That stone, broke everything!

This is the story of Ravi, which I would write, as if he is writing it.

Today is going to be a day full of activities. Election results are to be announced today. My Netaji, who is my mentor, I have been living at his bungalow, the MLA residence, here in the capital city of the state, for over 10 years now.

Netaji is from my village and have been MLA for 3 terms now, he is considered to be quite senior and respectable leader in the state, whether his party is in power or not.

I remember the day almost 10 years back when I had done my graduation and Netaji was at his home in our village, where he kept visiting since his family lived there only and it was his constituency. Netaji personally knew my family, like so many other families in his village and also his constituency.

I had scored good marks in my graduation exams and my father took me to the Netaji residence to get his blessings on my becoming a graduate. Netaji had been a witness to my academic record, I also received awards in my school from him.

My father informed Netaji about my result, I touched his feet to get his blessings and while my father expressed his worries regarding my future, Netaji proposed that I can live at his MLA residence, attend to his works as his Personal Secretary and the salary he offered was nice, such that I could not think of  at that time, while I had mostly been confined to my village.

It is since then that I have been living at the official residence of Netaji, looking after his requirements, making his travel and stay arrangements whenever he visited somewhere. It was mostly during the sessions of the assembly only that Netaji lived there otherwise it was I only who lived at the bungalow all the time.

I do not carry very good image about political persons, now that I have lived over 10 years in the capital city, but I still feel that Netaji who is considered among the old guard in politics, still carries some values and has got a good image among the people.

Netaji have been winning elections almost in one-sided way, it was considered that there is nobody in his constituency who could give him a good fight. But it was not so this time. A young person from the opposition had served the local people in many ways before being declared the candidate against him. He put many proposals before the people regarding development and progress in the area and it was considered to be a tough fight this time.

In the meanwhile, politics have become quite dirty, there are fights among the supporters of various candidates and use of undignified language also by some people. Anyway, this time it was being felt that Netaji might lose the elections for the first time in his career. An incident which happened during the campaign actually changed the situation. Netaji had gone to campaign in his area when some person in the crowd threw a stone on him, he was hit in the forehead, was hospitalized and had to skip campaign for 2-3 days and this incident created a great sympathy wave among his electorate, who had been electing him term after term till now.

Anyway, it was almost a month back and by now elections were over and results were to be announced today. Many people would be visiting today and I have to make necessary arrangements for the guests, who are all sure about the victory of Netaji.

An incident happened last night however which have changed the image of my well-wisher and employer Netaji. He has been quite concerned about his image. He sometimes drinks but alone only, may be in my presence. But yesterday some of his friends and campaign in-charges had come they enjoyed drinks and also requested him to join and being thankful to them for their efforts, he also joined them.

He took whiskey in limits only however while they were discussing about elections somebody said ‘that very incident changed the situation completely’, on that Netaji suddenly said, ‘Your people should have acted more wisely. It hit me so hard that for a while I felt whether I would survive or not!’. The person replied, “ For reaping such benefits, this much is necessary, thank God it would get you elected this time.”
On listening all that I felt that I would suddenly fall down, it was such a sudden and big blow for me. It was too late to do anything when I found out who was behind it.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt-Write a short story that starts or ends with-  “It was too late to do anything when I found out who was behind it.” #shortstory

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Come I may, but go I must!

There is a question, if I have to describe me in just one word, which word could best describe me. Let me try. I have always loved a poem by Gerald Gould- ‘Wander Thirst’. Since my schooling days I loved this poem, since  I read it for the first time. This poem describes my wander instinct in many ways but just to quote a line, it is-




Come I may, but go I must!


