Some Indian politicians are simply worthless!

Today I am writing this post based on the subject suggested in # IndiSpire , which is #IdiotsInParliament.

I am a little bit hesitant to repeat this subject as it is, since people who go to the parliament, the state legislatures etc. are those whom either we select through our votes or they are voted and selected by those, whom we have already selected.

But the situation today is very dismal, there might be some illiterate persons who give statements like- ‘Kerala is punished because people there eat beef. Girls are raped because they eat chowmein, wear jeans, and use cellphones’. Such people express their ignorance, and also the hatred they carry for some region, religion, gender etc. , but should not we examine them well before we send them to parliament or the assemblies?

It is said that we get the type of government, the type of leaders we deserve. Yes very true that the leaders who give such type of statements are idiots and their parties need to take strict action against them. But the fact is that the media gives them wide coverage and they feel to have become hero by such silly utterances. They should in-fact be boycotted by the media.

We mostly find big agitations against the government and some political parties, these agitations are conducted by some other political party or pressure group. If the people, who have voted these silly leaders, they agitate against them, gherao them, telling that you are insulting our wisdom in selecting you! If such things could happen, I am sure no political leader would have the courage to give such statements.

However, I feel more concerned about highly educated and seasoned leaders like Mani Shanker Aiyer. Who go and hug the separatists, tell them that we stand behind you, not only that who go to Pakistan and seek their support to remove the duly elected government of his own country.

I feel more concerned about the leaders who ignore the insurgency in Kashmir, killing of soldiers but are ever ready to speak against Indian soldiers. They are ever ready to speak, when action is taken against anybody for anti-India activities. They feel that the human rights are for separatists only and not for our soldiers.

We just now witnessed a country-wide bandh. It was against rising prices of petrol and diesel. Very true that the prices of petrol and diesel are a matter of great concern and central and state governments need to take quick action on that. But how should such agitations be conducted! It appears that anti-social elements find an open chance to do whatever they want on such occasions. No matter for what that agitation is being conducted. I remember during the agitation for Jat reservation in Haryana, some grave crimes happened. Big parts of roads were dug-out. In present agitation also buses and other public and private property was burnt out.

I remember a lady legislature in Madhya Pradesh, who during farmer movement I think, directed her followers to burn a police station. I feel that she was foolish also since she said that on camera, but that exposes the designs and standard of our leaders.

To sum up, I would like to say that our leaders should not only be sincere, they should speak well and act well. For getting power they should not resort to unfair means. No doubt we, as their bosses should control and guide them, not be followers of their silly designs and acts.

I would also like to mention that most of our leaders are sincere and learned, but like everywhere such silly and outspoken fellows attract the spotlight.

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Remembering the Dream merchant-Raj Kapoor!

I remember a scene from ‘Mera Naam Joker’ the epic movie, the biggest dream of Raj Kapoor on celluloid. There are Indian and Russian artists in second part of the movie, who all work in a Circus. As you might be knowing Raj kapoor himself played as ‘Raju’, the always laughing and singing ‘Joker’. In the end of that part, the Russian artist leaves, whom the joker Raju had started loving, since his pious love did not know any boundaries of language and citizenship.

Anyhow the Russian lady artist is leaving for Russia and Raju (Raj Kapur) alongwith the ring-master- Dara Singh comes to the airport to see her off. The lady artist says ‘Dasvidaniya’ (would meet again) to Raju, who had learnt a little Russian from her and taught her some Hindi words also. The ring-master does not understand this word and says to Raju ‘We have heard about language of love, but what did that young lady say to you in Russian?’

On that Raju tells, Ustaad she reminded me of an old movie song! And the song is played in the background-

Abaad nahi, Barbaad nahi,
Gaataa hoon khushi ke geet magar,
Zakhmon se bharaa seen hai mera,
Hansti hai magar ye mast nazar!
Is duniya me tere teer ka, yaa taqdeer ka maara hoon,
Awaara hoon!

(I am neither well settled in life nor devastated,
Still I sing the songs expressing happiness,
My heart is deeply hurt,
But my dreamy eyes are always smiling!
In the whole world I am either hurt by your arrow
Or by my fate.
I am an aimless wanderer.)

Yes today, I thought of discussing the biggest ‘dream merchant’ (Sapno ka saudaagar) of Hindi film industry- Raj Kapoor Ji. The other day I was discussing somewhere regarding how a person who remains calm and composed, when he finds a medium to express himself, there is no limit to the extent he can reach!

