Independence that is – Swaadhintaa!

We are celebrating the 74th Independence of our great nation. The country which has great culture and has been considered the ‘Vishva Guru’. Those who have faith in our rich traditions and culture rejoice by heart on this auspicious day.

As a nation we never thought of grabbing the territories of other nations and always taught others also the lesson of peace and togetherness. We wish the best for everybody and believe in ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya’ May all be happy and healthy, let all be gentle people and may nobody be in grief.

Anyway, on the occasion of Independence day, let us think about what is independence. As an independent nation, we as a big nationwide family have to plan for progress so that everybody gets opportunities to attain the heights in life as per his or her capacities and intelligence. Let there be enough opportunities so that everybody can attain his or her goals in life. We all depend on each other and we must help others in achieving their goals.

What is independence by the way? Be it as a nation or as an individual. Anybody who have just to obey the orders of others, is often oppressed but he or she doesn’t have to think much. Just follow the command and live the way his master allows him to!

As an independent nation or person, we have to make our plans, implement them and be responsible for the consequences. We are free to live the way we want to live, act as we wish but, a nice example is that our freedom to spread our arms is to the extent that our hands do not come in the way of anybody else or not hit somebody in any way!

An independent society is like an orchid, or a garden where all the trees grow as per their capacity and inner strength and make the garden beautiful. There is a communist school of thought, where they say that the trees may be cut at the top to make them equal. However there are weaker sections who need support to come forward.

The democratic philosophy believes in providing everybody opportunities to grow as per their strength and intelligence and contribute towards the well-being of the society. We also believe in the philosophy- ‘From each according to his capacities and to each according to his needs.’

Yes we are an independent nation and we are on the way to liberate our masses from poverty, illiteracy, superstition etc. etc., but we have to continue on this journey. Sometimes we feel that we have moved forward but then some hurdles come in so many forms like- earthquake, floods, pandemic etc. and we are thrown backwards. We have to continue working towards our goals and bring happiness and self-dependence to those who are left behind in the race.

It is a never-ending journey, because we may always have to face new challenges and reconsider our goals. But as a progressive nation we are on the right path and our people are becoming more and more vigilant. I am sure that as a great nation we would find a more and more, respectable place in the world community.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Are we really independent? Has India been liberated from poverty, illiteracy, superstition, bigotry…? How long is our journey to Independence yet? #Independence

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One Change That I would like to make in the Human World!

Today I would like to mention in the beginning that I am making my submission based on the following #IndiSpire prompt-

Suppose you’re given the boon by god to change one thing in this human world. What will you change? #UltimateChange



I am selfish to some extent, and yes I think this is justified. But this selfishness is not limited to myself, my family and not even to my city etc. but I think of my country first, then I think for the complete human family.

Now a days the whole world is fighting the demon like Pandemic- Corona Virus. If I could make a change, it could also be that there may not be any disease which could place such a nasty challenge before the human society.

There are so many divisions among the human society- caste, creed, religion, colour etc. I wish there may not be any such division, all may be one and everybody get equal opportunity to achieve whatever he or she can, based on the efforts made by that individual.

But when I think about which one change I would like to make to this human world, if I got the power to do so, I feel that I would make a geographical change. Yes, I wish everybody well, but there are some countries and human beings, who are not born to love. They are always making efforts to destabilize the world, always preparing for wars, spreading hate, terrorism etc.

For my peace-loving country, our two neighbouring countries China and Pakistan are always creating troubles. While we wish to make efforts for the well being of our people, to make steady progress, living in an atmosphere of peace, these two neighbouring countries have joined together to disturb the atmosphere of love and peace.

I would like to make a geographical change and put these two countries, may be next to North Korea. While South Korea is on one side of North Korea, these two war loving countries I might put on another side of North Korea and put some peace-loving countries as our neighbours in their place. So that these two may become the well deserving neighbours of the big-headed premiere of North Korea there and enjoy his company while my country may focus on the well-being of its citizens.

There could be many things which can be done for the well being of my country and the world at large, but this is what came to my mind instantly.

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