Farmars’ Agitation, Is It So?

An agitation is going on in the name of Farmers, no doubt innocent farmers have been involved in it, since the organisers are keeping them in fear for things that do not exist.

Government has made all efforts to convince the agitation leaders, but they have not come here to get convinced by any logic! They came to Delhi borders with arrangements for staying for around 6 months, was it necessary if they wanted to fight for some real problems and get them resolved.

This is the second major show in the series, they may continue with more in future, if the Government and the Supreme Court do not take some solid effort to stop such nusaince!

Yes, I am saying, it is nusaince, though it is being done in the name of farmers, they are being misguided and made to remain out in cold creating such a baseless narrative, creating artificial fear.

As Modi ji said about Shaheen Bagh incident, ‘It was not a sudden incident but a well planned experiment’. After success of that experiment in Delhi, so many Shaheen Baghs were created in different parts of the country.

To great extent, it was Corona Scare, that helped in ending the Shaheen Bagh nusaince. In case of Shaheen bagh, they were Old ladies who were sitting there for dharna, actually it were these experimenting cowards, who were remaining behind the scenes and making these ladies their shields. This time here are the farmers, who are being used as a shield.

The country bore some non-performing governments for a long time, who somehow remained in power, by pleasing all and didn’t take any major decision. The present Modi government is bold enough to take decisions. The decision regarding CAA and the present decision regarding Farming reforms have been bold and revolutionary decisions, making the farmer free from bondage of money-lenders who took their yields for lesser payment. The farmer has been given extra options to sell his crops and there is no binding conditions against him in this system, but it appears that the middlemen are the main force behind the movement.

The drafts for these new laws were discussed and developed during the time of congress government but they were not bold enough, to take these decisions. Though they mentioned in their election manifesto that they would be doing this.Further they didn’t implement the recommendations of Swaminathan Committee. Which is a great boon for the farmer, like MSP, that has been implemented. Now they are creating illusion by presenting wrong narrative.

One major force behind these movements, be it against CAA or Farming Laws, are the communists and the congress, whom public has thrown in the dustbin. They somehow want to earn some relevance through such acts.

One thing is very clear, as Honourable Supreme Court has also said. You have the right to protest but you can’t block. You can’t hold the civic life to ransom, by blocking roads and destroying the business. They are giving great trouble to common people.

BJP has also been organising ‘Kisan Sammelans’ across the country and I find that the number of farmers participating there is much more than those in protest. The only thing is that they are not giving any trouble to anybody.

And I wonder what kind of sponsors this movement(?) has got. There are five-star facilities of Gym, imported foot massagers put around a room in a row and what not? Who is sponsoring all that, and what would he get out of this.

My sympathies are always with farmers, also those who got involved in this movement being misguided by such rejected leaders, be those communists, who normally act against the country they live in (except may be in the case of Russia and China).

I wish that the government and the court may resolve this problem soon, since those sponsoring the agitation leaders are in no mood to end this.

I would like to reiterate some basic points here-

Laws are made by the national parliament and would continue to be made there, not on roads. If you have some problems you can protest in a democratic way. At present the government is coming forward and discussing the issues, but when they say- ‘We simply want these laws to be withdrawn’. That only means you are blackmailing the government.

The appropriate authority to review the laws made by government is the supreme court, if you have faith in ‘rule of law’ you should go there and demand justice.

But the problem is that you are not fighting for justice. You just want to bring government on knees and in some way earn some relevance, while you have completely been rejected by people of India.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- The farmers’ agitation is going on for long. Do you think the government is failing to address the grievances of the farmers and is being autocratic? Or is the government as magnanimous as the Prime Minister claims? #FarmersAgitation