Alisha was her name!

Yes, she was Alisha, though if she reads it, she would say I am still Alisha, I am still there, Yes in a way but now she may not read it and if she reads and says something, we may not be able to listen to that!

Was it yesterday or 2 – 3 days back, I am not sure, she got the result of her term exams for graduation first term, got very good marks, professors had all praise for her. She went for partying with friends, came back home very happily. She felt full of fun and enthusiasm, all the hand shakes and hugs she is still feeling and overwhelmed with all that she went to sleep, perhaps her last sleep as a human being!

Yes, she got up in the morning quite late, she found that all the family members were busy in some activities, nobody had come to wake her up, normally she got tea in the bed and her Mom called her several times, if she didn’t get up soon, but today all that didn’t happen and when she got up, nobody noticed her, and what was it in which they all were busy! She went in the Verandah and found people surrounding some body laid there on the floor, she has seen it, such things happened with dead bodies normally, so who died! In their own home! She looked closely and was shocked to find that it was her own body only.

She had now understood the situation to great extent, she went to every member of the family, tried to talk to them but to her utter surprise nobody listened to her, not even noticed her presence. She wandered here and there, tried to meet her friends in nearby flats, to her utter surprise, she didn’t have to wait for the doors to open, she could simply enter the doors which were closed. Open or closed didn’t make any difference for her.

She kept wandering and again she could travel great distances in short time, see as many people as she wished, but what she liked the most and was desiring since long, she couldn’t do. Yes she was a very talkative girl and she could not talk to anybody, since she got up in the morning. This was her greatest worry now, she wanted to sit with somebody and talk about all that she was going through.

The whole day had passed, she went to her house and came out several times, laid on her bed but she couldn’t feel the comfort of being there. She kept wandering and it was now midnight when she was wandering on the road, she didn’t find anybody who could notice her presence, listen to what she tried to communicate to them. But around midnight she found somebody walking towards her. He was looking straight into her eyes, it was clear that he could see her and she felt scared that he might be having bad intentions.

He laughed and said, what are you scared of? You are not a body now, so nothing to get scared of. I am also a soul like you and in fact I have come to take you to the abode of the souls, I take such souls with me who recently left their bodies. There you would get your friends, with whom you can talk on all subjects, share your life experiences and not get bored without getting a chance to talk. As long as you remain in this form, you need to live with us there, so that you do not hurt humans or get hurt through them.

So in this manner Alisha reached her new abode, where she lived with other souls, till she got ‘Mukti’ from this form and finally travelled to her heavenly abode.

This is my humble submission on the #Indispire prompt- A young woman all alone on a road in the middle of the night. A stranger approaches her with not-so-good intentions. The woman stares into his eyes and asks, “Can you really see me?” Weave a story. #GhastlyStory

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A wax doll, walking in Hot Desert!

A question have been asked in #IndiSpire this time, in response to which we have to tell- which is our favourite poem and why!

I have mainly been a reader of Hindi literature and poetry, though I have read and translated various English poems of Wordsworth, Tagore and many more poets and shared them through my blog posts.

Among Hindi poets there are poems like ‘Ram Ki Shakti Puja’ by Nirala ji, some poems written by Jay Shankar Prasad ji, Dinkar Ji and many other great poets I can mention.

But the poem- a small Sonnet or ‘Geet’ by late Bharat Bhushan ji is one, which I can relate to and love a lot. In this poem the poet refers to the life today, in which we are struggling at so many levels and the poet refers to the poetry line by Kabir Das ji, which says- ‘chalti chaaki dekhkar, diya kabira roy, do paatan ke beech me, saabut bacha na koy’. Kabir Das ji while looking the wheat grinding machine (Chakki) remembers that in our life, we get crushed between the two worlds, this where we live and one where we have to go after death.

Referring to this poetry line Bharat Bhushan ji says that today we are being crushed between so many layers, facing so many challenges and he explains some of these levels, which I would refer to shortly-

Firstly, he says the person who was born to do some creative work, say write poems etc. becomes a clerk and all his creativity dies in writing applications, for seeking various permissions, for leave etc. And all smiles, dreams die before they could blossom.

Further he says that children demand what they desire, toys and other things but the person is not in a position to provide all that, all hopes are short lived.

