Alisha was her name!

Yes, she was Alisha, though if she reads it, she would say I am still Alisha, I am still there, Yes in a way but now she may not read it and if she reads and says something, we may not be able to listen to that!

Was it yesterday or 2 – 3 days back, I am not sure, she got the result of her term exams for graduation first term, got very good marks, professors had all praise for her. She went for partying with friends, came back home very happily. She felt full of fun and enthusiasm, all the hand shakes and hugs she is still feeling and overwhelmed with all that she went to sleep, perhaps her last sleep as a human being!

Yes, she got up in the morning quite late, she found that all the family members were busy in some activities, nobody had come to wake her up, normally she got tea in the bed and her Mom called her several times, if she didn’t get up soon, but today all that didn’t happen and when she got up, nobody noticed her, and what was it in which they all were busy! She went in the Verandah and found people surrounding some body laid there on the floor, she has seen it, such things happened with dead bodies normally, so who died! In their own home! She looked closely and was shocked to find that it was her own body only.

She had now understood the situation to great extent, she went to every member of the family, tried to talk to them but to her utter surprise nobody listened to her, not even noticed her presence. She wandered here and there, tried to meet her friends in nearby flats, to her utter surprise, she didn’t have to wait for the doors to open, she could simply enter the doors which were closed. Open or closed didn’t make any difference for her.

She kept wandering and again she could travel great distances in short time, see as many people as she wished, but what she liked the most and was desiring since long, she couldn’t do. Yes she was a very talkative girl and she could not talk to anybody, since she got up in the morning. This was her greatest worry now, she wanted to sit with somebody and talk about all that she was going through.

The whole day had passed, she went to her house and came out several times, laid on her bed but she couldn’t feel the comfort of being there. She kept wandering and it was now midnight when she was wandering on the road, she didn’t find anybody who could notice her presence, listen to what she tried to communicate to them. But around midnight she found somebody walking towards her. He was looking straight into her eyes, it was clear that he could see her and she felt scared that he might be having bad intentions.

He laughed and said, what are you scared of? You are not a body now, so nothing to get scared of. I am also a soul like you and in fact I have come to take you to the abode of the souls, I take such souls with me who recently left their bodies. There you would get your friends, with whom you can talk on all subjects, share your life experiences and not get bored without getting a chance to talk. As long as you remain in this form, you need to live with us there, so that you do not hurt humans or get hurt through them.

So in this manner Alisha reached her new abode, where she lived with other souls, till she got ‘Mukti’ from this form and finally travelled to her heavenly abode.

This is my humble submission on the #Indispire prompt- A young woman all alone on a road in the middle of the night. A stranger approaches her with not-so-good intentions. The woman stares into his eyes and asks, “Can you really see me?” Weave a story. #GhastlyStory

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