Big shock for Mumbai film industry!

Yesterday and today have been very shocking days for Mumbai film industry and the fans of Hindi films.

Yesterday was the day when Irfan Khan who challenged his limits in every role he played on the silver screen. From Pan Singh Tomar to English medium. He went so deep into the roles he played that it was wonderful watching his actions, dialogues and the expression through his eyes. He was among the very few actors who live in the hearts of millions of their fans.

Today was another day when the film fans were ruined through the sudden demise of Rishi Kapoor Ji, the heart throb of millions. The worthy son of great Raj Kapoor Ji and grand son of Prithviraj Kapoor Ji, he took their success story and creativity still further.

I remember an interview in which Rishi Kapoor Ji told told about the start of his film career in his early teens. He told that when he heard his father the great Raj Kapoor Ji telling his mother that would make chintoo (Rishi Kapoor) play the role of child Joker in his film Mera Naam Joker, the child Rishi Kapoor went to his room and started practicing his signatures feeling that he would then have to give autographs to his fans.

With the wonderful role in Mera Naam Joker and then the superhit romantic film Bobby, Rishi Kapoor became the heart throb of millions. He was a very popular romantic hero got married to his romantic film heroine Nitu ji and gave many memorable performances. His role in Amar Akbar Anthony and specially the song ‘Parda hai Parda’ were superb.

After the end of romantic era Rishi Kapoor Ji played many roles as a character artist and I can say that his contribution as a character artist might be more valuable than the performances as a hero.

These two stars of the film fraternity were unique in their own ways. While Irfan ji was a self made person, gained the place after great struggle, Rish ji took the family tradition forward through his hard work and devotion.

Both these great men fought with cancer, appeared to have won the battle but finally lost it.

It is really a great loss for all of us since both of them were growing stronger as artists with time.

I pay my humble tribute to both these great artists.

Thanks for reading.