Lastly, he explains how actually poems/sonnets that reach our hearts are born, for that he gives an example that we have to live a life, with so many hardships, as if ‘a doll made of wax is walking on its feet in a desert, in hot summer noon Sun’.

This is a small sonnet but it presents the life of a common man, the struggle at various levels, that I can relate with it and like it very much.
Here is the Sonnet written by late Bharat Bhushan Ji, which I am referring to-

चक्की पर गेंहू लिए खड़ा मैं सोच रहा उखड़ा उखड़ा,
क्यों दो पाटों वाली साखी बाबा कबीर को रुला गई।

लेखनी मिली थी गीतव्रता प्रार्थना- पत्र लिखते बीती,
जर्जर उदासियों के कपड़े थक गई हँसी सीती- सीती,
हर चाह देर में सोकर भी दिन से पहले कुलमुला गई।

कन्धों पर चढ़ अगली पीढ़ी ज़िद करती है गुब्बारों की,
यत्नों से कई गुनी ऊँची डाली है लाल अनारों की,
प्रत्येक किरण पल भर बहला काले कम्बल में सुला गई।

गीतों की जन्म-कुंडली में संभावित थी यह अनहोनी,
मोमिया मूर्ति को पैदल ही मरुथल की दोपहरी ढोनी,
खंडित भी जाना पड़ा वहाँ, जिन्दगी जहाँ भी बुला गई।

This is my humble submission in response to the #IndiSpire prompt- We all have grown up reading many poems. which is your favourite poem? and why? #favouritepoem

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I am worried for God Almighty!

Today I am going for the easier option, provided through #IndiSpire prompt for the week. The challenge is that we write a short story only in three lines. Now since the story has to be only in 3 lines, the introduction could be bigger!

I am not sure whether the short story would be as per the expectations, but through it, I am expressing a thought that often comes to my mind. So no more explanation, directly to the story and this story relates to God!

God almighty was getting bored so he thought of creation this world, many things he created – Jungles, mountains, rivers etc. and so many creatures.

Then the thought came to his mind that a creature with mind, thoughts and emotions like himself should be created, who could be his own representative in this world and he created human beings, Man and Woman.

Since that day God has simply been watching what this super creation of his mind is doing and thinks so many times whether this decision to create ‘Man’ was right or wrong.

I just took the liberty to present this thing, as a ‘Short Story’ based on the #IndiSpire prompt-

Narrate a short story in not more than 3 three lines… Many short stories in a post will be amazing… #shortstory
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knowing you, Is becoming a part of You!

Now a days I have been sharing my experience of London travel. I would continue it further but for a day, this subject for a change.

Life is a very complex puzzle. When I start thinking about life, I start with very small beings, I watch Ants moving in long queues, what or whom they do work for? What is their goal in life?

Anyhow it would become a long debate if I continue that way, let’s directly talk about human beings, the true brain children and representatives of God almighty.

There are so many theories of evolution, the formation of world. One very popular as per Great Indian philosophy is that the universe, the world is a manifestation of the great soul, ‘Parmatman’ the super-power and we all are a part of this great source, we emerge from that and finally find place in that only, if we follow the right path.

There is a quote from ‘SriRamcharitManas’- ‘Soi jaanahi jehi dehu janaai, jaanat tumhahi, tumhahi hoi jaayi’. Which means that only those people, those souls can understand, recognise the great soul, the Godly presence, whom ‘He’ makes understand it and once we understand, we become a part of that great soul, the ‘Parmaatman’.

So, there are several requirements for living our life, those requirements everybody needs to fulfil, like Ants do, the Bees do and every living being does, including flowers which smile to make the world smile.

What we do for our survival or living a decent social life, is a part of our duty and we all have to do that.

What makes us different from others is how humanly we behave, how much selfless work we do for others, how much we are involved in the welfare of others etc.

I am not interested in some imaginary salvation, of achieving some special status in the eyes of superpowers of the universe. For me life lived with satisfaction that I could be of use for the society and the have-nots is all I wish to achieve. As they say once you leave this world, how many really feel your absence, how people remember us is the real earning we have made.

