Being Nostalgic Regarding Blogging!

Today’s subject for discussion is based on being self obsessed or in self love. Everybody likes the way he behaves and deals with things. We all imbibe values, our understanding of right and wrong from our families, schools, colleges, neighborhood, friends etc. etc.

Everybody considers that the things that he or group of similar people does are right and these done by another group of people, people from another state or country may not be correct. There are so many such divisions based on institutions, clubs, groups etc.

One such big division is of time. There are so many people of my age, I mean of earlier generation who love to remain in past. They often do not like things that are happening, the behavior of present generation and also the creativity of new generation.

This is a normal thing and there is enough justifications to live in nostalgia. For example I have appreciated the creativity of great novelists and short story writers and poets in Hindi and other Indian languages, like Munshi Prem Chand Ji,  Agyeya Ji, Nirala Ji in Hindi, Gurudev Rabindra nath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaay, Sharat Chandra Ji etc. in Bengali and so many in our Indian languages.
There are great personalities like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens etc. in English literature about whom we can easily say that such people would never  again be found in present scene. That is true also and why do we expect that they should come again. It is time which creates the atmosphere and in turn those literary personalities. Maxim Gorky’s novel- ‘Mother’ can’t be written in every period and atmosphere.

I have my own nostalgia, I had been enjoying the works- novels, short stories and poetry of great people when I was young, like Prem Chand Ji, Agyey Ji, Nirala Ji, Neeraj Ji, Bachchan Ji etc. so many I can name but I can’t tell names of those writing now a days. It is not that today there is not serious writing. The only thing is that the requirement of today is different. Further today nobody has time to read big novels etc.
Further today’s  literary activity also has mostly been accommodated in blogging. We find that there are bloggers from all fields – from literary, political, social backgrounds etc. One can get the blog material of his choice and taste.

Yes there would be writers and readers who have strong nostalgic feelings, may be some people who joined the blogging activity in the earlier stages. Today there are so many bloggers. There would be good and bad in blogging also like in every other field.

Like about politics I often feel, what kind of political standards do Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and many such politicians follow, who often use abusive language. Yes but it would always be there. We often get what we deserve and if we the voters do not act wisely, such stuff would go on increasing!

• Anyway I am not going to discuss politics. I just want to say that today when there is so much blogging activity, we have enough opportunities to choose the blog material of our choice and promote it. Or we may also choose to be nostalgic and say that Bloggers are no longer smart people who think analytically. #SmartBlogging .

This is my submission on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire.

Thanks for reading.