I have also been writing poems in my young age, and one of my poems begins like this-


पाँवों से धूल झाड़कर, पिछले अनुबंध फाड़कर
रोज जिए हम, बनवासी राम की तरह|


Many writers have described life as a journey. We go to many places, meet many type of people and have different types of interactions, experiences. Now a days it is halted to great extent but in our country, the railway network is also like veins in the body and people keep travelling in different directions, like flow of bloods in our body. I remember a line from poem by a poetess Ms. Anjum Rehbar-


छुक-छुक रेल चली है जीवन की|


I feel like travelling all the time, there is another poem by a famous Hindi poet, Sh. Om Prabhakar Ji, which says-


यात्रा के बाद भी, पथ साथ रहते हैं|


खेत खंबे तार, सहसा टूट जाते हैं,
हमारे साथ के सब लोग हमसे छूट जाते हैं|
फिर भी हमारी बांह, गर्दन, पीठ को छूते
नरम दो हाथ रहते हैं|


घर पहुँचकर भी न होतीं खत्म यात्राएं,
गूँजती हैं सीटियाँ अब हम कहाँ जाएँ|
जहां जाएँ वहीं, सूखे-झुके मुख-माथ रहते हैं|


Yes, I feel that I can best describe myself as a traveller, who wishes to travel length and breadth of this world and explore where the human beings love others the most. Where people are happy to the core, always ready to welcome strangers as friends. In fact I not only wish to travel all over the world, but also the universe, for that I wish to fly, may be sometimes at a speed more than a rocket. And that’s not all, I also wish to travel in time, may be to the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata! and my childhood days also.

Some poetry lines by Late Ramanath Awasthi Ji are also coming to my mind, here these are-


भीड़ में भी रहता हूँ, वीरान के सहारे,
जैसे कोई मंदिर किसी गाँव के किनारे|


मिलने को मिलता है सारा ही ज़माना,
एक नहीं मिलता जो प्यार से पुकारे|

and also


मिलना तो मन का होता है, तन तो सिर्फ बहाना है,
जीवन के बेरोक सफर में, मौत मुसाफिरखाना है|


So this journey is not only physical but emotional also, and as our philosophical says, we keep travelling after shedding one body or say changing uniform.

That’s all that came to my mind, for expressing on the #IndiSpire prompt- “Define your life in a single word and tell me the story behind that” #SingleWordThatCanDefineMe


This also gave me a chance to quote some of my favorite poetry lines in Hindi.

Thanks for reading.


Corona, Lock Down and Masks!

Today again talking about the Pandemic Covid-19, lock down regulations etc. There is a question asked whether I wear mask, and when was the first time I saw somebody wearing a mask etc.



Let me say that I have been watching people wearing masks since long time. The reason for people wearing masks being that I lived in Delhi-NCR area and some people there had wearing masks their just because the air quality there sometimes becomes so unbearable due to massive pollution. Further there have been spread of Bird-flu etc. during several previous years and that is also a reason that I have been seeing people wearing masks since long.

However this time reason for wearing masks is much more serious than the previous occasions. The pandemic of Corona virus is such a grave threat to humanity that it has made the whole world remain indoors. The big powers, the rich nations which initially ignored this threat,  spread from Wuhan area of China, paid a very heavy price for their casualness. The spread of this disease is so fast that its patients grow in multiples, through social contacts, therefore remaining indoors and maintaining social distancing is the most effective way to stop the spread of this dreaded disease.

Yes one thing I would like to admit that I have never worn a mask till date. My son and daughter in law go outdoors for purchasing etc. and they wear mask then. I have not moved out from the 17th floor residence, where we are with my son in Bangalore, not gone out of our house even, so use of mask was not needed. I was a regular evening walker before start of lock-down, but now walk also is done indoors.

I feel that while some people may remain indoors like me, this option is not available to everybody, especially for those who work in essential services, medical staff, police, vendors for supply of daily need items etc. for them the use of masks is a great help and very useful.

I feel that our dealing with this dreaded virus was very effective since we implemented lock-down and social distancing in time, but like our film scripts, their came a notorious villain called – Maulana Saad of Tabligi Jamaat, who kept thousands of people in his ‘Marqaz’ gathering in Nizamuddin Delhi area, for so many days, even when assembly of more than 50 persons was not allowed. This gathering included many people from such countries, where spread Corona has been very serious and further these foreign people traveled and hided themselves in Mosques in different parts of our country. Still there are some people who have not come out and might be acting as big spreaders of this disease.

