I am worried for God Almighty!

Today I am going for the easier option, provided through #IndiSpire prompt for the week. The challenge is that we write a short story only in three lines. Now since the story has to be only in 3 lines, the introduction could be bigger!

I am not sure whether the short story would be as per the expectations, but through it, I am expressing a thought that often comes to my mind. So no more explanation, directly to the story and this story relates to God!

God almighty was getting bored so he thought of creation this world, many things he created – Jungles, mountains, rivers etc. and so many creatures.

Then the thought came to his mind that a creature with mind, thoughts and emotions like himself should be created, who could be his own representative in this world and he created human beings, Man and Woman.

Since that day God has simply been watching what this super creation of his mind is doing and thinks so many times whether this decision to create ‘Man’ was right or wrong.

I just took the liberty to present this thing, as a ‘Short Story’ based on the #IndiSpire prompt-

Narrate a short story in not more than 3 three lines… Many short stories in a post will be amazing… #shortstory
Thanks for reading.



  1. That’s a powerful story. But I don’t believe in such God. I believe in Parmatma, a super consciousness which expressed itself leading to creation of this universe and infinite other universes. Humans are just tiny miniscule blip in this vast space time expanse. We however have the capability to raise levels of our own consciousness by reaching higher states of Yoga and experience Parmatma ourself and ultimately become one with Parmatma by attaining Moksha.

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