So through your mind, you might make great achievements for living a decent and comfortable life, but for living in the hearts of people, we need to use our heart and earn the real respect of the people. For that we might also have to think about others, before self.

There are so many things to discuss on this subject but I think that would be repetition, since such subjects we have discussed several times earlier also.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” Vaclav Havel said. Your reflection? #BetterLife .

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Justice the Princess!

We are living in the greatest democracy in the world, though we might be having some great minds who never find anything positive with our Country. Yes, there are some discrepancies associated with any system or arrangement.

One big thing which all modern societies claim is that all are equal before law. Yes, very true, even in the British ruled India also there were courts, which pronounced death sentences to the freedom fighters. Even in the dictatorial Pakistan there are courts, I am not sure how far these courts can function freely, however everything has a perspective, and the justice system there can be seen in the given background of the government run by the military and also the religious Maulanas controlling the society to great extent.

Anyway, whatever be the background conditions, the courts all over the world, try to deliver justice, based on the evidence put before them. The goddess of justice is considered to be blind and she judges right or wrong, based on the weight of the evidence put in the weighing balance in her hands by both sides.

Regarding judicial system, I remember the stories we heard from our elders in our childhood. The stories might now have changed to some extent, but in our childhood the stories mostly focused on kings and princes. We often heard in the stories that the prince had to go long distance, beyond some mountains etc. to meet the princess, to get her released from prison or to bring something strange to please her. This is something that only the prince could do, since he had the best horses and required support, which any ordinary person can’t have. Success stories were thus meant for the princes of the past and are for the rich and powerful of present only.

Yes, justice system is transparent, but it is not aloof from corruption. Further you have to present the facts, sorry not facts but evidence, and often evidence is not something which a common person can gather and get presented properly before the very costly judicial system.

Just consider if it becomes a reality that whoever does wrong gets punished and the one who is right would get justice and honor. Then why would the lawyers and advocates get such high fees. They do not get paid much by those who are fighting for justice. In fact, these are the criminals, looters, mafias who pay them the most. Such people who earn a lot through unlawful activities and commit heinous crimes, they tell them that they would pay them anything they ask but they should win the case.

So ultimately, it is the evidence that matters. And evidence that stands the test of the judicial system, and in the process sometimes the witnesses have to run away, change their stand or even die, but the rich and powerful have to win the case.

So, it is true that the courts deliver the judgements based on evidence put before them, and a poor person is often not in a position to make his voice heard properly, to present the evidences before the court. And ultimately it is the money power and muscle power which wins. The scene is changing to some extent but not as fast as it should. For making the judicial system much more effective, the lawyers would have to become missionaries and not those running after big money and being ready to kill the judicial system because of their greed. Would the things change much fast? We can just hope so.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- “Everybody is equal in the eyes of law, without any discrimination”, goes the saying but in reality, if the accused is/are rich and influential, don’t they eventually get acquitted? Why is our Justice system skewed against a common citizen? #UnfairJusticeSystem

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Living with a purpose!

There is so much life happening around us, not only humans but animals, insects, plants. In a way every living being has a purpose in life. Only thing is that all other species have a purpose defined by nature. Humans are the thinking, dreaming and planning creatures. They can dream and define their goals according to their own thinking and move in any direction, which might be considered right or wrong by others.

When I see the ants moving in long and perfect lines, which sometimes appear endless. As we know they gather the food material for their survival in testing times. Can we imagine humans working with so much discipline? We also see the bees, collecting honey and making big structures for storing honey in them. But we humans depend on the labour of such creatures for our benefit, be those honey bees or silk worms and many more like cows etc, who provide us milk, which is primarily meant for their own calves etc.

So, we humans are the most privileged creatures on earth, mostly benefitted by the work and products created by other animals and plants etc. We need to dream big for our world and we can consider the well-being of all others on earth. The creatures I fancy very much are the dogs, though they might not be providing us anything except may be security, but the amount of love they have for their masters can’t be found in human beings mostly.

Anyway, today I am here to discuss about humans. Let’s think regarding how we are living our lives, whether we are busy in living our life or in dying! If we have some purpose in our life, if we are enjoying every moment in our life that makes us live in a better way. We all have to face good and bad situations in life. If one keeps hopes alive, and enjoys every moment with positive thoughts and hope, the life becomes a nice journey. While some keep cursing their bad luck, as per their thinking, they can’t enjoy this journey called life.