Further it is quite shameful that in some areas of our country, there are people of one community hiding and attacking police and medical personnel, who go there for their treatment etc. It is really not understandable how these people can act in such an uncultured and inhuman way, against those who are not caring about themselves but taking great risk to save other people.

Definitely the Medical staff going door to door for testing and treatment of people, police personnel who maintain the lock-down in various areas and of course the media people and those carrying things door to door and all those who work in the essential services, are the masked superheroes and we are proud of them.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Are you using a mask to protect yourself from Covid-19? What do you think of masks? When was the first time you saw someone with a mask? What about masked superheroes? According to you, which masked superhero can save Planet Earth now? #AnythingAboutMask

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Utilising Lockout time!

Today I would write about my experience and routine activity during Lockout. I have been a retired person for last 10 years. Before that I worked near Lucknow. After retirement I shifted to Gurgaon, lived there for around 5 years and then shifted to Gurgaon.



I have been mostly living at home for last 10 years, except going for evening walk for an hour and sometimes going for an outing or family visit. So Lockout has not made a great difference in my routine. One more thing my second son lives in Bangalore and we came here on visit with a plan to stay for almost 2 months, however when we were about to return to Goa, this period of Lockout started and all flights also were cancelled and it then depended solely on end of lockout that we could think of going back.

Again as I said before for me, as a person living retired life for last 10 years, this lockout does not make much difference. Yes for those working from home now, like my son it has made a great difference. Further I could also move out anytime I wanted for short visits outside from my 17th floor residence, come to ground level, which I have not done till now after the lockout, might be it is more than required under these conditions, evening walk also discontinued.

Yes the main activity I get involved has been blogging and surfing the net, I also do work on some translation assignments, but during this period I have not received any such assignment also. I write blog posts and try to read blog posts written by fellow bloggers and on TV have been mostly watching news and debates, which include the debates conducted by Arnab Goswami, Amish Devgan and the one by Rohit Sardana. I still watch these to some extent but during this special period I have been watching some special programs with family.

Besides watching some nice movies, which included Oscar award winning first South Korean movie- ‘ Parasite. Other than that A TV serial which was telecast long back, we are watching now a days. That Hindi serial is ‘Devon ke dev Mahadev’. We have viewed 3 seasons of this serial, very long and interesting mythological serial. We are enjoying it a lot. Till now ‘Sati’ has ended her life, has born again and now about to meet Mahadev for the first time as Parvati.

Other than the above serial and a few movies, which we watch on Hotstar, YouTube etc. etc. We also watched a serial ‘Special Ops’ regarding secret operations to neutralize terrorist acts of  enemy country, conducted in other countries, it was a very nice serial and gave an insight about how secret mission are conducted.

I may mention two other serials that we had watched earlier but people can watch them during Lockout, one is ‘Out Of Love’ and the other ‘Mirzapur’. The first one is very daring serial regarding breaking of love life and revenge and the other regarding Gangs and Mafias operating in some areas.

This is something I could remember about my activities during Lockout. This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt – What are you doing in this lockout ? Housework ? Creative activities ? Praying ? #lockout

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Ideas are like a flowing river?

We are living in an interactive world, every moment we impress others and get impressed by others too. There is a famous principle of dilectics, which says that many a times when we are not able to convince the other person with our ideas on a given subject, we accept his ideas and vice-versa . So there is a continuous flow of ideas between people and society as a whole.



I had active interest in literature, presentation, public speaking etc. I always loved to play with words. Often in my office years it happened that I coined an expression, used some phrase to describe some person or situation in an interesting way. Often it happened that I listened to that expression of mine from say 8-10 persons and may be one or two of them used that expression with the prefix ‘as you said’, otherwise mostly people used it in a way that it was their own creation. Sometimes it came to my mind that it would have been better if they recognized my copyright on that. But frankly speaking I might have also done so and we may accept it as our own piece of creativity.

