have been done, is done and what could be the result, is achieved then what ‘would’ have happened, happens if everything goes right!

So life is full of possibilities, things that could happen, results which could be achieved, but for that there are requirements, conditions- things what should be done, efforts which are to be made. And when the requirements are met i.e. what ‘should’ have been done is done; then what ‘could’ have happened, can happen and we ‘would’ achieve, what we wanted to achieve.

It is a continuing process- what needs to be done ‘should’ be done, then ‘could’ happen becomes possible and then we ‘would’ achieve success since what we needed to achieve could be achieved.

There are so many targets, we ‘could’ achieve,
But these require that some groundwork ‘should’ be done,
We need to do what ‘should’ be done
To get what we ‘could’ achieve,
If we keep doing like that
We ‘would’ then become successful.

This is in response to the WOW prompt – Write A Story or Poem Using The Words Could, Should & Would.

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A Gadget invention of my choice!

This is weekend time and almost every weekend there is time for me to write based on two prompts, this is the second one.

This one also is a bit similar to one I had attempted earlier, but I would try to write a new story, though my gadget might be similar to one discussed earlier.

Yes this time we have to write on, ‘Invent A Gadget. What Would It Do?’ and yes it is ‘WOW’ prompt on BlogAdda.

I remember that I had once got a chance to have discussion with famous Hindi novelist and story writer-‘Late. Sh. Rajendra Yadav Ji’, whom we had invited for delivering a special talk before our people. Sh. Yadav was a handicapped person, some problem in the leg, he used an aid to walk. He said that since he can’t move fast, in childhood his liking had been of reading and watching suspense thrillers in which there were fast chases, speedy movements etc.

In my case the handicap is that now I do not drive. When I lived in Delhi or Gurgaon, it did not make much difference since there were metro trains, Now I live in Goa and here movements without self driving are a big problem.

So one thing that I would like to invent or get is such which would make me fly from one place to another. OK you find it difficult, then fix a flying limit of 50-60 KMs for one trip.

There are so many beaches and tourist spots in Goa, where I wish to visit and while living in Goa itself, I have not been able to visit most of them. I just want it to happen, that I stand in my balcony , spread my hands and my flight starts. Let me also become invisible during the flight so that people may not get disturbed without reason and after a few minutes I silently land at my destination, some beach or other tourist location in Goa, where some friend of mine might be on visit and I come back to my house in a similar way after spending some time there.

I also think of another gadget, similar type, for travelling but not mainly in space but in time.

I still remember the sad days of my childhood, the difficulties my father faced due to lack of money. I just wish I travel back in time to those days with money that I have today and change the plight of my father during those days. I know the difficulties of carrying money since currency notes have changed several times since then. So I could carry some gold with me, which could be converted there into money.
These are the two things about gadgets that I would like to get or invent and use.

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Long live our Great Republic

We just celebrated the 70th Republic Day of our great country India. Our Republic became 69 yrs old on 26th January, 2019. Our great leaders had made untiring efforts, sacrifices and as a result we became a free nation on 15th August, 1947 and after prolonged discussions we developed our great constitution and adopted it on 26th January,1950 and we became a sovereign republic, the biggest democracy of the world.

Today I would not give much ‘Gyaan’ , Just would share a small rhyming write-up, based on the prompt given this time under WOW weekly prompt on ‘BlogAdda’.


We are Indians, we have loveffaction for the world.
We feel happyjoyful to see everybody around happy.
But there are people, who enjoy hurting others,
Their nastyevil joy depends on pains of others.
They like the colorblood the most.
They aim to capture the world by killing humanity.
Cowards, they hit innocent citizens.
What virtue, what religion they want to spread.
Their days are gone, let humanunity kill all those-
Who want to kill humanity.
Let us spread love
The spirit of democracy,
The message of our saints,
Thoughts of Gandhi Ji,
Films of Raj Kapoor.
Words of poet Shailendra,
Soulful voice of Singer Mukesh.
Let all sing-
‘Mera jutaa hai jaapani,
Ye patloon englistaani, sir par laal topi roosi,
Fir bhi dil hai Hindustaani.


This is in response to the #WOW prompt – “Using Made Up Words, Write An Amusing Rhyming Poem“.

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Walking through the evening!

Again it is time to write on the basis of weekly prompt. Naturally I would mention the details of the prompt, but in the beginning I am remembering a programme that is shown on Baby TV, for little babies, growing children.

In the programme I am referring to, there are paintings or say pictures of some buildings, jungles etc. on the wall and while watching that painting the child enters the painting and all these pictures in that scene become real and the child roams around in the rooms etc. appearing in the picture and finds the grandpa, who is hiding somewhere in that picture!


Yes we take pictures etc. through our camera, mobile or make painting after closely watching the scene and turn the living scene into a lifeless picture. Similarly it is also possible that a picture may be turned into a live things! TV, cinema etc. might come in that category in a way!

