Man Hota hai Para, Aise Dekhaa Nahi Karo!

Today I would talk about the biggest power on earth, the essence of life in the world!

It is said- God is love, love is God! But here we are not discussing that #love which binds the universe. Though in whatever form, love is love!

A question have been put before us, ‘Does love pop-up as a surprise.. or it is something that develops slowly, over a period of time’!

So we are talking about the love that develops between two persons, may be strangers who meet somewhere and suddenly feel such an attraction between them, that they feel it should be taken forward.

We have heard the term many times, ‘love at first sight’. It can also develop on some internet sites however!

Yes, this can be a point where two persons find the appearance of each-other so charming, or the behavior – so loving and caring that they feel that they should keep meeting and take this feeling, this love further, may be to a relation!

In such cases, both can feel the attraction to some extent, but in most of the cases, one of them feels that he should initiate and then he or she shares the feeling with the other person, sometimes tries to impress him/her to take it further.

Actually love is not something that can be planned, nor is it a matter to be discussed by philosophers, people who are referred to be learned.

Actually love (prem) and knowledge (gyan) mostly do not go together. Because love does not work on logic and knowledge does not follow the heart.

So, yes when we talk about the love that develops between two human beings, mostly a young boy and a young girl (though not restricted to them only), then initially it is a meeting, may be sudden or first meeting, may be an argument over something also! It is also possible that two persons who are working together, studying together, one fine day they find that they like each-other and may be they start loving each-other.

So love is something which we can observe and tell that it has happened, those who fall in love!, why we call it falling in love! Actually everybody keeps sitting on a high pedestal of self dignity, obsessed with his or her own qualities. When we start loving someone else, we need to remove that high pedestal from under, and as some lovers do, may be come on our knees to propose!

It’s a pity that when we start discussing subjects here, we also discuss ‘love’, which is not an object, a feeling to be dealt by logic!

I remember a Hindi poem, by Sh. Ramanand Doshi Ji, which is a very nice poem on love. Here is the poem-

मन होता है पारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !

जाने क्या कर डाला तुमने, उलट-पुलट मौसम
कभी घाव ज़्यादा दुखता है और कभी मरहम
जहाँ-जहाँ ज़्यादा दुखता है
छूकर वहीं दुबारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !

कौन बचाकर आँख सुबह की नींद उघार गया
बूढ़े सूरज पर पीछे से सीटी मार गया
हम पर शक पहले से है
तुम करके और इशारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !

होना-जाना क्या है, जैसा कल था, वैसा कल
मेरे सन्नाटे में बस ख़ामोशी की हलचल
अँधियारे की नेमप्लेट पर
लिख-लिखकर उजियारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो!

I was thinking of giving an English translation of this lovely poem, but then I thought, translation of a poem is quite difficult job and further translating this poem into English is almost impossible for me, so I dropped the idea. These feelings are not easy to express in English, as they are, at least for me.

In this poem the poet tells how his heart (man) becomes like fluid (mercury) when his love-lady looks towards him. He further says that through her magic-spell, she made all the seasons change their effects, there is also an expression that sometimes the wound gives more pain and sometimes the healing ointment or touch. The poet also says that his condition is not going to change much so he asks not to make him dream of great changes.

Anyway, this is all that came to my mind while thinking about the subject Does love pop-up as a surprise… or is it something that develops slowly over a period of time? #Love under # IndiSpire .

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Keep the memory lights close to your heart!

Again I fell in love with a lovely Ghazal sung by Bhupinder and Mitali Singh, the famous singing pair. Specially this ghazal written by Qateel Shifai Ji is there singing milestone.

So first the English version of the Ghazal, attempted by me-

Keep an eye on the paths, and keep praying,
somebody may come anytime, so keep the doors open.

Keep lamp of feelings lit in such a way,
take care of yourself, know also about his wellbeing.

In these times of loneliness, shadows are the masters,
Keep the memory lights, close to your heart.

It punishes, by making me wander during nights,
difficult to keep my heart in place, when you are not there.

People are habitual of reading the condition,
through our eyes,
Do not let your conditions, be visible on your face.

O my heart! remind me, if I forget,
have to keep every wound given by circumstances
open and visible.

Not a single tear, should fall on the cloths,
the grief is his property, keep it decorated on your eyelids.

Quateel (the poet) says – our behavior with him should be such,
that he may not feel bad and we may also do,
what our heart wants to do.

