knowing you, Is becoming a part of You!

Now a days I have been sharing my experience of London travel. I would continue it further but for a day, this subject for a change.

Life is a very complex puzzle. When I start thinking about life, I start with very small beings, I watch Ants moving in long queues, what or whom they do work for? What is their goal in life?

Anyhow it would become a long debate if I continue that way, let’s directly talk about human beings, the true brain children and representatives of God almighty.

There are so many theories of evolution, the formation of world. One very popular as per Great Indian philosophy is that the universe, the world is a manifestation of the great soul, ‘Parmatman’ the super-power and we all are a part of this great source, we emerge from that and finally find place in that only, if we follow the right path.

There is a quote from ‘SriRamcharitManas’- ‘Soi jaanahi jehi dehu janaai, jaanat tumhahi, tumhahi hoi jaayi’. Which means that only those people, those souls can understand, recognise the great soul, the Godly presence, whom ‘He’ makes understand it and once we understand, we become a part of that great soul, the ‘Parmaatman’.

So, there are several requirements for living our life, those requirements everybody needs to fulfil, like Ants do, the Bees do and every living being does, including flowers which smile to make the world smile.

What we do for our survival or living a decent social life, is a part of our duty and we all have to do that.

What makes us different from others is how humanly we behave, how much selfless work we do for others, how much we are involved in the welfare of others etc.

I am not interested in some imaginary salvation, of achieving some special status in the eyes of superpowers of the universe. For me life lived with satisfaction that I could be of use for the society and the have-nots is all I wish to achieve. As they say once you leave this world, how many really feel your absence, how people remember us is the real earning we have made.

So through your mind, you might make great achievements for living a decent and comfortable life, but for living in the hearts of people, we need to use our heart and earn the real respect of the people. For that we might also have to think about others, before self.

There are so many things to discuss on this subject but I think that would be repetition, since such subjects we have discussed several times earlier also.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” Vaclav Havel said. Your reflection? #BetterLife .

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