So, the main thing that matters is that we can always have ambitions but more important is that we should have positive thoughts, proper planning and an attitude of enjoying every moment of life. There are people who always focus on what they don’t have, on their shortcomings. They are always dying, not actually living. We must therefore always keep hope, focus on what we have and keep planning for a better future, while enjoying every moment of life.

This is my humble submission based on #IndiSpire prompt- Some people are busy living while others are busy dying. What would you like to tell either or both of these categories? #LiveFully

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My travel destination after defeat of COVID-19

We have been facing the conditions of the spread of this dreaded Pandemic called COVD-19 in India for almost 5 months now. It is one of the important topics we often discuss, we sometimes feel somewhat satisfied that its impact has been lesser in India compared to so many countries, considering the population of our country. But it is also a cause of concern that now that the spread is weakening in several countries, the number is still on the rise in our country, though recovery rate still gives solace to us.

I just want to discuss beyond COVID-19, the situation which does not appear to be coming soon, but surely it would come and hopefully it should not take very much time. We must keep thinking about what we can do when things normalize. What are your plans by the way for the normal times in future? For me travel is an activity which rejuvenates me, when I am not travelling, then also I keep thinking about possible travels. The destination is not much important, but the journey is.

Once we plan to move out, then yes destination is important for that trip only but actually it is more important to plan visits at regular intervals and execute them. There are many people in India who plan to visit the religious destinations. Like the important Dhams of Hindus, like Muslims also plan to go on Haj pilgrimage at least once in their life. My visits have not normally been for religious purpose and that is the reason I have not visited the Dhams, like Badrinath, Kedarnath Dham etc. and now with advancing age it does not appear possible anymore.

The places which have been attracting me more are hill stations and sea beaches. Now incidentally I live in Goa, where people from all over the world come to enjoy at the beautiful beaches. My first experience of beaches was in Mumbai and once in Digha in Orissa state. Now I can see the Miramar beach of Goa from my house balcony.

Still I would love to visit places for new beaches, anywhere in the world if I get a chance. I still remember that some beaches in Andaman, Tanzania and London I found very beautiful and each beach has its own unique attractions.

Going to hill stations is a great thing, people go for the adventure of climbing the hills, but now for me walking on the hilly terrains also is not easy, so not much chances of visiting hill stations now.

I have visited many important tourist places in India and some foreign destinations also, like Dubai, Sharjah etc. in UAE, London and nearby areas in UK and Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar etc. in Tanzania. The world is so big that it is not easy for one to visit all major tourist spots in one life, even visiting all such places in a big and culturally rich country like India is not possible. One can utilize his spare time and energy, if budget permits to add some new destinations and visit them as a tourist.
About my future visiting spots, it normally depends on possibility rather than choice for me, as for foreign destinations are concerned. The foreign destinations I visited was all because my relatives were there, and for example London I visited twice and stayed there once for one month and once for one and a half month.

However, the spot which has been attracting me for some time now is Paris and Eiffel tower, may be it happens some time, otherwise there are so many in my great India itself, which keep me calling for visit.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Once the world wins against Covid-19, which place would you love to visit first? #BelovedPlace

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Independence that is – Swaadhintaa!

We are celebrating the 74th Independence of our great nation. The country which has great culture and has been considered the ‘Vishva Guru’. Those who have faith in our rich traditions and culture rejoice by heart on this auspicious day.

As a nation we never thought of grabbing the territories of other nations and always taught others also the lesson of peace and togetherness. We wish the best for everybody and believe in ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya’ May all be happy and healthy, let all be gentle people and may nobody be in grief.

Anyway, on the occasion of Independence day, let us think about what is independence. As an independent nation, we as a big nationwide family have to plan for progress so that everybody gets opportunities to attain the heights in life as per his or her capacities and intelligence. Let there be enough opportunities so that everybody can attain his or her goals in life. We all depend on each other and we must help others in achieving their goals.

What is independence by the way? Be it as a nation or as an individual. Anybody who have just to obey the orders of others, is often oppressed but he or she doesn’t have to think much. Just follow the command and live the way his master allows him to!