And here is the original Ghazal, in Roman script-

Raahon Pe Nazar Rakhna, Honton Pe Duwaa Rakhna
Aa Jaaye Koyi Shaayad Darwaaza Khulaa Rakhna.

Ehsaas Ki Shamma Ko Is Tarha Jalaa Rakhna
Aapni Bhi Khabar Rakhna, Uskaa Bhi Pataa Rakhna.

Tanhaai Ke Mausam Mein, Saayon Ki Huqoomat Hai
Yaadon Ke Ujaalon Ko Seene Se Lagaa Rakhna.

Raaton Ko Bhatakne Ki, Deta Hai Sazaa Mujh Ko
Dushwar Hai Pahlu Men, Dil Tere Binaa Rakhna.

Logon Ki Nigaahon Ko, Padh Lene Ki Aadat Hai
Haalaat Ki Tahreeren, Chehre Se Bachaa Rakhna.

Bhuloon Main Agar Aiy Dil, To Yaad Dilaa Denaa
Tanhaai Ke Lamhon Ka Har Zakhm Haraa Rakhna.

Ik Bound Bhi Ashqon Ki Daman Na Bhigo Paaye
Gham Uss Ki Amaanat Hain Palkon Pe Sajaa Rakhna

Iss Tarha Qatil Us Se Bartaaw Rahe Apna
Wo Bhi Na Bura Maaney Dil Ka Bhi Kahaa Rakhna

Rahoon Pe Nazar Rakhna Honton Pe Dua Rakhna
Aa jaaye Koyi Shayad Darwaza Khula Rakhna…

Just thought of sharing this humble translation of this lovely ghazal today under the #MyFriendAlexa campaign.

This is the 14th post under this campaign, other then some old Hindi posts also, but these are not counted here.

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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Never thought what’s right or wrong

Now, when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is about to get completed, I am submitting one more translation of a lovely Ghazal sung by the singing pair- Jagjit Singh ji and Chitra Singh ji. The beautiful Ghazal is written by Sh. Bashir Badra Ji.

So first the English version of the Ghazal, attempted by me-

Never thought what’s right or wrong,
Never looked or heard about anything,
Never begged from God,day and night,
for anything-Other than you!

I kept watching you, thinking about you,
longing for you, worshiping you,
my love is my crime, you never committed any crime!

The paper on which my eyes-
shed tears like pearls whole night,
I sent the same to him,
did not write anything on it.

He kept sitting on the doorway to the evening
for quite long time,
kept talking through eye movements,
did not utter a word from his mouth.

And here is the original Ghazal, in Roman script-

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi
Maanga khuda se raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi

Dekha tujhe, socha tujhe
Chaaha tujhe, Pooja tujhe
Meri khataa, meri wafaa
Teri khataa, kuchh bhi nahi

Maanga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Jis per humari Aankhon ne
Moti bichhaye the raat bhar
Bheja wohi kajaz use
Humne Likhaa Kuch bhi nahi

Maanga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Ek shaam ki dehleez per
Baithe rahe woh der tak,
Aankhon se ki baatein magar
Muh se kaha kuch bhi nahi.

Manga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi

Just thought of sharing this humble translation of this lovely ghazal as perhaps the last contribution under the #MyFriendAlexa campaign.

Regarding my posts under this campaign, these were as under. 12 posts in total before this one. Numbering from last to first. Today’s post is 13th under this campaign, other then them I shared some old Hindi posts also, but these are not counted here.

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My Alexa ranks in the beginning were –

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I find this rise quite substantial. I thank my fellow bloggers for their contribution in it.

With this I conclude my submission

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You win, I also win!

Now when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is coming to an end, I wish to share the English version of a very popular Hindi song from film- Diwaana, sung by Mukesh Ji. Raj Kapur Ji and Saira Banu Ji were in lead roles in this film released in 1968. Lyric by Shailendra Ji and music by Shanker Jaikishan Ji.

The song gives a very nice message of everybody being a winner, we are not here to win individually and defeat others, but the best result is when everybody wins.

Though poems and songs are very difficult to be translated in real sense, here is the English translation attempted by me, which can only tell what all have been said in this beautiful song-

You a winner, I also a winner

You a winner, I too a winner
neither you lost, nor did I,
the journey together
has now come to an end,
neither you lost, nor did I.

The flower of your memories,
I would always keep close to my heart,
and you also smile a little,
whenever you remember this crazy fellow (me).

We would meet again,
when destiny makes it possible,
neither you lost, nor did I.

