Golden Bloggerz Award

I have been nominated for Golden Bloggerz Award by my fellow blogger Priya Ji, who writes very interesting and thought provoking blog posts, by the name ‘Priya’s Learning Centre’. She is a nice human being, a true friend and a creative blogger. Her blog posts are quite useful and inspiring. (

What is the Golden Bloggerz Award?

The Golden Bloggerz Award was created by Chris Kosto to motivate and reward all the amazing bloggers who work hard every day to serve their audiences and deserve some recognition.

The Rules

1. Place the award logo on your blog.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Mention the award creator and link to their blog.
4. Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog.
5. Tell your audience three things about you.
6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
7. Nominate 10 people who deserve this award.
8. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice.
9. Let the nominees know of their nomination by commenting on their social media or blog.
10. Share links to 2-3 of your best/favorite posts.

Three Things About Me:

1. I always try to remain a good human being.
2. I wish I could be a good contributor for the society and people remember me with love after I leave.
3. I Love music, Raj Kapur films, old film music, ghazals and especially old songs, the golden voice of Mukesh above all.

My answers to questions by Priya Ji : Questions-

Q1. What’s your focus in life right now?

Ans. To live happily in this grave environment of Pandemic and see that it doesn’t do much harm to my nears and dears.

Q2. What kept you going during the lockdown ?

Ans. I am a person retired 10 yrs. back so in a way under lock down since long, we watched some long serials of the past in full Like one regarding Mahadev and several telefilms. Spent lot of time on internet.

Q3. What do you appreciate about your life ?

Ans. It has been smooth, no great achievements, got love and appreciation from so many people, since I was conducting programs for big audience. Enjoyed life as it has been.

Q.4. What was your first blog post about ?

Ans. I wrote many of my initial blog posts regarding the journey of my life from the beginning, study time, joining various services, my poetic efforts and how life kept teaching me in various ways.

Q5. Do you think the current education system fully prepares children for the needs of 21st century?

Ans. I am not at all a teacher nor a preacher. I think there is always scope for improvement and the governments takes various steps for improvement based on the advice of the experts in the field, from time to time.


Now is the step I always skip. I never find it easy to choose a few fellow bloggers for nomination. I feel that all my friends deserve the nomination. I nominate all bloggers, who follow my blog posts to take this as nomination from my side.

My Questions-

Yes, I would like to repeat some question that I have seen here by my previous nominators, and those who take up this challenge of carrying it forward can answer these questions-

Q1: What is it about life that you would share from your experience to keep others motivated and going ?

Q2: What inspires you to write blog posts?

Q3: What do you appreciate about your life?

Q4: Do you believe in your inner strength to be the change you want to see?

Q5. What were your initial blog posts about?

Favorite Posts from My Blog:

Not easy for me to choose my favorite blog post and find it out, I think the initial blog posts regarding the journey of my life were the best, but I just picked 3 posts for sharing.

I once again thank Priya Ji for nominating me for this prestigious award and hope my fellow bloggers would take this nomination from side and carry forward the baton.

Thanks for reading and welcome to take it forward.


Mystery Blogger Award

Once again, I am writing a post thanking you all and specially thanking a fellow blogger, for nominating me for one more blogging award, and I am forever obliged to all those who think I am deserving for this award.
This is the Mystery Blogger Award and my nomination comes from a very creative and versatile blogger Sakshi Shreya, You can Follow her wonderful blog Sakshi Shreya @shreyasakshi92 and go through her wonderful posts.
The Rules:
• Display the award logo on your blog.
• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
• Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
• Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
• Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 10-20 bloggers.
• Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
• Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
• Share the link to your best post.
3 Facts about me:

1. I’m a simple human being, I think it is quite difficult to remain simple these days with so many complexities ready to become a part of your personality. No claims of being special, I just try to remain simple.

2. Yes, I read a lot and listened to good poets etc., have come in touch with many great poets and artists, since I organised Kavi Sammelans and musicals programs for my organisation. Learnt a lot from that I feel. Now I just try to put the impressions of that experience in my blog posts.

