Paying fine in money or with Life!

Again discussing on an # IndiSpire prompt. The issue is whether the fines recently made applicable by the Indian government for traffic violations are justifiable or not!



The very first thing to be noted is that the purpose of making such rules is not earning revenue for the government. As I understand the decision was taken by representatives of several governments together and the purpose is to make it an effective deterrent.

We want to see that nobody from our country loses life due to accident. Since it has been observed, that maximum deaths take place due to accidents. It is also observed that sometimes parents surrender before their young wards, when they are bent upon moving out with the vehicle, in spite of not being well prepared or trained and not following traffic rules, using safety gadgets.

Sometimes people tell themselves, I am going just that far, safety gadgets are not needed for this much distance I can say. They do not consider that road death is just a step, just a moment of unpreparedness away on road. You may be very conscious, moving very rightly but somebody in speed rush, may hit you suddenly, then it does not matter whether you were going just 500 meters away or even less than that.
We are not supposed to be casual for a moment while driving on the road since it is just one moment when accident happens. If one has to urgently talk to somebody, have to receive a call, he must stop at a safe place for some time and do that. No talking and driving and not at all drinking and driving. Our lives are precious and so are of those whom we may hit suddenly, when we are driving carelessly.

So I am very clear that the fines could also help in making those people responsible, who do not care for their lives or lives of others while driving, but do care for the money they may have to pay for violation of traffic rules.

Further what can be done is that awareness must be spread regarding importance of observing traffic rules and also the information of the fines applicable for violating traffic rules also must be spread, so that there are no people who do not know about traffic rules well and also about the fines applicable for violation of traffic rules.

I sincerely wish that everybody follows traffic rules and this helps us ‘keep death off the road’ and also people do not have to pay heavy fines. If there is some scope for reducing the fines it could be considered but they must act as a good deterrent, since our purpose is not collecting money for the government but to make people behave responsibly on the road so that accidents do not happen.

Yes there is one thing which needs to be taken care of. Our system must be corruption free. Whether the applicable fines are the new or the previous ones, there have been a tendency among people to settle the issues by paying bribes to the traffic policemen and these people are also so willing to oblige them, they are sometimes sitting at some prime locations just to collect the bribe income from people passing through these areas. If there is corruption on the road, the whole purpose would get defeated.

So I feel that the system of fines on road should become an effective deterrent, so that everybody follows the traffic rules and there are no casualties and they also do not have to pay fines, whether heavy or light.

This is my humble submission on the #Indispire prompt – Are hefty traffic violation fines justifiable? #trafficrule .

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