Does time ever stop,then how could you?
has anybody touched the moon?
Then why could I stretch my arm (to touch the moon i.e. you),

While you are at that end,
I am on this corner,
neither you lost, nor did I.

I had a lot to share,
but now silence is better,
this world is like a waiting room,
and life is a continuous journey.
where does anybody stop
on being called by someone else,
neither you lost, nor did I.

And here is the original Hindi song in Roman script-

Tumhaari bhi jai jai, hamaari bhi jai jai
Na tum haare na hum haare,

Safar sath jitna tha ho hi gayaa tay
na tum haare na hum haare.

Yaad ke phool ko hum to apne
dil se rahenge lagaaye,

aur tum bhi hans lena jab ye
deewana yaad aaye.

Milenge jo fir se milaa de sitare
Na tum haare na hum haare.

Waqt kahaan ruktaa hai to phir
Tum kaise ruk jaate,

Chaand chhuaa hai Aakhir kisne
Hum hi kyun haath badhaate.

Jo uss paar ho tum
To hum is kinaare
Na tum haare na hum haare.

Tha to bahut kahne ko lekin
Ab to chup behatar hai.
Ye duniya hai ek saraay, jeevan ek safar hai.

Rukaa kab hai koi kisi ke pukaare
Na tum hare na hum hare.

Tumhari bhi jai jai hamari bhi jai jai.

That’ all for now.
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Inspiration, Hard work, focus etc.!

Today I have to discuss about hard work, focus, involved approach, practice and research? Why? Because I have been inspired to do so, by a prompt under #IndiSpire!

Yes, what I want to submit is that Inspiration is the driving force. I remember a story here. According to it there was a drunkard person, he kept consuming a lot of wine regularly, while his financial condition was not good, he could not support his family well, often he had quarrels with his wife, he often abused and beat his wife and sons and ultimately he died of excessive drinking.

That person had two sons, on growing up, one of them became a drunkard like his father but the other one never touched wine. On being asked, the first one said- what could I do? My father was a drunkard, I also became, I had to be like that!

The other one, who closely watched and felt, what a nuisance drinking had created in their family and because of drinking, his mother and both the brothers suffered a lot! So he had taken a pledge that come what may, he would not become like his father!

So here the background was the same for both of them, but both the brothers got different inspiration from that! Inspiration could to some extent come from verbal teachings but most of it comes from behavior of your peers, elders and social circle. Yes our parents, teachers etc. become our role-models, so we knowingly or unknowingly draw inspiration from them. But what inspiration we take depends to great extent on our values and attitude.

Now what an inspired person does after that, depends on his or her- hard-work, focus, involved approach and no doubt also on practice and research. There is an example of Guru Dronacharya Ji, he taught all his disciples the same art of Archery but it was Arjun who said that he is only looking at the bird’s eye, where he had to hit, nothing around that. So this is called ‘focus’, no doubt it requires a lot of practice and hard work to achieve that.

Another example is of Eklavya, whom Guru Dronacharya could not accept as a disciple, as he taught only the princes and he was from a downtrodden class. But Eklavya had great faith and he made a Bust of Guru Dronacharya and practiced before that. And what Eklavya achieved in archery was not possible for the princes, who were learning archery directly under the supervision of Guru Dronacharya. Only faith, hard work, practice and continuous research could make him achieve this highest standard in archery.

So I would like to repeat that Inspiration is the driving force, it is not simply reaction. Like in table-tennis, hitting the ball back, reaction is just acting outwardly, as we say ‘for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction!’. So for reacting, we do not have to internalise, we just react. Also like we follow somebody’s instructions. We are asked to do something and we do that as asked for or our reaction might also be different, we may do the opposite or refuse to follow the instructions. But all that is not inspiration.

In the case of inspiration, we internalise the teachings, the virtues or values and follow them by heart. Further we might get the inspiration from verbal teachings also but most effective inspiration we get from the behaviour of our peers, elders and society.

There are so many factors in our getting inspired and then performing to perfection. Hope is also a major factor in it. I remember a famous story by Munshi Prem Chand Ji titled ‘Poos Ki Raat’ (A night in the cold month of ‘Poos’). The story is about a farmer and his son, who work in their farm for saving the crops during the very cold night of Poos. They continue to do that hard work during the chlling cold of ‘Poos’ month, as long as they feel that they can save it from the stray animals, but when they find that nothing can be achieved by this hard work, they leave everything at the disposal of the stray animals and go to sleep. There Prem Chand Ji says-‘Hope is the mother of zest.’

