WOW: Doodle Something & Write !

In life we all have so many dreams, we sometimes make resolutions, but we always keep thinking of achieving great things. Human mind is so complex and so unstable; we have several ideas in a few seconds. Sometimes we get very good ideas in mind but in a few seconds they get lost! That is why it is all the more important for poets and creative writers to Doodle the very moment a valuable ideas comes to their mind otherwise it might get lost and they may keep tracing it!

Yes human beings have so many desires which keep teasing them every now and then. I read somewhere that we need to convert our meaningful desires into strong resolutions and then keep chasing them. We thus are required to make well meaning goals, which might in some cases appear non practical also. Everything depends on how much committed we are for achieving these goals and how seriously we are pursuing them!

In being serious about our goals, one thing that helps a lot is to doodle them on a piece of paper or may be on a resolution board, as some people or organizations keep, so that we never lose sight of that goal. It helps in keeping focus on our goals or dreams.

. A lot of people write down resolutions on paper and paste it at a place where they can see it every day, multiple times. What about you?
There are so many fields we can have resolutions, about our career, creative endeavors or any field of activity, like players may pledge recognition at national or international level.

As a blogger also we can have our goals and aspirations. Like I had been writing my posts on poems, films, songs etc., I started with my life events and then chose this creative field. A few months back I was in London for a month and wrote travel blogs which I felt were liked by many people, then I thought of writing travel blogs also on regular intervals and in future if I get chance I may keep travelling and write travel blogs.

Earlier I had traveled several nice places in India but got the first chance of foreign travel 4 years back, when I was in Dubai and other cities of United Arab Emirates and also Tanzania. Then again I visited England for a month, this year only.

This increased my thirst for travel to nice and distant places, including several foreign destinations which are quite interesting and many people dream of being there.

With such thoughts in mind I doodled just some places on a piece of paper and would keep adding new destinations here, some that I have already traveled
ed are on left side and I aim to bring those on the right side to come on left. And yes in this process I am not going to ignore the beautiful locations in India also. I would try to visit alternatively- one or two locations in India and then one or two in a foreign countries.

I have full faith that I would be successful in covering as many places as possible and share the experiences with my friends through my blogs and earn good name and fame through this.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by #BlogAdda. # Doodle something on paper. Write about it
That’s all for this post.

Thanks for reading it.

2 responses to “WOW: Doodle Something & Write !”

  1. Nice post. Nice pics of places you visited.


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