My travel destination after defeat of COVID-19

We have been facing the conditions of the spread of this dreaded Pandemic called COVD-19 in India for almost 5 months now. It is one of the important topics we often discuss, we sometimes feel somewhat satisfied that its impact has been lesser in India compared to so many countries, considering the population of our country. But it is also a cause of concern that now that the spread is weakening in several countries, the number is still on the rise in our country, though recovery rate still gives solace to us.

I just want to discuss beyond COVID-19, the situation which does not appear to be coming soon, but surely it would come and hopefully it should not take very much time. We must keep thinking about what we can do when things normalize. What are your plans by the way for the normal times in future? For me travel is an activity which rejuvenates me, when I am not travelling, then also I keep thinking about possible travels. The destination is not much important, but the journey is.

Once we plan to move out, then yes destination is important for that trip only but actually it is more important to plan visits at regular intervals and execute them. There are many people in India who plan to visit the religious destinations. Like the important Dhams of Hindus, like Muslims also plan to go on Haj pilgrimage at least once in their life. My visits have not normally been for religious purpose and that is the reason I have not visited the Dhams, like Badrinath, Kedarnath Dham etc. and now with advancing age it does not appear possible anymore.

The places which have been attracting me more are hill stations and sea beaches. Now incidentally I live in Goa, where people from all over the world come to enjoy at the beautiful beaches. My first experience of beaches was in Mumbai and once in Digha in Orissa state. Now I can see the Miramar beach of Goa from my house balcony.

Still I would love to visit places for new beaches, anywhere in the world if I get a chance. I still remember that some beaches in Andaman, Tanzania and London I found very beautiful and each beach has its own unique attractions.

Going to hill stations is a great thing, people go for the adventure of climbing the hills, but now for me walking on the hilly terrains also is not easy, so not much chances of visiting hill stations now.

I have visited many important tourist places in India and some foreign destinations also, like Dubai, Sharjah etc. in UAE, London and nearby areas in UK and Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar etc. in Tanzania. The world is so big that it is not easy for one to visit all major tourist spots in one life, even visiting all such places in a big and culturally rich country like India is not possible. One can utilize his spare time and energy, if budget permits to add some new destinations and visit them as a tourist.
About my future visiting spots, it normally depends on possibility rather than choice for me, as for foreign destinations are concerned. The foreign destinations I visited was all because my relatives were there, and for example London I visited twice and stayed there once for one month and once for one and a half month.

However, the spot which has been attracting me for some time now is Paris and Eiffel tower, may be it happens some time, otherwise there are so many in my great India itself, which keep me calling for visit.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Once the world wins against Covid-19, which place would you love to visit first? #BelovedPlace

Thanks for reading.