A wax doll, walking in Hot Desert!

A question have been asked in #IndiSpire this time, in response to which we have to tell- which is our favourite poem and why!

I have mainly been a reader of Hindi literature and poetry, though I have read and translated various English poems of Wordsworth, Tagore and many more poets and shared them through my blog posts.

Among Hindi poets there are poems like ‘Ram Ki Shakti Puja’ by Nirala ji, some poems written by Jay Shankar Prasad ji, Dinkar Ji and many other great poets I can mention.

But the poem- a small Sonnet or ‘Geet’ by late Bharat Bhushan ji is one, which I can relate to and love a lot. In this poem the poet refers to the life today, in which we are struggling at so many levels and the poet refers to the poetry line by Kabir Das ji, which says- ‘chalti chaaki dekhkar, diya kabira roy, do paatan ke beech me, saabut bacha na koy’. Kabir Das ji while looking the wheat grinding machine (Chakki) remembers that in our life, we get crushed between the two worlds, this where we live and one where we have to go after death.

Referring to this poetry line Bharat Bhushan ji says that today we are being crushed between so many layers, facing so many challenges and he explains some of these levels, which I would refer to shortly-

Firstly, he says the person who was born to do some creative work, say write poems etc. becomes a clerk and all his creativity dies in writing applications, for seeking various permissions, for leave etc. And all smiles, dreams die before they could blossom.

Further he says that children demand what they desire, toys and other things but the person is not in a position to provide all that, all hopes are short lived.

Lastly, he explains how actually poems/sonnets that reach our hearts are born, for that he gives an example that we have to live a life, with so many hardships, as if ‘a doll made of wax is walking on its feet in a desert, in hot summer noon Sun’.

This is a small sonnet but it presents the life of a common man, the struggle at various levels, that I can relate with it and like it very much.
Here is the Sonnet written by late Bharat Bhushan Ji, which I am referring to-

चक्की पर गेंहू लिए खड़ा मैं सोच रहा उखड़ा उखड़ा,
क्यों दो पाटों वाली साखी बाबा कबीर को रुला गई।

लेखनी मिली थी गीतव्रता प्रार्थना- पत्र लिखते बीती,
जर्जर उदासियों के कपड़े थक गई हँसी सीती- सीती,
हर चाह देर में सोकर भी दिन से पहले कुलमुला गई।

कन्धों पर चढ़ अगली पीढ़ी ज़िद करती है गुब्बारों की,
यत्नों से कई गुनी ऊँची डाली है लाल अनारों की,
प्रत्येक किरण पल भर बहला काले कम्बल में सुला गई।

गीतों की जन्म-कुंडली में संभावित थी यह अनहोनी,
मोमिया मूर्ति को पैदल ही मरुथल की दोपहरी ढोनी,
खंडित भी जाना पड़ा वहाँ, जिन्दगी जहाँ भी बुला गई।

This is my humble submission in response to the #IndiSpire prompt- We all have grown up reading many poems. which is your favourite poem? and why? #favouritepoem

Thanks for reading.



  1. Awesome post. And I would agree with it. When you’re a adult, it’s too easy to get caught up in life and let your childhood inclinations and dreams die in the daily grind of work. Sadly, most of us do have to work long hours, which leaves no time to engage in our own pursuits. It’s bad when circumstances force you to work to make someone else’s dreams come true and not your own but people call it “reality.” Thank you so much for posting.

    1. Very nicely explained by you, thanks a lot for reading and giving your valuable comments.

  2. Sir this has the same theme as the blog just written by me. People are not able to pursue their passion. Lovely post

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