Talking about facts!

We often add a term ‘factually speaking’ to underline authenticity of what we are saying. But is there anything  which we can highlight as fact!



When we start learning, we are told that there are some universal facts, like Sun rises in the east and in the evening it drops (sets) in the west. But is it true? To what we can refer as more factual information is that Sun neither rises nor drops. It is our Earth which takes rounds around the Sun and the Moon takes rounds of our planet earth. So in the very beginning of our learning we accept a false information as a ‘universal fact or truth’!

We live in a very small part of the universe and our knowledge is very limited and there have been so many things which we believed in one way earlier but now we have accepted that it was wrong.

In our scriptures we learn one thing- ‘Brahma satyam, Jagat mithya’. Meaning that only God almighty is true, this world is just an illusion. Some saints explain it in this way- what we see while sleeping is dream of one type, but what we see and feel while we consider ourselves to be awake, is also another type of dream only.

Anyway I would not go that far in the field of philosophy. There are several films in which it has been very clearly depicted that people see a little and imagine a lot to weave a story in their minds, and they consider it to be true. The more judgmental one is, the more he or she can depend on imagination than facts. We need to check what we call facts and should check them to the extent possible. Though it is not always possible to get all the facts.

So many people in this world love to remain in a world of their own thoughts, own imaginations rather than facing the hard facts. Otherwise also facts are also conditional. What could be a fact for me, may not be a fact for you. These also depend on our expectations and our interaction with the environment.
There is a story about King Akbar perhaps, this story also might have been associated with some other kings etc. by people to drive home their point.

So the story is that the King took feedback from the barber, who came for his haircut, shaving etc. and depended a lot on his feedback, saying that he is a common man and tells about the condition of common people.

So to get a type of impression from that ‘common man’, Birbal once put some Gold Biscuits in his house. The next time when Akbar took feedback from that ‘common man’ he told that everybody in the kingdom is happy and everybody has some gold at least with him.

The next day Birbal got the Gold biscuits removed from his house, and the feedback that the King got from him was, ‘Nobody here is safe, there are thefts, robberies and it is a very dangerous situation for the common people.’

I think this is a very nice example of how people talk about facts. Sometimes it is also said that people do not have enough courage to face the facts.

If we talk politics, we discuss the present government in the country, there are a lot of people who feel that the present government is far better than the corrupt congress government. For some people Mr. Modi is a devoted person making all efforts for the progress of the country but for some he is the villain number one. Is there anything about him on which Mr. Arnab Goswami and his likes can agree with  Mr.Vinod Dua, Ravish Kumar and their likes.


So actually we also maintain colonies of thoughts, of assumed facts based on our interpretations , ideologies and we are not able to enjoy and accept pure facts today.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- There are no facts, only interpretations. #NoFacts

Thanks for Reading.