3. I am a great fan of late Raj Kapur ji, the dream merchant of Hindi films and in love with the songs sung by Mukesh Ji, written by Shailendra Ji and many more poets, Shaayars. May be that might have had an impact on my personality, made me what I am. Yes I also love to travel a lot, this activity is however suspended since the Pandemic spread at present.
Now my answers to the Questions asked by Shreya Ji:

Q1.) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Ans. Living in this world of today and remaining happy is the craziest thing, I think. Some poets said ‘the life today is such that as much you think about, you become more and more sad!’

Q2.) What is more important to you: family or success? Why?

Ans. Again I would refer to a shaayar Wasim Barelvi ji- ‘jo zinda hain to fir zinda nazar aana zaruri hai’, We must live our life with full enthusiasm, that is the way to be happy and successful too.

Q3.) List two qualities you have developed during lockdown?

Ans. I am not a person who keeps developing qualities. Yes, we follow some rules during lock down, would keep doing so during this scare. Further I am a retired person, I had been staying mostly at home earlier also, so not great change, except travelling not possible at present.

Q4.) What is your inspiration behind starting your blog?

Ans. Everybody in the world wants to communicate. Some who consider themselves artists or thinkers also find ways to reach people. Initially I wrote poems etc. to reach people now I think blogging is the easy and best way to reach people and interact with them.

Q5.) Name the driving force which motivates you during your low phases and why?

Ans. I believe in Indian philosophy and the principle of ‘Karmas’ also. Whatever we have to face in life is going to happen, we can only remain ready to face all situations. Some Saint told somebody ‘This situation would also end’, which means whether happiness or sadness, all situations are going to change, so we must accept whatever happens, with courage and readiness.

After this there are two activities to happen. One is that I have to nominate some fellow bloggers for this award.

My Nominations:

As per my past practice, being a lazy person too and one who can’t choose a few, I nominate everybody who reads my blog posts, to accept it as a nomination from my side and take the baton forward. Yes, I nominate you, for this award.

Further I need to ask some questions, so again I think the questions asked by Sakshi Shreya Ji were quite good and a lot can be said in response to these questions, so you may take these questions from my side and give your wonderful answers based on them.

I am also supposed to provide a link to my best post. I feel that best post is yet to come. I wish that my friends read my posts and tell me which one is a bit better and what kind of posts they would like to read more.

Once again thank you so much for this awesome award.

Thanks for reading and I hope some friends would accept this nomination from my side and come out with their blog posts in response to it.


ये बर्फ आंच के आगे पिघल न जाए कहीं!

आज फिर से दुष्यंत कुमार जी की एक गजल शेयर कर रहा हूँ| दुष्यंत कुमार जी हिन्दी के एक प्रतिनिधि कवि थे लेकिन उनको सामान्य जनता के बीच विशेष ख्याति आपातकाल में लिखी गई गज़लों के कारण मिली थी, जिनको बाद में एक संकलन – ‘साये में धूप’ के रूप में प्रकाशित किया गया|
प्रस्तुत है दुष्यंत कुमार जी के इसी संकलन से यह गजल-

नज़र-नवाज़ नज़ारा बदल न जाए कहीं,
जरा-सी बात है मुँह से निकल न जाए कहीं|

वो देखते है तो लगता है नींव हिलती है,
मेरे बयान को बंदिश निगल न जाए कहीं|

यों मुझको ख़ुद पे बहुत ऐतबार है लेकिन,
ये बर्फ आंच के आगे पिघल न जाए कहीं|

चले हवा तो किवाड़ों को बंद कर लेना,
ये गरम राख़ शरारों में ढल न जाए कहीं|

तमाम रात तेरे मैकदे में मय पी है,
तमाम उम्र नशे में निकल न जाए कहीं|

कभी मचान पे चढ़ने की आरज़ू उभरी,
कभी ये डर कि ये सीढ़ी फिसल न जाए कहीं|

ये लोग होमो-हवन में यकीन रखते है,
चलो यहां से चलें, हाथ जल न जाए कहीं|

आज के लिए इतना ही,