Raj Kapoor was a child born in well placed, very famous family of Prithvi Raj Kapur Ji, a great film and stage artist, who also established ‘Prithvi theatre’. Prithvi Raj Ji never provided Raj Kapoor a smooth ride to stardom, he made him to initially work under some famous director as assistant and develop slowly.

And finally when Raj Kapoor developed his own dream team for producing films, what a great team it was, be it Music, song writing, singing, photography and what not? He also utilised the talent of great story writer and film maker- Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Ji.

Starting from Aag to Satyam Shivam Sundaram a great journey of film making, which included such great films like- Awaara, Jis Desh me Ganga bahti hai, Jaagte Raho etc. such great jewels of Hindi Cinema, I do not think there could be any other Raj Kapoor in Indian Cinema.
Some songs of Raj kapoor reached beyond the boundaries of countries and languages. I think he was the most popular Indian after Nehru in Russia and several other countries. Today also several foreign nationals sing the song-‘ Awaara hoon’.

We observed teacher’s day a few days earlier, I felt that I should pay my tributes to that great showman of Indian film industry, whom I consider my Guru in a way.

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262. Remembering the Teachers!

Teacher’s day came and has already gone on 5th September, the birthday of our Ex. President- Late. S.Radhakrishnan Ji. What a great scholar he was. He was an icon of Indian ancient knowledge and culture. A true example of ‘simple living and high thinking’. He wrote several books on Indian philosophy and culture, on Bhagvad Gita and Upnishads. He really remained an ideal teacher whole life.   A saint who converted the President’s house into a temple.

That is the ideal we remember on the occasion of teacher’s day. We expect our teachers to emulate these ideals. I do remember some of my teachers who were examples of simplicity and devotion. In my initial blog posts I mentioned some of them, One Manohar Lal Ji, the Hindi teacher in Babu Ram Model Higher Secondary School, Shahdara-Delhi,  who held the stage all the time and was the pivot of all cultural activities. One O.P.Sharma Ji, English teacher, another English teacher- Harish Chandra Goswami Ji, who was very lovely person but later (several years after my leaving that school), he stopped a student from copying in exams and that student stabbed him to death! After this incident the school of mine lost the word ‘Model’ from its name.

Today I am remembering a person who was first my colleague and then became a teacher in a way. He was Mr. Noor Nabi Abbasi from Central Translation Bureau, New Delhi. In ‘Sansadiya Rajbhasha Samiti’ I went on deputation as L.D.C., the lowest level of table working staff and Mr. Abbasi had come on deputation from Central Translation Bureau. We worked in the same office together for 2-3 years and had very good relation, he was a very inspiring person.

Later I joined as ‘Hindi Translator’, in All India Radio, Jaipur and Mr. Abbasi had already gone back to Central Translation Bureau, where he was a very good faculty. Translators attend 3 months translation course at Central Translation Bureau, I also went there and then I realized how good faculty Mr. Abbasi was. He had great command over English, Hindi and Urdu. I think he was a junior but the most effective of the faculties there. That ‘in service training’ is most important for translators and I stood first in that 3 months training, which was instrumental in my career growth later, as I who started at L.D.C. level, retired at DGM level. I give full credit to Abbasi Ji and other faculties there as the medal I earned there, on coming first amongst the participants was a great turning point in my career.

Anyhow we do expect such devotion from our teachers today. Truly some teachers or for that matters some people in every profession would always remain fully devoted, those who add value to their profession, but the number is fast decreasing, as it appears. Though I think people in teaching field are today earning quite good, if we leave aside some private schools where there is very much exploitation. But the 5-star schools which pay the maximum are also in the private field.

It sometimes pains to think whether we deserve to get the services of good teachers, doctors or people in any such field! Today there is no respect for such professions. For us they are ‘service providers’! We pay them and expect desired results. A teacher or a doctor makes his inputs, as per his capacity, results are not fully under his control. If our child has to perform well, it depends on his own preparation and basic knowledge, receptivity also; similarly whether a patient gets cured or not depends on his body condition etc. also.

The situation today is not good for attracting good teachers or doctors! People are not ready to accept undesirable results, they go and fight. They say we have paid and we need desired results for our worthless student or physically spoilt patient!
On this occasion I only wish that we get more and more learned and devoted teachers (doctors also) and our behavior makes it possible that more and more good professionals join these fields.

That is all that came to my mind on this occasion.

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A short trip within Goa

I have been living in Goa for last more than a year. I never visited Goa before shifting here and after coming here I have rarely moved out for sight seeing.