Yes we can keep on performing based on the inspiration that is our driving force, as long as we believe that we can achieve the result for which we are making all efforts.

So I would like to sum up as- Inspiration is the force that makes us perform, but we must have hope also that we can achieve the result for which we are working. And then for achieving the desired result the attributes needed are- hard work, focus, involved approach, practice and in some cases research also.

This blog post has been written on the # IndiSpire prompt, What is inspiration? How different is it from hard-work, focus, involved approach, practice, and research?

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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Would it happen or not!

Whatever is lying on the table, may not be able to tell the story, but they are the witness to a very eventful period lasting for around an hour.

Sachin lives here as a PG, this is Gurgaon city, where he came, joined a job and at present lives alone here. His colleague Sarita also works in the same office. She also came to Gurgaon on being selected for job in the same company. She is from Bhopal and both of them are single and living in separate PG accommodations here, 2-3 KMs away from each other.

They have been working together for almost a year, they have a good working relationship, both feel that they are in love but their views on technical issues and also on politics differ a lot. Still they feel that such difference of opinion on many issues is a part of life, does not create any problem, as long as they love each other as individuals.

During last 2 months this feeling of love has found much expression in words, emotions, some notes and letters and to some extent physically also.

The bigger issue is that they belong to different castes, Sarita is from upper caste brahmin family and her parents are quite orthodox, they were not ready to allow her to move here for work, but it was their financial condition only that made them agree for working away from home. Still her mother kept reminding her that she should not fall in any love-trap as her father would never agree for that and specially for any lower caste boy.

However since the two had moved quite far in this relationship, and Sachin had no problem as he believed that his parents would agree and even if they do not, he would move further as per his own decision. But that was not the case with Sarita. At last Sarita wrote a letter to her parents telling that she was in love with Sachin and wanted to marry him.

This letter from Sarita created a storm in her family, they did not appear to agree at any cost and threatened her of dire consequences. She had come to Sachin today for sharing all that, with the letter that she received from her father. She wanted that before anything serious happens, he should marry her. Sachin told her that he would definitely marry her but he needed some time. He was sure that his parents would participate in the function and bless them, but Sarita was not sure that she could wait anymore as the news had gone to her parents already.

They were here together for almost one hour, there was great emotional drama, Sachin read the letter that Sarita had received from her father, he loved, consoled and argued a lot. Sachin told her that they would find a solution to the problem very soon, but nothing could satisfy Sarita and she left the place with anger and desperation. Sachin could not make her believe that everything would now happen as per their wishes now.

Half an hour has past since she left. Sachin is hopeful that everything should be alright but today he was not able to convince Sarita and in fact he himself was also not fully confident.
Let’s see what happens next, hope for the best. However things on the table are still telling the story of that meeting!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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Anoop Jalota- being famous this way!

This post of mine is dedicated to famous Bhajan and Ghazal singer- Sh. Anoop Jalota. He has now come into news and I understand that a new season of ‘Big Boss’ is being presented now a days.

I do not watch this show called ‘Big Boss’, in which some people are made to stay at a place, cut off from the world, being the empire of ‘Big Boss’ and barring some good persons who also participated in this show, mostly the participants are worthless and they do silly things to become famous instantly.

This time Anoop Jalota ji and his young music disciple – jasleen entered the show with a definite plan of hitting the headlines in a wrong way, which is the normal way of Big Boss fame. But Sh. Anoop Jalota being an otherwise reputed artist, this fame does not suit his image.

Anoop Ji and Jasleen were known to people as a Guru and his disciple in Music, but on entering the show they first time declared that they were in love.

I remember the lines of a Bhajan sung by Jalota Ji, regarding Mira Bai-

Aisi laagi lagan, Mira ho gayi magan
Wo to gali-gali hari gun gaane lagi.
Koi roke nahi, koi toke nahi,
Mira premi pritam ko manaane lagi.

The English translation is as under-

She became so diligent in love that Mira forgot everything else,
she moved everywhere chanting the praises for her God.
Let nobody stop her or ask her questions,
Mira is busy making her beloved happy.

This news has come is a surprising style of Big Boss, like a publicity stunt, even though it might be entirely true.

In the field of art, this is not a new thing, the fans, lovers of art become lovers of the artist. When Rajesh Khanna died, we heard that during the days of his popularity, young girls kissed his white car so much that it became red!

