मेरे हिस्से में माँ आई!

किसी को घर मिला हिस्से में या कोई दुकाँ आई,
मैं घर में सब से छोटा था मेरे हिस्से में माँ आई |

मुनव्वर राना

फ़र्ज़ करो ये जी की बिपदा!

फ़र्ज़ करो ये जी की बिपदा, जी से जोड़ सुनाई हो,
फ़र्ज़ करो अभी और हो इतनी, आधी हमने छुपाई हो|

इब्ने इंशा

अफ़साना बना लेते हैं!

लोग हर बात का अफ़साना बना लेते हैं,
सबको हालात की रूदाद सुनाया न करो।

मोहसिन नक़वी

The Anti social, social media!

Once again talking about social media. I have talked on this subject a number of times and I am making a very good use of these platforms as a blogger.

I normally try to talk on literary subjects- poetry, film songs etc. which are non-controversial, and I normally avoid falling into arguments with people, who are always ready to pick an issue for fighting. There are people here who hate almost everybody in the world.

The use of social media is good for keeping in touch with your nears and dears and share your updates with them and know about them on a regular basis.

But people wish to expand their circle of friendship and influence. For that you must provide something worthy to your readers and choose whom you want to make your readers.

I have a feeling that if you keep on adding people in your circle without proper scrutiny, specially if you write on political subjects, then you may often keep fighting, since social media today is an abode for ‘politically anti-social people’. They never accept the view points of anybody who thinks differently.

I just want to mention that there are people on social media for whom- Arundhuti Roy who doesn’t spare any chance to speak against our country and Prashant Bhushan who didn’t feel shame in insulting our judicial system, they are the heroes for some people here.

So, I feel that the thing I normally do, i.e. writing on literary and film related subjects, mind it ‘film related’ and not ‘film industry related’ subjects is better and also one should also keep pruning own circle on social media friends, so that one may not have to indulge in unnecessary fights.

A lot can be said on this subject but today I would prefer to limit myself to this much only.

This is my humble submission on #IndiSpire prompt- How are you managing Social Media? Are you up-to-date in sharing images, posts, comments, replies etc.? Any SM management tips? #SocialMediaTips

Thanks for reading.