Recently we had some guests and they visited various places in Goa for 3 days. I also joined them on the last day of their visit and we visited some places in south Goa. We started our journey via less crowded Benaulim fall, It is not big, since we have already seen  big natural falls in hill stations, Jabalpur’s Bheda Ghat, several in Kerala, also seen one in Scotland  and also one in man made big rock garden in Chandigarh.

But being big, is not really a big thing, It is a lovely piece of nature and we enjoyed being there. Nature attracts us in all forms and scales.

Goa is known for its beaches, our guests had already seen some famous beaches, this day we first went to the Utorda beach, it is not crowded but very beautiful. We really enjoyed visiting this lovely beach.

From Utorda beach we moved to Colva beach, which is much known and attracts much more tourists. Here we found a lot of people enjoying. Sea beaches really are great boon of nature and give great satisfaction to visitors, even grown ups play there like children. Really before the big power, his manifestations in the form of mountains, sea etc. everybody is a little child.

However after Colva beach we felt that we should also visit some place other than beaches, for which Goa  is famous in the world.

We were told that there is ‘Big Foot Museum’ on the way, near Madgaon, which gives a good reflection on the art and culture of Goa. We went there and I would like to say that we found it an excellent presentation on the life, art and culture of Goa.

This mini village was ambitiously planned by Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares and it unfolds the minute details of the Goan village.  It is well depicted   through life-size statues on display portraying the charm and simple livelihood of people of olden days.

I would recommend that while visiting the sea-beaches etc. one should also include this lovely place in the  list of places for visiting. Among the main attractions  there is a big statute of Mira Bai,  made in single stone. There are life size human structures which appear to be real people, really great pieces of work.

That was all for the day for us adults, however children accompanying us also visited a small fish aquarium for a while.

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We, the shunting trains, for #MyFriendAlexa!


(above-London from top)

For participating in #MyFriendAlexa, today  I am sharing the English translation of one of my Hindi poems.  I have already submitted english  translation of a Ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali Ji.

So today,  my  entry in the form of English translation of my poem, is based  on the life in the metros, where everybody is on his toes to maintain pace with the requirements of modern life and also gives some impressions on the literary field and also the progress made at national level.
Here is the Poem-

Shunting Train

We do wake up half asleep, start running,
We spend our life, as if repaying a loan,
All of us are fighting our own battles.

The moment we finished our studies,
All the course material became irrelevant,
We were put on closed loop tracks
to keep running to and fro,
like a shunting train.

Well before the sunrise,
whole of the city gets queued up
each one to fight his/her own personal battle!

The coffee house is full to the brink
by the sounds, commercial as well as literary,
a selfish murmur in very low voice,
and a loud argument as a social reformer,
we hold the coffee cup in our hands
and swallow this poison through our ears!

We grew in the lands far and wide
( the national scene)
like dry pale grass,
we got crushed more and more,
as the crusades for reform were undertaken.

at certain intervals (during polls)
some caring voices emerged,
again our thoughts of a revolution
got subdued.

Just to sum-up, in this poem I had written that in today’s life, specially in the metropolitan cities, everybody keeps running to make both the ends meet. as a student everybody has great dreams, but once he is put on a job, like a bullock engaged for crushing something through the crushing machine, called ‘kolhu’, in a way he keeps running between office and home, like a shunting train!

In second stanza I have described how literary people, those who write on social issues, look for easy way to rise up, get awards etc. while arguing loudly on principles.

In last stanza, I have written that the plans rolled out for the welfare of the common man, actually do not benefit him, he gets impatient and when about to revolt, then come the elections, every party speaks about his welfare and he again falls in some trap.

I am sharing this translation of my own poem, if you like it I would share some more translations of my own poems and may be some popular ghazals, lyrics etc.

Here is the original Poem in Hindi-

Shunting Train

Neendon me jaag-jaag kar, karj si bitaa rahe umar, 

sadkon par bhaag-bhag kar, ladte hain vyaktigat samar.


chhooti jab haath se kitaab, saare sandarbh kho gaye, 

seemaayen baandh di gayin, ham ‘shunting train’ ho gaye, 

suraj to ugaa hi nahi, line me lag gayaa shahar, 

ladne ko vyaktigat samar! 


vyaapaarik-saahityik bol, ghule-mile kahwaa ghar me, 

ek fusfusaahat dheemi, ek bahas unche swar me, 

haathon me thaam kar gilaas, kanoon se pi rahe jahar, 

karj si bitaa rahe umar! 


meelon faile ujaad me, ham peeli doob se pale, 

utane hi dale gaye ham, jitne bhi kaarwaan chale, 

barson ke antraal se, goonje kuchh apne se swar, 

kraanti chetna gayi bikhar!

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