I remember another example of those days when I was active in writing poetry and reciting them in some poetic symposia. It once happened that I used the characters of Munshi Prem Chand Ji, namely ‘Hori’ and ‘Dhaniya’ to present my ideas in a poem. After a few days I listened to a poem presented my other poet friend using these two characters. But to my utter surprise, it was clear from his expression that he didn’t know that ‘Hori’ was the male character and in fact hero of the novel and ‘Dhaniya’ was a lady, his wife. Sometimes people copy others not even understanding the context.

In the world of creative writing in fact there are people who survive on copying others mostly. Anyway I think the dangers from copying the ideas of others could be real in the field of science, inventions etc.. As it was presented in a movie that a computer engineer copied the computer program developed by another person, who developed it after very hard work, but ultimately the copycat got exposed.

It may also be a real danger in the field of marketing where a person works hard and makes a dent in the market and another person reaps the fruits of that fraudulently. It is also seen that people make presentations before their bosses by stealing the ideas of others, just for getting some more opportunities. But ultimately a person who has a creative mind would succeed and a copycat can’t survive in the long run.
But other than a few specific fields, the flow of ideas should be unrestricted and normally there is no need for them to be barred from adoption by others .

These are my humble thoughts on the #IndiSpire prompt- How do you react when you come to realize that your idea has been copied? What would you like to say to the copycat? #Copycat .

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Opposition turning irrelevant in India!

I normally avoid discussing about politics. It appears that there is nothing serious to discuss about today’s politicians, in India. In fact when I think of our politicians, specially those in opposition today, it appears that Mr. Modi   has turned them into a big zero.



Sometimes I feel that some film personalities, like Anurag Kashyap, Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar etc. etc. have turned into full time politicians and people like Rahul Gandhi have become part-time- politicians. I also feel that journalists like- Vinod Dua, Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar etc. are playing the role of opposition leader more seriously than Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

We often find Mr. Javed Akhtar campaigning for some candidates in elections, including for Kanhaiya Kumar, no problem I feel that he should himself enter politics seriously and contest elections, but I was just wondering whether any of the candidates for whom Mr. Akhtar campaigned, could actually save his deposits.

Mr. Modi  has developed a more direct dialogue with common people through ‘Man Ki Baat’ etc. and there are no middlemen! Earlier there were some 5-star journalists who accompanied the top politicians on foreign tours, specially the Prime Minister, stayed there in luxury hotels and were supposed to carry forward the message of the leader, who did not happen to be a good communicator.  Mr. Modi does not require such support from greedy journalists and those considering themselves intellectuals! Who wrote positive columns about the then government in spite of regular frauds and scams and are now very active members of the ‘Award Waapsi Gang’.

Mr. Modi  is not giving  chance for any negative commentary, his government has taken many bold decisions for the nation, scrapping of Article 370, legislation regarding Triple Talaaq are two very bold decisions and so is the CAA, which gives a promise of a bright future to the persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan, who are already living a hell like life in India, they would now live with full honors as desired by Mahatma Gandhi Ji and many leaders like Nehru Ji, Man Mohan Singh had also raised this issue earlier.

But now the opposition leaders are just misguiding people and specially the Muslim population through wrong interpretation of Citizenship Amendment Act. In fact they are continuously finding themselves left behind and just fighting this lost battle with the support of the so called intellectuals, who enjoyed undue benefits during congress rule.

There could be some bad elements in all parties, no doubt many outspoken leaders are there in BJP also but there is no doubt that Mr. Modi  has worked day and night for the nation and taken so many bold steps.
I just remember the words Mr. Rahul Gandhi said during his very short campaign in Delhi, when he said ‘after 6 month people would beat Mr. Modi with stics, he would not be able to move out of his house’.
The same Rahul Gandhi recently on the news of Mr. Modi  leaving social media platforms, commented that Mr. Modi should leave ‘hatred’ and not social media. I just remembered what an example of love Mr. Rahul Gandhi had given when he said that people would beat Mr. Modi with stics, and this was not the only expression of love by  Mr. Rahul Gandhi, he has done so many times earlier.