What I want to submit is that at a place where we live, we do not watch things around us with much interest, since we have been looking at them since quite long period, they become a part of our environment, our routine surrounding. We enjoy scenery etc. when we go to a new place.

Now let me tell you that the prompt today says- Go out with your camera and write based on one or more of the photographs you take.

So this was the prompt and I thought that I would take some photographs during my evening walk today.

Further I want to repeat that I live in Goa, quite near to Miramar beach and we can watch sunset beyond the sea, from the balcony of our house. In the evening I go for a walk up to Miramar beach, on the way there is Goa Science Centre also,  many tourist buses are always parked there, but I never thought of visiting this Centre. Places far away mostly attract people.

So the area in which I go for an evening walk, is a part of my routine environment, I just walk through the evening, without paying any special attention to the places which attract so many tourists, be that Miramar beach, Goa Science Centre or Chaupati. For me it is my routine route for evening walk.

So today, I tried to view these locations like a tourist and want to just display a few pics. That I took today.

I would let the pics. tell the remaining story.

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WOW: What a journey!

Again this is time to write a blog post based on a prompt. This time the challenge is to go to an old blog post and to change it, recycle, reproduce it.
I had written a blog post based on a prompt on November 17, 2018.  What I had written in it was mainly about an imaginary travel under water.
I am just remembering that post and writing this one.

I am narrating the story of a great journey I undertook. It was a place somewhere in India, but where exactly I do not remember, I entered a lift from some upper floor of a building, a society building or of some office, I do not remember that too! Anyway I intended to reach the ground floor for moving out somewhere! The lift was about to reach the ground floor when suddenly I found that the shape, color and look of the lift changed. I remember that I was alone in the lift and had pressed the button for reaching the ground floor!

But now there was a lift man in the lift, wearing some attire, like some fancy dress, after reaching ground floor the lift did not stop and it continued to run, at a very high speed for hours I presume. Obviously we were travelling deep underground, like I had heard that people go into very deep copper or gold mines, but that does not take hours of travel! I think we had gone up to the middle point of mother earth.

In the end the lift stopped and we were rushed into a tunnel slipping down, yes ‘we’,  it appeared that there were several lifts bringing people to that point and from there they were slipping into that tunnel, but it was very smooth, no scratch or harm to our cloths or body. That tunnel took us to a vast and smooth road where a very beautiful bus was waiting, like those on the airports, the conductors was waving, calling all to get into the bus and without thinking much, I along with all others got into the bus, the other people appeared to be from different parts of the world, and I felt that the lifts bringing people to that point were originating from different countries.

Like we have City Centre in big cities, It appeared to be the Earth Centre, I thought that next time I reach there and am free, I would roam around there since it was a beautiful place to visit.

When I boarded the vehicle, I felt it was a bus, but soon it started flying into a tunnel, which appeared to be along the radial line, from central point of Earth to somewhere on the surface of the Earth. It stopped at the Eiffel tower, people got down, viewed it, roamed around and came back to the vehicle. After covering 2-3 nice spots, some lakes, falls etc. the vehicle or say the flying machine flew back to the central point of earth and again through another radial tunnel, it appeared in another country.

It appeared to be a whirlwind tour of the famous spots of the world, be in Washington, London or Paris. I do not remember which were all the famous locations I visited, it was continuing to fly into and out of the earth, through radial tunnel type flying spaces. I found that nobody was feeling tired and the flying machine never getting fuel anywhere. Suddenly I felt that I was in India at a quite familiar place and I do not know about others but I was feeling a bit tired.

When the vehicle was slowly moving on a road with Jam like condition, I jumped off it. I felt that I would fall down and get hurt and in reality I was about to fall from my bed. I just got up and kept thinking, what were the places I had visited in my dream as I forget those details very fast.

I am writing this post based on the first WOW prompt in 2019,” we would want you to Take something you’ve blogged in the past and rewrite it into a completely different piece”.

Yes I took the basic thing from my previous post that I have to write about an imaginary journey or so and have written this post.

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Here is the link to my previous post WOW : A Short trip under the Sea!

I hope you would like this.
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WOW: Take A Walk. Write About The Sounds You Hear.

I remember a piece of poetry (Shair) by Great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib Ji –

Zinda hoon, zindagi ka talabgaar nahi hoon,
Bazaar se guzraa hoon, kharidaar nahi hoon.

In this couplet (shair) the poet expresses that he has been living but does not aspire for this life! This approach of not expecting anything, from life or any happening, is also a great part of Indian philosophy, like here the poet says that he is going through the market, but not for purchasing anything.

Here the poet is not saying one thing, but our philosophy says that we must be good observers . We should be involved in the happenings, activities, not as a customer, may be not as a doer also, but as a keen observer!

There are several things we learn from great people. Like in our life we are so un-involved in the activities we do, like when we take our food, we might be listening to news or watching TV, the activity of eating, which gives us nourishment mostly gets done automatically, without our involvement. We just let it happen mechanically, without getting involved in the activity of eating, without even feeling the taste internally, in such a condition it would not give us the benefit that it ought to give.

