WOW : A Short trip under the Sea!

Knock, knock- dreams keep knocking but we are not so open, not so ready to accept them as reality, even for some time. Such is the seriousness overshadowing of our life, life situations and more than that our unwillingness to live our dreams!

Anyway I am just going to work on a prompt, which in knocking at the doors of my imagination since I do not have any such real life experiences and I feel that if it is not there, create it!

Anyway I remember many a locations which are wonderful like a dream. Mountains appear very beautiful to me , I would love to keep watching them form nearer and nearer, but my age, the condition of my knees do not permit to travel in hilly areas, to walk there!

I like to watch the vastness, the glamour, the grandeur of sea. Now I live in Goa, where there are beaches everywhere, so many that the whole world explores them. I have also visited sea beaches in Mumbai. But it is said that the first experience remains king size in our minds always, nothing can replace that!

I remember long back we had gone to a lesser known sea-beach in Orissa called Digha. There we lived quite near to the sea shore and at night we spent quite long time at the beach, tide in the sea, waves rising like a wall, that was a quite dreamy experience. I think now they do not allow to remain so near to the sea beach, for so long in the night.

I also fear going in deep water, I remain in the shallow areas of the beach only and I was looking at the dreamy walls of water, so beautiful like a fortress! I was lost in that dreamy scene, suddenly I found myself near that lovely wall of water! A beautiful young girl who appeared so charming and wearing such beautiful jewelry made of water, was holding my hand. I was shivering with fear being in deep sea water and a big wall of water had just appeared there, it appeared that we were at the big gate of a big Fort! Sensing my fear, that young princess said to me, don’t worry uncle, I just wanted to show you my empire, since you had gone so much deep into the beauty of nature that you became a part of it and I felt that you deserve to visit my lovely empire.

Suddenly a key appeared in her hands and She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door. Once we entered inside it was a lovely palace, all the beautiful things that I have seen in old palaces, were very lively there, if we wished we could watch the wonderful sea-life outside which in itself was so wonderful, such lovely, colorful fishes and other strange creatures of the sea, which could only be experienced there, I am not able to describe now. But if one does not want to see outside, then just had to drag the curtain to cover the outside view.

Everything inside was so beautiful and it appeared that it was all made of water, I was just wandering how it could be true. I kept going with her from one beautiful hall to another, all having so wonderful furniture, decoration items. Big mirrors, and the strange thing was that everything appeared to be made of water! While looking around I stumbled, I felt that I had fallen down, suddenly my wife asked me did you fall asleep while watching the high rising waves, and so suddenly my lovely dream was lost and I was sitting at the sea beach, watching the high tides, waves rising high and then settling down.
Such short is the life-spell of dreams sometimes!

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mesmerizing travelogue!


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