Teachers and Talent!

So it is time to present my views on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire- Can teachers today be called “the untalented leftovers”? Give reasons. #Teachers



Yes, I do agree that when a young person chooses his career, mostly under the guidance of his parents and peers, ‘Teaching’ is not the first priority or in some cases not even the last priority too.

Mostly when parents guide their ward to choose the subjects of study and most of the time in India, it is the dream of the parents about what their child should become. Many times people try to fit their ward into a position which they could not reach.

Doctors, Engineers are the careers that parents want their wards to choose and many a times people opt for banking jobs after studying science subjects.

But life is not only about choosing the job where you can get the heaviest pay packet. And when we talk about a profession like teaching, it is not simply a ‘Career’.

Teachers are the people who attract the young students the maximum. When we ask little children what they would become on growing up, a very good percentage of the answers is ‘Teacher’. As they grow up and acquire practical knowledge, understand the monetary system and network, they get more attracted towards other careers.

I think, we should stop weighing the professions in terms of the earning potential. What I would like to underline here is that teaching is among the professions which affect the society the most. Like doctor can save a life, and there may be some other professions which make a great impact on some people, but teachers shape the future generations, the society, through the young people they teach and these students, in turn might be becoming whatever they can as a professional, but what kind of a human being, a citizen they become, the teachers are those who play a very important role in it, after only the parents I feel.

As far as earning is concerned I think now a days there are opportunities of earning high in many places in teaching profession also, but the sincere people everywhere have to make great sacrifice, since they try to give their best for the benefit of the students. Otherwise like any other profession, in teaching line also, especially in government type services, there are people who are not sincere, they anyhow dispose their job responsibilities. There focus is on earning more and more money, for which they also run ‘tution industry’, force the students to take tution also.

So I would just like to underline that teaching is a noble profession, a line in which people impress their audience by their knowledge and oratory. That is why in politics also, today there are people from teaching and legal fields who have made a great impact. Since those working in private field have no problem, if they get elected they can do politics otherwise continue teaching or practicing law. Some even continue doing that on being in active politics.

Times are changing and today there are people who choose teaching as their career above all other options and also try to become a contributing politicians. Inspiration from great scholars like Late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Ji and Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam Ji have made a great impact on young minds and this profession weighs a lot now.

So I would not like to consider that ‘teachers are untalented leftovers’. Yes like any other profession there are sincere and insincere people in this profession also. It would be great for the society if more and more talented people get attracted towards this profession. I still remember some of my teachers, who made a great impact on my life.

This is my humble submission on the subject.

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Teacher- Who should choose this profession?

It has become a fashion now a days, that we associate some days to a particular type of activities, persons may be children, older people, ladies, a kind of relation etc. etc. We ceremoniously give great honour and respect to say ladies, though they might be suffering a lot in life in real, but while talking about them we put them on a high pedestal, call them Durga and what not!

Today we are going to discuss, one such a class of people, who are teacher by profession. In India the birthday of our second president- great scholar and educationist Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Ji is observed as ‘Teacher’s Day’. How great a scholar and master on Indian philosophy Dr. Radhakrishnan was. He remained a teacher all his life, even as the president of India he kept writing books of great relevance for the society. Another indian president- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam Ji, also remained a teacher all his life, kept interacting with children and students till his breathed last.

The story of teachers begins from the Gurus of olden times, in the period of kingdoms, they lived in Ashrams, away from the luxuries of life and their disciples, including princes also had to live with them in simplicity, in these Gurukuls for acquiring knowledge.

I feel that every profession is good and anybody doing his duty with devotion does great service to the society and nation. Some professions like the armed forces- who fight for their country, perform their duty in quite unpleasant circumstances deserve special respect. We can mention many other noble professions like doctors, engineers who do great service for the society.

Generally in any profession there are measures, which indicate the achievements of the person. Like in forces, the officers get different colors and medals on their uniforms for performing duty at different locations and there are bravery awards also. For doctors also there are various measures of recognition, treating some patient with serious condition, performing very complicated operations etc. They get recognition and awards for that. We can mention any number of professions where people get recognition and awards for great achievements.

But what about teachers? Is there any real measure of their achievements! One may talk about the results, but I do not think that getting a good pass percentage in exam is a real measure for the teachers.

Like parents, teachers also have a great role in developing a good or bad human being and a citizen for the society and for the nation. What kind of attitude they could create in the person, what type of values they could pass on to them, matters a lot.

There could be many things that can be discussed in this regard, but I would like to keep it short and to the point. It is said that teachers get less salary compared to various other professions. It is very much true also in case of many private schools, who do the business of education and are mushrooming day by day.

But the basic question here is, who should become a teacher? What should be the basic criteria for becoming a teacher? As far as earning is concerned, there are many areas where teachers get a reasonably good salary and where people want to earn extra they keep taking tuitions in batches, all day round! They treat it like an industry. But can they do justice to the students?

What should be the point of satisfaction for a teacher? No doubt like any other profession, a teacher also deserves to get a good salary. But other than that, what is the most satisfying thing for a good teacher. I remember some teachers who taught me and were very much devoted to their profession. I have seen how happy a good teacher feels when somebody whom he or she had taught acquires a high position in society, be it professionally or doing something great for the society.

In short I would like to sum up, that a teacher has earned great if he plays a positive and successful role in making his students true human beings, successful entrepreneurs, great contributors for the society.

This is my humble submission on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire – ‘Who should be a teacher? Teachers are the backbone of nation, it is a profession for more altruism rather than earning more money. In present days govt schools are lacking quality education as people has just taken teaching as any other profession. #teachers

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