Mediocrity versus Merit!

Today I am talking about common people, yes- the people who form the majority anywhere and they bring all the changes in the world. It is said that these are middle class, but I would say these are mediocre people.


In the process of progression anybody can be a part of middle class or lower class sometime, if one is not put in the higher class by birth, due to the high status of his or her forefathers.

So, there are people who don’t have dreams, or say big dreams. The children of a Rikshaw puller or a small vendor might normally have small dreams of getting proper education and get a job that could make them live a comfortable life.

In middle class, people normally have bigger dreams but if not backed by a firm resolve, an action plan and continuous efforts these would normally not turn into reality.

Yes, there could be genius people who can rise from ashes and achieve great heights in life. But the majority of people dream without turning their dream into a resolve backed by an action plan and continuity of efforts for achieving the set goals.

Those who discover new business models, those who invent new things and ideas, even those who give people lessons for success in life, may achieve great success themselves, whether those learning from them succeed or not.

Anyhow I am not here to teach how to succeed in life, I can’t also claim that I have been successful, the fact rather is quite the opposite.

Let me tell you that it is not the achievements which determine whether a person is mediocre or a genius. It is rather the attitude, which tells us whether a person is mediocre or not. A person may acquire wealth but still he or she can be totally mediocre.

The most visible quality of mediocre people is that they envy everybody who rises up. In office life I have seen people who are sycophants. They would do anything to rise up by pleasing the boss and the higher ups, at the same time they would keep blaming others for doing the same thing.

There are good advocates who succeed by fighting prestigious legal battles, they believe in their legal talent. But there are others also who would keep looking for any film, TV serial etc. which has any scene or projection on the basis of which the film maker can be blamed of insulting any section of society, any city etc. and they would file a suite for getting some money and may be coming to limelight.

Recently the unfortunate suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput raised some questions about the film fraternity which needs to be investigated and the guilty be punished. But there are envious people who are always ready to abuse some people whom they hate, for reasons best known to them only.

In political field also there are so many people whose main activity is to abuse leaders of this party or the other, they always keep doing this on social media etc. and might be thinking that this is their great contribution for the society.

There are so many things which can be said but I think that the main quality of mediocre people is the deep-rooted hatred, they envy everybody who rises up in life, in any field. Anyhow as I said such masses usually become the force that makes the wheel of change revolve, they bring the revolution.

This is my humble submission based on the IndiSpire prompt- Are/Aren’t we condoning mediocrity by celebrating it? There’s nothing wrong in being average unless we remain content with the status quo and refuse to try getting better! And it gets worse when mediocrity eclipses meritocracy. Do you agree? #ChallengeMediocrity


Thanks for reading.