Our world and the evil forces!

Long back I had given an example from famous science fiction by H.G.Wells – The Island of Dr. Moreau, in an essay written by me for some competitive exam. In that novel the writer had woven a story according to which a famous Doctor Moreau keeps several animals in a far away Island, he treats them and trains them to act like human beings. He succeeds to a great extent but when with time they grow in number, they slowly start returning to their original form, they start behaving the way they did earlier, become aggressive and he himself runs away saving his own life.



The same is happening in human society, all over the world now. As they say that humans are the developed version of animals of the past and it appears that as we are growing more and more in number, the primitive habits are returning and many humans become animals, wherever they feel that it would be more beneficial for them.

Though we are getting latest gadgets to enjoy, we have so many societies- real and virtual, we come together sometimes in the name of one nation, sometimes because of one school or college, sometimes because of a caste or tribe, city or a village, language or religion. But we think of ourselves, our own benefits, may be at the cost of others.

Today we easily come to know many things about everybody out there, their qualities to some extent but mostly about their social status, richness, sometimes muscle power also. With growing population there is going to be disparity and nobody likes to lag behind.

There are people who acquire good qualification, some get some technical expertise, there are governments which are supposed to provide opportunities to people to grow and get into some profession to make a nice living possible for their families.

But in today’s world it is not possible that everybody could get a suitable job or profession to earn as per his or her dreams. Further there are people who do not make sufficient efforts and in some cases luck also plays a great role.

In such circumstances the social networks or platforms, pressure groups can also play a positive role, may be in some cases they also do so, but where they play a negative role, such things are more obvious.
I discussed  the possible reasons and background for the negative things, tendencies in the society, we may call it something toxic in society, as there are people working in offices or factories, there are also people who earn by thefts and deceit.

Our society keeps growing through real and virtual platforms and there are so many groups working in positive direction and also those which spread hatred against other people and in some cases even against our nation. In reaction to that sometimes there are feelings of excess nationalism, some such self proclaimed patriots who come out to set-right anybody who is not a nationalist as per their standards. So ‘Class divide, Chauvinism, Social media validation, Alarming increase of criminals in politics, Lack of civic sense’ etc. are different forms of alienation from our society, losing faith in our endeavor to grow together as a society, everybody playing his or her role, contributing for our society, our nation and the world at large.

So everybody need to think about his or her own role and think how he or she is contributing for the society and obviously one must keep away from the divisive forces, like Class divide, Chauvinism, criminal activities and should not in any way become an instrument to promote criminals in politics etc. Further the posts on social media, spreading rumors or hatred should be opposed and appropriately reported wherever required.
For the society, nation and the world of today, everybody needs to make his or her positive contribution and also oppose the negative forces.

This is my humble submission on the IndiSpire prompt- Class divide, Chauvinism, Social media validation, Alarming increase of criminals in politics, Lack of civic sense and so on. there’s something toxic everywhere around you. So what is that one toxic thing you want to get rid of? #ThrowAwayTheToxic

Thanks for reading.