The lyric writer and full time politician, Mr. Javed Akhtar also called Mr. Modi a ‘dictator’, there are many others who say so. I think they are right in saying so, since the mother of Mr. Modi lives like a very ordinary citizen, his brother also comes to the rallies as a common person, would it happen with any other politician of today. How much money Mr. Modi is earning and for whom? He does not have royal blood, does not belong to any professional political family, how dare he became the Prime Minister of India without the clear disapproval of those of those few, who consider themselves to be the Kingmakers!

Today so many opposition people speak so irresponsibly and never consider that most of the time they are not speaking against Mr. Modi but against the nation, the examples of Mr. Sharjeel Imam and very recent disclosure about Mr. Harsh Mander should become eye openers. But they play with the emotions of common people by making wrong interpretations of government decisions and are openly defying Supreme court directives, like the illiterate ‘Dadies’ in Shaheen Bagh, who are just made to sit their by shrewd minds behind them.

I sincerely express my gratitude towards the person called Mr. Narendra Modi for  selflessly working for the nation and I do feel that our opposition leaders have really lost their relevance and it is not good for a healthy democracy.

These are my humble views on the #IndiSpire prompt- Politicians today tinker with emotions. Debate. Write for or against. #PoliticsandEmotions

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Two Yards Of Land!

This life of ours is termed as ‘Mirage’ by many learned people and Saints. We come to this world, we learn, acquire knowledge and skills as per our requirements and capacity and then we wish to get into a service or business, that we are able to get into for living a life fulfilling our dreams.


There are many novels and poems that highlight, how everybody has big dreams in life and there are very few who are able to reach somewhere near to their dreams. It is also true, that our dreams are limited by our living conditions. The conditions we live in often shorten our horizon, everybody can’t normally think of becoming a Mukesh Ambani or so.

It is often not easy to explain what we look for in our life. True that everybody likes to live his or her life with happiness, but what is the thing or set of things or living conditions, that give us happiness keep changing with time and our status. Our present status often determines the range of the satellite of our dreams.

Often we are not in a condition to differentiate between our needs and our aspirations or may be our greed. If our needs are met, we might feel satisfied but mostly our dreams do overpower our feeling of satisfaction also. In today’s world everybody is in a continuous race, we are running to achieve what we observe that some other people are having and we must also acquire, to be at same level, and then move further.

We listen to old stories of wishes of people getting fulfilled, some demons praying God, pleasing them and then getting a boon of becoming invincible, but that also fails in the end, since there are certain rules, which they eventually do not follow, considering themselves invincible.

There was also a story that a saint taking pity on a small mouse made him a lion, but later he tries to attack the Saint and had to again become a mouse.

There is the famous story from Ramayana, where Kaikeyi one of the three queens of King Dasharatha, gets her wish fulfilled through boons from Dasharath that her son Bharat should be made the king of Ayodhya and Rama the elder brother be sent to exile! But did she get what she wanted to achieve through fulfillment of her wishes!

Yes it is right that we follow our dreams, have wishes in life and make good efforts to achieve them, but let the wishes, our dreams not be such that we keep tracing them and finally do not get anything.

There was a story in Hindi which in English can be termed as ‘Two yards of land’. In this story a King tells a person that he can start walking in the morning and whatever area of land he covers till sunset, would be owned by him. The persons keeps extending his lust for land, keeps walking with more and more speed till evening and finally falls down and dies. Ultimately he gets the two yards of land, where he fell down.

Finally I would like to sum up with a couplet by Saint Kabir Das Ji, which says- Saain itna Dijiye, jaame kutumb samaay, main bhi bhookha na rahoon, Sadhu na bhookha jaay’ ( Oh God , give me so much, which fulfills my family needs, so that we do not remain hungry and are also in a position to feed our guest).

So definitely happiness is the ultimate goal, we must try to achieve in our life, whatever is achievable by our talent and efforts, without being over worked or being impractical. Yes in addition to this personal wish, I wish that there is peace and harmony in society and an atmosphere in which everybody can pursue his or her dreams.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- I wish. We all wish. What’s that wish? #WishMine

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Our world and the evil forces!

