We, the shunting trains, for #MyFriendAlexa!


(above-London from top)

For participating in #MyFriendAlexa, today  I am sharing the English translation of one of my Hindi poems.  I have already submitted english  translation of a Ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali Ji.

So today,  my  entry in the form of English translation of my poem, is based  on the life in the metros, where everybody is on his toes to maintain pace with the requirements of modern life and also gives some impressions on the literary field and also the progress made at national level.
Here is the Poem-

Shunting Train

We do wake up half asleep, start running,
We spend our life, as if repaying a loan,
All of us are fighting our own battles.

The moment we finished our studies,
All the course material became irrelevant,
We were put on closed loop tracks
to keep running to and fro,
like a shunting train.

Well before the sunrise,
whole of the city gets queued up
each one to fight his/her own personal battle!

The coffee house is full to the brink
by the sounds, commercial as well as literary,
a selfish murmur in very low voice,
and a loud argument as a social reformer,
we hold the coffee cup in our hands
and swallow this poison through our ears!

We grew in the lands far and wide
( the national scene)
like dry pale grass,
we got crushed more and more,
as the crusades for reform were undertaken.

at certain intervals (during polls)
some caring voices emerged,
again our thoughts of a revolution
got subdued.

Just to sum-up, in this poem I had written that in today’s life, specially in the metropolitan cities, everybody keeps running to make both the ends meet. as a student everybody has great dreams, but once he is put on a job, like a bullock engaged for crushing something through the crushing machine, called ‘kolhu’, in a way he keeps running between office and home, like a shunting train!

In second stanza I have described how literary people, those who write on social issues, look for easy way to rise up, get awards etc. while arguing loudly on principles.

In last stanza, I have written that the plans rolled out for the welfare of the common man, actually do not benefit him, he gets impatient and when about to revolt, then come the elections, every party speaks about his welfare and he again falls in some trap.

I am sharing this translation of my own poem, if you like it I would share some more translations of my own poems and may be some popular ghazals, lyrics etc.

Here is the original Poem in Hindi-

Shunting Train

Neendon me jaag-jaag kar, karj si bitaa rahe umar, 

sadkon par bhaag-bhag kar, ladte hain vyaktigat samar.


chhooti jab haath se kitaab, saare sandarbh kho gaye, 

seemaayen baandh di gayin, ham ‘shunting train’ ho gaye, 

suraj to ugaa hi nahi, line me lag gayaa shahar, 

ladne ko vyaktigat samar! 


vyaapaarik-saahityik bol, ghule-mile kahwaa ghar me, 

ek fusfusaahat dheemi, ek bahas unche swar me, 

haathon me thaam kar gilaas, kanoon se pi rahe jahar, 

karj si bitaa rahe umar! 


meelon faile ujaad me, ham peeli doob se pale, 

utane hi dale gaye ham, jitne bhi kaarwaan chale, 

barson ke antraal se, goonje kuchh apne se swar, 

kraanti chetna gayi bikhar!

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258. Keep Drinking O Jovial Guy!

I normally write my posts in Hindi. But now since I am participating in a month long campaign ‘My friend Alexa’ organized by Blogchatter, during September I would submit some of my posts in English. Today I submit a layman’s English translation of a Ghazal written by Akhtar Sheerani Ji and sung by Ghulam Ali jI. The title of the Ghazal is ‘Mastaana Piye Ja’. It is my humble effort, I know it is not a perfect translation, just an effort.

Keep Drinking O Jovial Guy

Hey jovial guy (Mastaana), keep drinking (wine),
keep drinking o jovial guy,
What to talk of a Peg, keep consuming
the whole of wine ( Bar-Maikhana).

And in this process, immerse all the sadness
caused by miseries of the world, in the wine.
Hey you, the loser heart,
drink it as a healing formulation.

You are not familiar with
the etiquettes of drinking,
So follow dictats of the
Bar-girl (/boy), and keep drinking.

In this holy land of drinkers,
you exist by your jovialness,
Be totally crazy and keep drinking,
with the spirit of a drinker.

The hustle-bustles of the Bar (maikhaana)
are to last for a little while more,
A new day is about to begin,
so keep drinking 
you, the  icon of craziness.

and here is the original Ghazal in Roman script-

Mastaana piye ja yun hi mastaana piye ja – 2
Paimaana to kya cheez hai maikhaana piye ja.

Kar gharq-e-mao-jaam gham-e-gardish-e-ayyaam – 2
 Ae dil-e-naakaam hakeemaana piye ja.

Mai-noshee ke aadaab se aagah nahin tu – 2
Jis tarah kahe saaqi-e-maikhaana piye ja

Is makr ki basti mein hai masti hi se hasti – 2
Deewana ban aur baa-dil-e-deewana piye ja

Maikhaane ke hungaame hain kuchh der ke mehmaan
Hai subah-o-qaareeb akhtar-e-deewana piye ja.

That’s all for today.

Have a nice day.