As an independent nation or person, we have to make our plans, implement them and be responsible for the consequences. We are free to live the way we want to live, act as we wish but, a nice example is that our freedom to spread our arms is to the extent that our hands do not come in the way of anybody else or not hit somebody in any way!

An independent society is like an orchid, or a garden where all the trees grow as per their capacity and inner strength and make the garden beautiful. There is a communist school of thought, where they say that the trees may be cut at the top to make them equal. However there are weaker sections who need support to come forward.

The democratic philosophy believes in providing everybody opportunities to grow as per their strength and intelligence and contribute towards the well-being of the society. We also believe in the philosophy- ‘From each according to his capacities and to each according to his needs.’

Yes we are an independent nation and we are on the way to liberate our masses from poverty, illiteracy, superstition etc. etc., but we have to continue on this journey. Sometimes we feel that we have moved forward but then some hurdles come in so many forms like- earthquake, floods, pandemic etc. and we are thrown backwards. We have to continue working towards our goals and bring happiness and self-dependence to those who are left behind in the race.

It is a never-ending journey, because we may always have to face new challenges and reconsider our goals. But as a progressive nation we are on the right path and our people are becoming more and more vigilant. I am sure that as a great nation we would find a more and more, respectable place in the world community.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Are we really independent? Has India been liberated from poverty, illiteracy, superstition, bigotry…? How long is our journey to Independence yet? #Independence

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What is truth?

Let’s talk a bit about truth. What is truth? Often it happens that we gather a number of facts and build a narrative to present something that we want people to believe and accept as truth.

Firstly I would like to quote a Shair by Urdu poet Krishna Bihari ‘Noor’ Ji, he says-

सच घटे या बढ़े तो सच न रहे,
झूठ की कोई इंतेहा ही नहीं|

Which means that if we add a little bit to the truth or decrease it a little bit, it does not remain truth, but when we are presenting some false picture, when we opt to tell lies, there is no limit about how far we can go.

We often listen to political leaders speaking about their parties, their values and achievements. They often know the art of presentation. They build a narrative by choosing the positive points associated with their party and appear to be quite convincing. When we listen to the party opposing them, then also we appear to be convinced. Same is the case with lawyers presenting the case of the victim or accused. The reason being that they choose the points which go in their favor to build the narrative and present the case.

For example, if we talk about the congress party in India, and some leader tells about the past achievements of the party, their role in the freedom movement, he can very well impress. But the fact remains that the congress party of today is in no way, the party that participated in the freedom struggle. The fact remains that it only has the same name, nothing else. Congress of that time was actually a movement, with all who wanted to fight for freedom gathered together for that mission. Today it has become a family owned party as per my narrative. But still one can present it any other way.

There could be so many examples, like the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. Suddenly we find that the Bollywood film fraternity appears to be having so many villains. Those people must have always been there, but suddenly when we find that a sensitive and creative young person lost his life due to bad behavior of some people there, this truth has surfaced. The guilty must be punished but the fact remains that the industry is the same which we adored earlier. There have always been all type of persons there. The nice people must be appreciated and the wicked must be exposed and punished, according to their acts.

Actually, truth does differ from person to person! For us truth is the way we see it. The color of the glasses we wear, we may call it our ideology or say political leaning, does determine how we see a particular activity, organisation or may be a person. There are people in the field of journalism who would never find anything done by Mr. Modi to be a positive step, while they never have the courage to oppose the senseless utterings of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, who keeps doing so.

So I would like to conclude that everybody has his or her own version of truth, depending on how he or she perceives it, political leaning and also vested interests, for which many people become part of some very powerful lobbies sometimes.

One more thing, in case of some activity done by somebody, whether it is some criminal act or one which benefits the society and which can’t be ignored by anybody, we can say that it is ‘naked truth’, since we can’t ignore some facts, inspite of the glasses of some ideology we wear, we can say that ‘it is naked truth’.

One more thing, in the present circumstances it is not easy to say that truth always wins, but I feel that our efforts and our faith should be so strong that it does make it happen. In any circumstances we must not lose this faith.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Why is it so difficult to establish the truth? Why is it called naked truth? Does truth really win? #NakedTruth

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