ख़ता हो, उसी को सज़ा मिले!

इस दौर ए मुंसिफ़ी में ज़रूरी नहीं ‘वसीम,
जिस शख्स की ख़ता हो, उसी को सज़ा मिले|

वसीम बरेलवी

Justice the Princess!

We are living in the greatest democracy in the world, though we might be having some great minds who never find anything positive with our Country. Yes, there are some discrepancies associated with any system or arrangement.

One big thing which all modern societies claim is that all are equal before law. Yes, very true, even in the British ruled India also there were courts, which pronounced death sentences to the freedom fighters. Even in the dictatorial Pakistan there are courts, I am not sure how far these courts can function freely, however everything has a perspective, and the justice system there can be seen in the given background of the government run by the military and also the religious Maulanas controlling the society to great extent.

Anyway, whatever be the background conditions, the courts all over the world, try to deliver justice, based on the evidence put before them. The goddess of justice is considered to be blind and she judges right or wrong, based on the weight of the evidence put in the weighing balance in her hands by both sides.

Regarding judicial system, I remember the stories we heard from our elders in our childhood. The stories might now have changed to some extent, but in our childhood the stories mostly focused on kings and princes. We often heard in the stories that the prince had to go long distance, beyond some mountains etc. to meet the princess, to get her released from prison or to bring something strange to please her. This is something that only the prince could do, since he had the best horses and required support, which any ordinary person can’t have. Success stories were thus meant for the princes of the past and are for the rich and powerful of present only.

Yes, justice system is transparent, but it is not aloof from corruption. Further you have to present the facts, sorry not facts but evidence, and often evidence is not something which a common person can gather and get presented properly before the very costly judicial system.

Just consider if it becomes a reality that whoever does wrong gets punished and the one who is right would get justice and honor. Then why would the lawyers and advocates get such high fees. They do not get paid much by those who are fighting for justice. In fact, these are the criminals, looters, mafias who pay them the most. Such people who earn a lot through unlawful activities and commit heinous crimes, they tell them that they would pay them anything they ask but they should win the case.

So ultimately, it is the evidence that matters. And evidence that stands the test of the judicial system, and in the process sometimes the witnesses have to run away, change their stand or even die, but the rich and powerful have to win the case.

So, it is true that the courts deliver the judgements based on evidence put before them, and a poor person is often not in a position to make his voice heard properly, to present the evidences before the court. And ultimately it is the money power and muscle power which wins. The scene is changing to some extent but not as fast as it should. For making the judicial system much more effective, the lawyers would have to become missionaries and not those running after big money and being ready to kill the judicial system because of their greed. Would the things change much fast? We can just hope so.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- “Everybody is equal in the eyes of law, without any discrimination”, goes the saying but in reality, if the accused is/are rich and influential, don’t they eventually get acquitted? Why is our Justice system skewed against a common citizen? #UnfairJusticeSystem

Thanks for reading.