Violence and Democracy!

Our world has gone through many stages in history. Our country was considered to be the torch bearer of wisdom, a Guru for the world. We never tried to capture the land or the kingdom of others.

While there were big democracies in the world, our country was divided into so many kingdoms lately and the British, who came as businessmen made us their colony and ruled here for almost 200 years. Earlier the Moghuls also ruled us for very long time.

We, who were a very old civilization, were not perhaps fit to survive in the modern atmosphere! In the concept of Ram Rajya, which is so dear to us and we feel it as our ideal system, the saints and sadhus, living in Ashrams, away from the glamour and impurity of the life of ruling class, they told the ruler what is right and what is wrong. The princes acquired the principles of life, of ruling from those Gurus!

But our age old values did not help us to survive in modern times, the country disintegrated into small kingdoms, which became easy prey for the foreign aggressors, who had only one principle, grab power and enjoy. So we had to live the life under foreign rule, become slaves and face injustice for such a long time.

There are stages in world history, when the society has no option left with them, other than direct action, violence in any form etc. We anyhow threw away these shackles of bondage, our efforts were a good mix of armed action and non violent movement. That is a subject which can be discussed for very long, but at the moment I am not discussing it.

Today we are the biggest democracy in the world and we keep electing our governments with our votes and change a government if it does not work as per our expectations. Incidentally the party that was actively involved in our freedom movement has now become the party of one family, which has been in power for most part of our democratic governments.

Yes there are some drawbacks of our democracy, since many political parties in our country have become the personal property of a particular family. This is not good for a healthy democracy. I think BJP and Communist Party are the only big parties, which are not family based parties. Both of them have their own positive and negative points.

What we are discussing today is violence! Which violence? Yes if it came to the mind of the common people under foreign rule, that now violence is necessary to come out of these dark times, it was an indicator, but it is not the way in modern times. Not easy to face the power of the rulers through such violent efforts, it has to be a mix of various strategies.

Anyhow in a democratic system like ours, there is no place for violence. We can raise our voice through various fora and finally if it does not work, we can change the government through our votes. Here we find that violent measures are resorted mostly by such politicians who are rejected by people and they want to come to limelight, to gain their confidence through such violent protests. Some leaders need a dead body to work on their dirty plans.
I would only like to submit that in a democratic system like ours, violence should not find any place, whatever problems we need to overcome, whatever corrupt practices we want to highlight, there are democratic ways to project them, protest about them, create an atmosphere and finally remove a government that does not deliver.

So as far as our democratic society is concerned, violence and depraved society can’t be allowed to functioned that way, It was a thing of past when we were ruled by others and when there was not a strong democratic system in place.

This is my submission based on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire with the heading #TruthAboutSociety.

Thanks for reading.