Festival celebrations-Now and Then!

Festivities, celebrations are a part of human life and more so in Indian society. We have people following so many religious beliefs and so many festivals are observed in India. Not only based on religions but based on regions also several festivals are observed here. Like Onam, Jalikattu is also an activity associated with some festival, observed in our country.


I would like to mention here that in India every other day is a festival observed by some people and what festivals teach us is that we should create occasions, reasons to celebrate, to enjoy together and yes generally our festivals also have some teachings, some good things to remember on such occasions.

Some festivals I would just like to mention like on the occasion of Holi we burn in holy fire the evil forces and the next day we all apply colour to each other to spread the message of universal brotherhood and love. Further on the Occasion of Durga Puja and Dussehra we celebrate the victory of good over bad, Diwali is also celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Ram from Jungles after eliminating the evil forces, symbolized the demon king Ravana. Our muslim brothers also follow Roza i.e. fast for a month before celebrating Eid twice in a year, which makes them follow a discipline and fasting while being good for health also gives moral strength, especially when they observe it and break their fast together in the form of Iftaar party.

There are so many festival worldwide and almost all are observed in India, since people of all faiths live in our country. I wish the tradition and spirit of these celebrations continues forever and we find new ways to keep these festivities alive.

Actually the joy and enthusiasm of these celebrations is in the heart and mind of our people. I remember when I was a child, on the occasion of Holi we heard the sound of drum beating every evening, at least a week before Holi. Further the activity of applying colours to friends and neighbors started early in the morning and one could not tell till when it would last, at some places it is still observed for several days, but in big cities it lasts for a limited period. Though in some societies it is celebrated with DJ etc. and becomes a good reason for spending some time together.

I just wish that the true spirit of festivals may be kept alive and people of all ages enjoy the festivities with love and honor, bad practices like throwing mud and sometimes stones also on moving trains and buses need to be dealt with an iron hand, festivals are for good citizens and human beings and not hooligans.
Let our festivals remain an occasion to bring us all together and bind us in great love and the inspiring stories associated with these festivals be known to the future generations.

Yes the spirit of festivities have weakened over time, nobody has so much time to spare now a days, also the style of celebration has also been changing. I wish we continue to spread the message of love through these festivals forever.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt – How have festival celebrations changed for you over the years? #Change .

Thanks for reading.