Unbiased news in India!

Again submitting my views on an #IndiSpire prompt. This time the point of discussion is “News” , and obviously it includes ‘views’ also. Most of the time our news channels are presenting 10% news and 90% views.



It generally happens that when we listen to somebody discussing present Indian political situation, in a few moments we can understand whether he or she is a follower of Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Vinod Dua, Punya Prasun Vajpayee etc. or on the other hand – Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma etc.

In film industry and literary world also there are hundreds of persons who would never find a good thing in Mr. Narendra Modi, they are always ready to write open letters, whenever they find a point for doing so. Many of them had signed a letter requesting US government not to issue a VISA for Mr. Narendra Modi, for visiting America, since they felt he is guilty of Gujrat riots, while they do not find anybody guilty of so many riots that have happened in India and also in case of anti-sikh riots or the exodus and heinous crimes against Hindu families from Kashmir, since they feel that it does not add to their ‘secular’ image. Now the supreme court might have absolved Mr. Modi of these charges, they would never do that.

Further when these people wrote to US against VISA for Mr. Modi, they considered America to be the custodian of democracy and human rights. But now when the US presidents, first Mr. Obama and then the present president Mr. Donald Trump have praised Mr. Modi like anything, and not only USA but the whole world community has honored Mr. Modi and praised him like anything, these learned people in India are not going to change their ‘secular’ stand. Further it is felt that in India, if you follow certain religions, you have to hate Mr. Modi otherwise you may be considered out-caste.

Anyway I was just discussing how pure news is not possible today in India. It is true that today one kind of anti-social people find that it is their time and they try to do atrocities on other people, the government needs to prove through its actions that they do not have any soft corner for these rowdy people. Though It has been happening earlier also, when some other type of people felt free to do wrong acts.

Anyway I only feel that the news channels also need to earn the reputation of delivering unbiased news and allow the audience to form their considered opinion based on news which is neither exaggerated, nor hidden, just presented in a totally unbiased manner, but I think it is not happening at present.

People also get awarded for spreading a particular type of opinion, they would keep repeating a small fault they find with the government but would not ever mention  the positive achievements, since then they may not be considered for these favors. It is a fact that many so called journalists were going on government sponsored world tours earlier and getting many facilities, which they are not getting now.

I still hope that true journalists would not allow ‘News’ to become a sponsored activity and report everything in true perspective without any bias, favor or otherwise.

• These are my humble views on the #IndiSpire prompt, in the Indian context- News today is nothing but sensational entertainment that attempt to tilt public opinion towards one or the other point-of-view. Write a post on your opinion of news today. #News

Thanks for reading.