I remember the name of famous Hindi writer- Agyey Ji and Sitar maestro – Ravi Shanker Ji, who had very young lovers also Amrita Pritam Ji had a young artist- Imroz, as her lover. For many stars like – Dharmendra, Rishi kapoor etc. there was a long list of young girls who dreamt to marry them.

The world of art is such, where a fan looks at the presentation and this myth becomes the reality for him or her. Everybody has the right to love and be loved, but what to say about glamour- when the smoke-screen of glamour disappears and the person returns to real world, then he or she might repent a lot. Still it is for him or her only to withdraw or move further.

At this I remember that Anoop Jalota had 3 marriages, of which one died due to illness and I think there were 2 divorces.

What I want to point out here is that the one who became his first wife- Sonali was also his disciple in music, they became lovers, married and were a hit a singing pair. But then Sonali Jalota, who had fallen in love with her idle Anup Jalota, fell in love with Roop Kumar Rathore, who was the Tabla player with them and she became-Sonali Rathore, they also gave some nice songs. This was new music in their life.

I remember a Ghazal, which Anoop Ji had then sung, with so much pain finding reflection in it-

Jab se gaye hain aap, kisi ajnabi ke saath,
so dard lag gaye hain, meri zindagi ke saath.

That is-

(Since the time you left me and went away with a stranger,
Hundreds of types of pains have become a part of my life.)

Anyway Anoop ji overcame those pains and discovered new sources of happiness again and again, good. Yes these celebrities are more liberated and their fans keep giving them love and what not!
But we the common people live in a close-knit society, where every activity is under close watch by others, specially relatives. I remember a poem by sh. Ramesh Ranjak, which says-

Bandhu re ham-tum, ghane jangal ki tarah hote,
Naam bhar waale agar rishtey nahi dhhote.

Which means-

(Dear Bro., we could have become like a rich forest,
Had we not carried the weight of relations,
Which are there for name sake.)

All that came to my mind, kind courtesy the controversy arising by the love affair of Anoop Jalota Ji. I wish them all the best.

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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Travelling and the journey called life!

The blogs people write are mostly on subjects like- Food, Travel, sports, politics, society, literature etc. etc. However Travel and Food related blogs form a major part of it. While travel blogs include destinations and hotels, blogs specifically about hotels are also there, the food related blogs are also of two types, one where our friends tell us how to prepare some special dishes while others cover good and bad food outlets.

In the field of literature, there are some bloggers who write very creative pieces themselves, while most part of it is regarding review of some new or old publications. My original area has been discussions on the basis of some poems and film songs, initially I shared my own poems also, which I wrote in Hindi. Later I started writing some travel related blogs also when I visited London recently. Today I wish to talk regarding travel as a break from the routine activities of our life.

I would like to reproduce some lines of a very good poem (Geet) in Hindi, written by Sh. Om Prabhakar Ji –

Yatraa ke baad bhi path saath rehte hain.

Khet, khambe, taar, sahasaa toot jaate hain,
Hamaare saath ke sab log hamse chhoot jaate hain,
Fir bhi hamaari baanh, garden, peeth ko chhoote,
Naram do haath rehte hain.

Ghar pahunch kar bhi na hotin, khatm yaatraaen,
Goonjti hain seetiyaan, ab ham kahaan jaayen,
Jahaan jaayen, wahin sookhe, jhuke much- math rehte hain.

Now let me tell you, this poem is not about any travel, it is regarding the ‘journey called life’, here is the English translation of the part of poem quoted by me-

Even after we complete a journey, the paths travelled remain with us.
The fields, electric poles and wires, we saw on the way suddenly disappear,
Our co-passengers also are no more with us,
Yet there are tender arms touching us softly
On our arms, neck and back, all over!

The journeys do not get completed even after we reach our homes,
We feel that there are whistle sounds (Like those of train engine)
So where do we go now!

As I said, this poem is regarding the journey called life, the situations that we have witnessed, passed through, they sometimes keep haunting.
Therefore, sometimes the travel to distant places, away from our routine is quite refreshing and very necessary also to re-charge us to face the routine circumstances with a new energy and interest.
Since I talked regarding the journey called life, some lines from a film song, sung by my favorite singer Mukesh Ji come to my mind-

Na apna tha jo kal Guzraa, jo ab hai wo hai gairon kaa,
Nahi ummeed ab koi, hamaara kal bhi kya hogaa!

Badi raanaiyaan hongi, jahaan me ham nahi honge,
Hamaare ik na hone se, fasaane kam nahi honge,
Hamaaraa aaj charchaa hai, to kal auron ka fir hogaa.