Long back I had given an example from famous science fiction by H.G.Wells – The Island of Dr. Moreau, in an essay written by me for some competitive exam. In that novel the writer had woven a story according to which a famous Doctor Moreau keeps several animals in a far away Island, he treats them and trains them to act like human beings. He succeeds to a great extent but when with time they grow in number, they slowly start returning to their original form, they start behaving the way they did earlier, become aggressive and he himself runs away saving his own life.



The same is happening in human society, all over the world now. As they say that humans are the developed version of animals of the past and it appears that as we are growing more and more in number, the primitive habits are returning and many humans become animals, wherever they feel that it would be more beneficial for them.

Though we are getting latest gadgets to enjoy, we have so many societies- real and virtual, we come together sometimes in the name of one nation, sometimes because of one school or college, sometimes because of a caste or tribe, city or a village, language or religion. But we think of ourselves, our own benefits, may be at the cost of others.

Today we easily come to know many things about everybody out there, their qualities to some extent but mostly about their social status, richness, sometimes muscle power also. With growing population there is going to be disparity and nobody likes to lag behind.

There are people who acquire good qualification, some get some technical expertise, there are governments which are supposed to provide opportunities to people to grow and get into some profession to make a nice living possible for their families.

But in today’s world it is not possible that everybody could get a suitable job or profession to earn as per his or her dreams. Further there are people who do not make sufficient efforts and in some cases luck also plays a great role.

In such circumstances the social networks or platforms, pressure groups can also play a positive role, may be in some cases they also do so, but where they play a negative role, such things are more obvious.
I discussed  the possible reasons and background for the negative things, tendencies in the society, we may call it something toxic in society, as there are people working in offices or factories, there are also people who earn by thefts and deceit.

Our society keeps growing through real and virtual platforms and there are so many groups working in positive direction and also those which spread hatred against other people and in some cases even against our nation. In reaction to that sometimes there are feelings of excess nationalism, some such self proclaimed patriots who come out to set-right anybody who is not a nationalist as per their standards. So ‘Class divide, Chauvinism, Social media validation, Alarming increase of criminals in politics, Lack of civic sense’ etc. are different forms of alienation from our society, losing faith in our endeavor to grow together as a society, everybody playing his or her role, contributing for our society, our nation and the world at large.

So everybody need to think about his or her own role and think how he or she is contributing for the society and obviously one must keep away from the divisive forces, like Class divide, Chauvinism, criminal activities and should not in any way become an instrument to promote criminals in politics etc. Further the posts on social media, spreading rumors or hatred should be opposed and appropriately reported wherever required.
For the society, nation and the world of today, everybody needs to make his or her positive contribution and also oppose the negative forces.

This is my humble submission on the IndiSpire prompt- Class divide, Chauvinism, Social media validation, Alarming increase of criminals in politics, Lack of civic sense and so on. there’s something toxic everywhere around you. So what is that one toxic thing you want to get rid of? #ThrowAwayTheToxic

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The Fittest Survive!

There was a time when our forefathers lived in jungles, as we are told. In jungles there is the law of the land, which tells that the powerful species survive. We hear about species which existed in the world earlier and do not exist now. Surprisingly some species of earlier time we hear about were so big and powerful, it is surprising to know that they couldn’t survive. Further it is also worth consideration that in the long run either they could survive,  or the small human beings could, let’s take the example of Dianosaurs.



Yes there is a rule in the forest lands, or even the under-water world, that it is the fittest, the strongest who survives. In the jungles the lion and the bigger animals kill the smaller ones. Under water also it is said that the bigger fishes swallow the smaller ones.

The same principle could also apply on human beings, to great extent it might be seen in uncivilized societies. But in case of human society, it is not just the physical power that counts, but more than that it is mental power.

