A wax doll, walking in Hot Desert!

A question have been asked in #IndiSpire this time, in response to which we have to tell- which is our favourite poem and why! I have mainly been a reader of Hindi literature and poetry, though I have read and translated various English poems of Wordsworth, Tagore and many more poets and shared them through … Read more

I am worried for God Almighty!

Today I am going for the easier option, provided through #IndiSpire prompt for the week. The challenge is that we write a short story only in three lines. Now since the story has to be only in 3 lines, the introduction could be bigger! I am not sure whether the short story would be as … Read more

knowing you, Is becoming a part of You!

Now a days I have been sharing my experience of London travel. I would continue it further but for a day, this subject for a change. Life is a very complex puzzle. When I start thinking about life, I start with very small beings, I watch Ants moving in long queues, what or whom they … Read more

Justice the Princess!

We are living in the greatest democracy in the world, though we might be having some great minds who never find anything positive with our Country. Yes, there are some discrepancies associated with any system or arrangement. One big thing which all modern societies claim is that all are equal before law. Yes, very true, … Read more

Living with a purpose!

There is so much life happening around us, not only humans but animals, insects, plants. In a way every living being has a purpose in life. Only thing is that all other species have a purpose defined by nature. Humans are the thinking, dreaming and planning creatures. They can dream and define their goals according … Read more

My travel destination after defeat of COVID-19

We have been facing the conditions of the spread of this dreaded Pandemic called COVD-19 in India for almost 5 months now. It is one of the important topics we often discuss, we sometimes feel somewhat satisfied that its impact has been lesser in India compared to so many countries, considering the population of our … Read more

Independence that is – Swaadhintaa!

We are celebrating the 74th Independence of our great nation. The country which has great culture and has been considered the ‘Vishva Guru’. Those who have faith in our rich traditions and culture rejoice by heart on this auspicious day. As a nation we never thought of grabbing the territories of other nations and always … Read more

What is truth?

Let’s talk a bit about truth. What is truth? Often it happens that we gather a number of facts and build a narrative to present something that we want people to believe and accept as truth. Firstly I would like to quote a Shair by Urdu poet Krishna Bihari ‘Noor’ Ji, he says- सच घटे … Read more

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