Now the English translation-

Neither the day that passed was ours , the present day also belongs to others,
We do not have any hope that tomorrow would prove to be ours.

There world would look very beautiful, but we would not be there (after death),
Our absence here would not make any difference to the world.

These were just some thoughts that came to my mind while thinking about travel, Safar, Journey called life.
There is another popular song which means in English- ‘Life means that we keep moving, and this journey would thus get completed’.

That’s all for today. Yes I would like to add some travel pics also
Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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Does success in business need a good model or better approach!

I am writing this post in reaction to a prompt, actually it is a competition, in which people have to present their business models and a reputed jury would judge the ideas, which can be implemented successfully and there are very attractive prizes for winners. This is a great opportunity for those who have unique business ideas, details of this competition are given in ‘Blog Adda’, I hope those having good business ideas would participate in this competition, for which they have to register as per details given on ‘Blog Adda’ home page.

Since I do not have much interest in business, I am not made for that, I am just publicizing it through my blog post and I would feel happy if somebody getting this information through me would participate and get any attractive prize.

What came to my mind after reading it was that a person after doing good research in any market segment, any locality can develop good business in any field. Again somebody might build his or her narrative based on this! What comes to my mind is that there are lacs of tea vendors in India, how many of them have developed good business? Some having shop at a good location might be earning better, but is there great scope?

There is a tea shop in DLF area, Gurgaon where they claim to have several varieties of tea and we find there great rush, day and night. In the field of coffee, today there are so many chains worldwide- to name just some which are popular in India, we may mention- Barista, Café coffee day etc. So in a way we need to add some glamour, some special attraction to it, and make it a brand actually!

We know several food chains, starting from foreign chains- KFC etc but then we have developed several of our own- Bikanerwala, Brijwaasi etc. which are very successful today. I remember the indian restaurants in London, which I came to know were established before our independence and they have made a great mark there.

So one needs to develop and prove his or her specialty in any field or we may get hooked up to some famous chain and may be then keep developing our own brand too.

I incidentally discussed about restaurants and food related products only but it is a very small part, If you go on exploring only sky is the limit.

So I as a person who actually does not have any interest in business, but I feel that if we work hard and research in any given field, catch the taste or reactions of people for that particular product, then definitely we can conquer that field, of-course business idea would be a stepping stone for that. That is why I am telling you, if you have any unique business idea, please participate in this competition and I wish you all the best.

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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Do not make me pursue a dream, that can’t be achieved!

In our blog posts we discuss social issues, politics and political developments, films, film songs, poetry all these are hot points of discussion and if we do not find any subject, then we can start from the climate, seasonal developments, sometimes nature does such strange things, such havocs we have to witness and we are bound to discuss all that.

Anyway, I have been mostly discussing literature, film songs and poetry. Recently I shared some translations, one of my own poem and one of a Ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali sahib.

Today again I am sharing a simple translation done by me of a popular Ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali Saheb.

Here it is, first translation and then the original Ghazal in Roman script-

I am like a raw wall (made of mud, not strong),
Do not knock me hard, (I might fall down, break into pieces).
Do not make me drop down, after giving me a high place in your mind!

I keep you in my eyes, like a lovely dream,
You also do keep me in your heart, like heartbeat!

If you find it difficult to talk, there being people around,
You signal through your eyes, I would understand it.

Make promises only to the extent, you can fulfill,
Do not make me pursue a dream, that can’t be achieved!

Please maintain the illusion of the delicate relationship we have,
I am a sincere lover; do not make me appear crazy!

I am like a raw wall (made of mud, not strong),
Do not knock me hard, (I might fall down, break into pieces).

And here is the original Ghazal in Urdu-

Kachchi deewar hoon thokar na lagaana mujhko,
Apni nazron mein basaakar na giraana mujhko !

Tumko aankhon mein tasavvur ki tarah rakhtaa hoon,
Dil mein dadhkan ki tarah tum bhi basaana mujhko !

Baat karney mein jo mushkil ho tumhey mehfil mein,
Main samajh jaaonga nazron se bataana mujhko !

Vaada utna hi karo jitna nibha saktey ho,
Khwaab poora jo na ho, woh na dikhaana mujhko !

Apney rishtey ki nazaakat ka bharam rakh lena,
Main to aashiq hoon deewana na banana mujhko !

Kachchi deewar hoon thokar na lagana mujhko,
Apni nazron mein basaakar na giraana mujhko !

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.
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