It is mental power only, through which humans initially made weapons for their survival, to kill the wild animals, they also killed them for eating, like the wild animals also do. But humans cooked their food. They invented so many things, houses to live safely, colonies to live as a society. Humans are thinking animals, so they could soon understand that if we live as a co-operative society, we can help each-other in growth and also be safe from external dangers. I think first it was small groups, which later grew larger and larger, and became villages, cities and countries.

Yes if not connected with each other, it would be the principle of survival of the fittest getting applied on us. But we know that in that way the humans would get destroyed and the world would become a big jungle.
Further the fitness or the might of human beings does not mean the physical fitness only. It is the mind and money power, which counts more in today’s world. We also see gangsters, who represent the uncivilized world, totally dependent on their physical might, the weapons and the nasty designs. We also find the rich and powerful moving with their body guards carrying guns, for safeguarding them. We also find artists and popular leaders going among huge crowds giving their message of love.

Today the world has became a global village, we are inter-connected and a person living in a country does also care about the well being of people in other country, if there is any natural calamity, spread of some deadly disease or any kind of trouble. We know today that if we don’t care, the same problem we also might have to face.

So we need to acquire the power of knowledge, necessary gadgets for safeguarding ourselves and our society, because in the human world today, there is nobody who can survive and rule barely on his own fitness or say power, be it of any kind. We have to be a strong and sensible society, that thinks about well-being of ourselves and the whole world.

So in today’s world one should be in good health, be well informed and well connected and be an active and vigilant member of the society. I think that is the requirement to remain a contributing member of society, which is not a jungle in anyway. Yes for those living in jungle, other principles might apply.

These are my humble views on the #IndiSpire prompt- “survival of the fittest,” the Law of the Jungle what do these phrases tell you? I often wonder if we got Charles Darwin’s theory wrong. #Survivalofthefittest

Thanks for reading.


Justice for all!

Today again discussing on an IndiSpire prompt. Question is whether law is lenient towards the rich and powerful.



We have seen examples in society and as reflected in fiction, films etc. When somebody goes for a pilgrimage, taking trouble of walking a lot or travelling a lot, and then submit his or her devotion, respect and humble offerings before the lord, or the deity there, somebody knowing that the fellow is going there, by taking a lot of trouble, gives him something, money or some sweets etc. to submit there, as offerings from his or her side. So the fellow knows that the lord can be pleased by sending some presents, or offerings!

In movies or stories we see and read, and it is still evident in some far off places, that the police officer or some government official posted there, first visits the local big landlord or may be gang leader, in civil attire, for reporting. If they miss that, such a person invites them as a guest and tells how much important position he holds there.

So, I think it has always been understood that the rich and powerful are beyond the reach of law. They can hire the best lawyers and not only remain away from jail but continue to hold respectable position. Until now we had not seen such people getting punished or put in jail.

I can say that it is only recently that there has been a little ray of hope and we find that Mr. Lalu Yadav is behind bars, it happened after a long time, but it has happened anyway. There are several such other people, some known gangsters who have faced the music and several others are in the process, may be Robert Vadra, Chidambaram etc. and the political family considered to be the strongest in India, are out on bail, many such people are just delaying justice.

Today we find that there is fear in the eyes of the offenders, criminals etc. There are so many legal proceedings for which the political bosses did not grant permission and for several cases facts were not properly presented in the courts which helped the political criminals, like Lalu Yadav roam free for long, I feel that the atmosphere today is much more better and I feel with the awakened and aware common people, this disparity before law would become less and lesser with time.

In far off villages the things might take more time but in modern cities, the police officials also behave in more civilized way, since they feel that any person might be in a position to approach some high official or politician for seeking justice.

So I feel that there has been and still is disparity in delivery of justice and yes it still takes a lot of time but with time things are improving and have to improve, with the wider reach of people and media, and the general awareness continuously increasing. We must hope for the best to happen in coming times.

It is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt – Why is Law lenient on the rich and powerful in India? A rich and powerful person often gets away with even the gravest of crimes while a common man has to run from pillar to post for getting justice. Are the scales of justice lopsided? #SwamiChinmayanandGetsBail

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