In the activity of ‘Vipashyna’ also we learn to be a vigilant observer, rather we practice to watch ourselves from outside, as an independent observer.
I remember a Hindi song-

Chalaa jaata hoon, kisi ki dhun me
Dhadakte dil ke fasaane liye.

What I want to mention here is that mostly we keep moving, doing things, without being vigilant and observant. It all goes on happening mechanically, as a routine. We need to become a really living being than a robot doing mechanical activities as programmed.

When we move, other than  walking along the busy roads, with sounds of horns, polluting emissions etc. like we move early in the morning or go for an evening walk in a garden, under green trees, flowers and listen to the chirping sound of birds. It gives us great sweet experience and we get closer to the creation of God.

Not only birds and other beings, we could enjoy the games of little children, the great interest they have in the little activities they are doing, the lovely dreams they have. Such things great poets observe very minutely, as Nida Fazli Ji said-

Bachchon ke chhote haathon ko,
Chand-sitaare chhoone do,
Chaar qitaaben padh kar ye bhi,
Ham jaise ho jaayenge.

Yes it is also true that our knowledge also draws boundary lines, it tells us that we can go this far only, so better we do not think of achieving anything beyond that.

Anyhow it is also said by great Saints that ‘Knowledge only frees us from the bondages caused by our ignorance’.

So, we need to become very keen observers, always ready to learn new things and be involved persons, not just doing things mechanically.

I just feel that being a constant observer and learner, we can live our lives with more involvement, not just in things we own or get directly affected by, but also things happening around us, which might become relevant for us tomorrow if not today.

Yes it would be very useful if we observe and Write About The Sounds You Hear, while we are with nature.

I again remember a piece of verse on this-

Kin raahon se dur hai manzil, kaun sa rastaa aasaan hai,
Ham jab thak kar ruk jaayenge, auron ko samjhaayenge.

So there might be some achievements which we could not make, still we can help others to achieve them from our experience, our failed missions, so that the victory mission of human beings continue and we as a human race keep on achieving new successes.

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WOW: What If I could travel the world like this!

We keep living our lives in a formal atmosphere, most of the time discharging our duties- in office and at home. There is very little scope to dream, think of doing impossible looking things, even talking on such subjects lest people may not think that we have gone crazy!

This time, the prompt on BlogAdda, advised to talk about- fantasy, wishes, dreams, anything that one would wonder or wish for! It appears like a permission to dream, to think freely, like a child can!

I am a travel enthusiast, but actually I am not able to travel much, nowhere matching my travel desires. It might be so with most of the people! Though by now I have travelled many a places across the country and a few destinations out of my country. But the travel thirst keeps increasing with time.

In the meantime I learnt a new technique, an age old wisdom, which does not require any laboratories, any chemicals, any devices to make great achievements, to make great leaps into the vast kingdom of God. I would not disclose this in details here, would only like to say that our language, Sanskrit is such that if you pronounce some words the way they need to be pronounced, the objects, the activities, for which these words stand, may actually happen. Only that much disclosure now.

So I remember my last trip to London for which we had to travel for nine hours from Mumbai, with the fastest device available on earth for such travels, flying by an aeroplane from Mumbai to Hethrow airport in London. Again we had to go to Mumbai from Goa at night to catch early morning flight from there and in London also getting out of that very big airport, immigration formalities and then road journey, to my son’s place took another 3-4 hours. So it was a great but very tiresome experience, while spending very much time and money and also going through so many formalities.

What I could achieve, learning the old, unwritten science, may not be legal in worldly terms but it made travelling to any part of the world very easy, simple, free of all expenses and formalities! In this process, let me tell about my journeys, I somewhere nullified, and somewhere took help from the force of gravitation. While even while flying we had to spend in total 17-18 hours for reaching our destination in London, which included journeys to airports, waiting, flying time etc.

What I do with the ancient science, there are no road journeys, no flights, no airports, no immigration formalities etc. I just had to know the exact position of my destination on celestial map, one can also view and confirm it from the space.

And no flying across the earth, it is going up like a rocket, to a definite height in space and from there dropping directly to the desired destination, which takes maximum 2-3 hours for any location on earth. Yes carrying much luggage is not advisable but dressing properly is required, but I would not pass on all that knowledge here!

This way I visited a few places on earth where some people known to me or related to me were there, It also happened that at some places in America, Paris, London the local intelligence could get the information that someone is there without going through the immigration formalities, in some instance I flew back before they could reach me and in some other I had to fly back, after being caught by them and then they kept searching for me.

Anyway I never wanted to harm anybody and actually I wish that the tourism departments of these countries and also various states in India to invite me to visit the tourist destinations in their countries and states and I would write travel blogs in Hindi, which would make these places much more popular across India and they would earn more and more money from Indian tourists.

Anybody listening!

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